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Friday, May 22, 2015

"The Day Israel Attacked America" |

Why was this attack covered up? Israel assuredly meant to sink the US military ship and kill all the crew. This is the doing of our closest ally in the Middle East? The modern State of Israel's willingness to do this make the claim that they did 9/11 much more believable. The ship attack should now be known as the first day  Israel attacked America, 9/11 is the second day Israel attacked America!

Please wake up to the evil designs of  thes synagogue of Satan Jews, i. e., the Zionists Jews. I had to use the qualifier Jews with Zionists because sadly, unbelievably, the Church has been infected with this ideology so that there are millions of Zionists Christian, to the Church's shame!

This is a cunningly devious peoples who have chosen to follow Lucifer instead of Jehovah! Did you know that most modern Jews have forsaken the Old Testament Torah for the occult Babylonian Talmud.

"The Day Israel Attacked America" |

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