Billion secs = 32 yrs, Trillion secs = 32,000 yrs

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UFO's (under construction)

UFO's are a real phenomenon. They are not from another planet, another galaxy, nor another universe. They are from another dimension.
1. They defy the laws of physics:
  • They appear and dissapear from nowhere
  • They accelerate and decelarate at impossible rates
  • They begin as one and split into several and vice versa
2. The distance required to visit us
  • Where are they when not here. It's illogicical for them to visit, return home, and then return here.
3. Advanced technology
  • They have been around for some say centuries, especially since the 1940's and haven't done anything to communicate with us.
  • There are thousands of human abductions over decades, if they are advanced enough for interstellar travel, why do they have to experiment on us over and over and over -- same for cattle mutilations
What are they?