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Monday, April 30, 2012


They should also slam him for faking it!

SEALs slam Obama for using them as 'ammunition' in bid to take credit for bin Laden killing during election campaign

By TOBY HARNDEN, PUBLISHED: 18:35 EST, 30 April 2012 | UPDATED: 19:34 EST, 30 April 2012

Serving and former US Navy SEALs have slammed President Barack Obama for taking the credit for killing Osama bin Laden and accused him of using Special Forces operators as ‘ammunition’ for his re-election campaign.

The SEALs spoke out to MailOnline after the Obama campaign released an ad entitled ‘One Chance’.

In it President Bill Clinton is featured saying that Mr Obama took ‘the harder and the more honourable path’ in ordering that bin Laden be killed. The words ‘Which path would Mitt Romney have taken?’ are then displayed.

Besides the ad, the White House is marking the first anniversary of the SEAL Team Six raid that killed bin Laden inside his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan with a series of briefings and an NBC interview in the Situation Room designed to highlight the ‘gutsy call’ made by the President.

Taking credit: President Obama has used bin Laden's death as a campaign tool

Taking credit: President Obama has used bin Laden's death as a campaign tool

Mr Obama used a news conference today to trumpet his personal role and imply that his Republican opponent Mr Romney, who in 2008 expressed reservations about the wisdom of sending troops into Pakistan, would have let bin Laden live.

‘I said that I'd go after bin Laden if we had a clear shot at him, and I did,’ Mr Obama said. ‘If there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they'd do something else, then I'd go ahead and let them explain it.’

Ryan Zinke, a former Commander in the US Navy who spent 23 years as a SEAL and led a SEAL Team 6 assault unit, said: ‘The decision was a no brainer. I applaud him for making it but I would not overly pat myself on the back for making the right call.

‘I think every president would have done the same. He is justified in saying it was his decision but the preparation, the sacrifice - it was a broader team effort.’

Mr Zinke, who is now a Republican state senator in Montana, added that MR Obama was exploiting bin Laden’s death for his re-election bid. ‘The President and his administration are positioning him as a war president using the SEALs as ammunition. It was predictable.’

Target: Bin Laden, pictured in his compound in Pakistan, was killed a year ago

Target: Bin Laden, pictured in his compound in Pakistan, was killed a year ago

Mission: Senior figures gathered to watch Navy SEALs invade the compound

Mission: Senior figures gathered to watch Navy SEALs invade the compound

Mr Obama has faced criticism even from allies about his decision to make a campaign ad about the bin Laden raid. Arianna Huffington, an outspoken liberal who runs the left-leaning Huffington Post website, roundly condemned it.

She told CBS: ‘We should celebrate the fact that they did such a great job. It's one thing to have an NBC special from the Situation Room... all that to me is perfectly legitimate, but to turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do.’

Campaigning in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Mr Romney responded to a shouted question by a reporter by saying: ‘Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.’

A serving SEAL Team member said: ‘Obama wasn’t in the field, at risk, carrying a gun. As president, at every turn he should be thanking the guys who put their lives on the line to do this. He does so in his official speeches because he speechwriters are smart.

‘But the more he tries to take the credit for it, the more the ground operators are saying, “Come on, man!” It really didn’t matter who was president. At the end of the day, they were going to go.’

Chris Kyle, a former SEAL sniper with 160 confirmed and another 95 unconfirmed kills to his credit, said: ‘The operation itself was great and the nation felt immense pride. It was great that we did it.

‘But bin Laden was just a figurehead. The war on terror continues. Taking him out didn’t really change anything as far as the war on terror is concerned and using it as a political attack is a cheap shot.

‘In years to come there is going to be information that will come out that Obama was not the man who made the call. He can say he did and the people who really know what happened are inside the Pentagon, are in the military and the military isn’t allowed to speak out against the commander- in-chief so his secret is safe.’

Rival: Mr Obama has questioned whether Mitt Romney would have done the same

Rival: Mr Obama has questioned whether Mitt Romney would have done the same

Senior military figures have said that Admiral William McRaven, a former SEAL who was then head of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) made the decision to take bin Laden out. Tactical decisions were delegated even further down the chain of command.

Mr Kyle added: ‘He's trying to say that Romney wouldn't have made the same call? Anyone who is patriotic to this country would have made that exact call, Democrat or Republican. Obama is taking more credit than he is due but it's going to get him some pretty good mileage.’

A former intelligence official who was serving in the US government when bin Laden was killed said that the Obama administration knew about the al-Qaeda leader’s whereabouts in October 2010 but delayed taking action and risked letting him escape.

‘In the end, Obama was forced to make a decision and do it. He knew that if he didn’t do it the political risks in not taking action were huge. Mitt Romney would have made the call but he would have made it earlier – as would George W. Bush.’

Brandon Webb, a former SEAL who spent 13 years on active duty and served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said: ‘Bush should get partial credit for putting the system in place.

‘Obama inherited a very robust package with regards to special ops and the intelligence community. But Obama deserves credit because he got bin Laden – you can’t take that away from him.

‘My friends that work in Special Operations Command (SOCOM) that have been on video teleconferences with Obama on these kill or capture situations say that Obama has no issue whatsoever with making decisions and typically it's kill. He’s hitting the kill button every time. I have a lot of respect for him for that.’

But he said that many SEALs were dismayed about the amount of publicity the Obama administration had generated about SEAL Team Six, the very existence of which is highly classified.

‘The majority of the SEALs I know are really proud of the operation but it does become “OK, enough is enough – we’re ready to get back to work and step out of the limelight.” They don’t want to be continuously paraded around a global audience like a show dog.

‘Obama has a very good relationship with the Special Operations community at large, especially the SEALs, and it’s nice to see. We had the same relationship with George W. Bush when he was president.’

It was ‘stretching a little much’ for Mr Obama to suggest only he would have made the decision. ‘I personally I don't think Romney would have any problem making tough decisions. He got a very accomplished record of making decision as a business professional.

‘He may not have charisma but he clearly has leadership skills. I don’t think he'd have any problem taking that decision.’

Clint Bruce, who gave up the chance of an NFL career to serve as a SEAL officer before retiring as a lieutenant after nine years, said: ‘We were extremely surprised and discouraged by the publicity because it compromises the ability of those guys to operate.

‘It’s a waste of time to speculate about who would and wouldn’t have made that decision. It was a symphony of opportunity and intelligence that allowed this administration to give the green light. We want to acknowledge that they made that decision.

‘Politicians should let the public know where they stand on national security but not in the play-by-play, detailed way that has been done recently. The intricacies of national security should not become part of stump speeches.’

Obama calls out Romney contributors; clearly an act of intimidation

Rush Limbaugh, Romney Contributors, and the Alinsky Way

by AWR Hawkins

When Gibson Guitars was raided by Obama’s DOJ last August, it was surreal. After all, the spotlight at that time was on Obama’s DOJ—particularly Attorney General Eric Holder—for the now infamous Operation Fast and Furious. Yet while Holder & Co. sat ensconced comfortably in their DC offices, a message was being sent to others: the Chicago Way is the Obama Way. Scratch that—the Alinsky Way is the Obama Way.

In other words, Obama will "pick, personalize, and polarize" anyone and everyone who does not play along with his charade: who does not tip their hat when Obama passes by the way.

If you think I’m wrong, just ask Rush Limbaugh. Only days after taking office, Obama had already “picked” and “personalized” the king of talk radio by telling members of Congress, “You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.” And since that time, Obama or members of Obama’s administration have been part of crowd of voices “polarizing” Limbaugh over stands he’s taken, comments he’s made, and the un-budging conservative line he continues to toe. This is very Alinsky like. But Alinksy not only taught Obama to isolate his enemies in this fashion, but also to call them out in order to learn who’s associated with them.

Although scurrilous in its application, it’s a very smart tactic. When Obama calls Limbaugh out and Mark Levin runs to Limbaugh’s defense, or Walter Williams or Sean Hannity or Thomas Sowell, Obama immediately knows who’s for him and who’s against him: he can mark friend and foe for future endeavors.

We’ve seen this same thing with the way Obama has called out Romney contributors. In the past week, the “Obama campaign named and shamed eight private citizens who had donated to” Romney. And while that move was clearly an attempt to intimidate others who were considering donating to the Romney campaign, it was also an Alinsky move whereby Obama “picked, personalized, and polarized” those eight people and then sat back to see which media figures, politicians, journalists, etc., would step in to defend them.

As Alinsky wrote in Rules for Radicals: “As you zero in and freeze your target and carry out your attack, all of the ‘others’ come out of the woodwork very soon. They become visible by their support of the target.” Thereafter, you can know “the face of the enemy” and “the character of [the] opposition.”

This is the Alinsky way, so it's also the Obama way.

In other words, Obama will "pick, personalize, and polarize" anyone and everyone who does not play along with his charade: who does not tip their hat when Obama passes by the way.

Ron Paul muzzled by Luciferian bankster cartel’s puppet Boehner

This is not a new story but I ran across it again and wanted to make sure I had it on my blog.

They gave him the chair but pulled it out from under him by taking away powers held by previous chairs!

This story is further evidence that Ron Paul is not owned by the elites!

Thee Plot to Stop Ron Paul by Elitist Banksers and Congressional Leadership

By: DeepCaster_LLC, Dec 05, 2010 - 04:39 AM

With Republican control of the House, Ron Paul, as senior member of the House Financial Services subcommittee that oversees monetary policy, is scheduled to become chairman of that subcommittee .

The banking elitists that were thrown billions upon billions by Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve sure don't want the real supervision that Ron Paul would bring. And they are plotting.
Write Phil Mattingly and Robert Schmidt at Newsweek:

Officials at several major banks have privately raised concerns with Republican leaders that, by allowing Paul to become a chairman, his radical views would gain legitimacy, according to three bank lobbyists...Five GOP leadership aides, speaking anonymously because a decision isn't final, say incoming House Speaker John Boehner has discussed ways to prevent Paul from becoming chairman or to keep him on a tight leash if he does.

Mattingly and Schmidt continue:

If Boehner, who will help determine who gets to chair subcommittees as early as Dec. 8, rejects Paul, he may have to contend with thousands of grassroots supporters and dozens of younger lawmakers who see Paul as a hero. Boehner, through a spokesman, declined to comment.

If Boehner as much as takes away Paul's bathroom privileges, there is likely going to be serious hell to pay. There is no way Ron Paul's followers will take any messing around with Paul's chairmanship or the power that now comes to the subcommittee. All they need is a cause to rally around, and messing with Ron Paul would be such a cause. Boehner would be a very wise man to move on and pick on somebody that isn't principled and who doesn't have a following many, many times greater than those who participated in the original Boston Tea Party.



D student Gore who is NOT a scientist nor a meteorologists says global warming is real (and Climategate is false)

GORE: Global warming IS REAL; Blasts talkradio show hosts

‘False Flag’ Operations?: Terrorist Plots, Hatched by FBI

Does the government overhype domestic terrorism in order to strengthen it’s surveillance over American citizens?

The instances below could be construed as soft ‘false flag’ operations insomuch as the government was the one pushing the plots to create acts of domestic terrorism in order to create the boogeyman of homegrown terrorists.

Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.


THE United States has been narrowly saved from lethal terrorist plots in recent years — or so it has seemed. A would-be suicide bomber was intercepted on his way to the Capitol; a scheme to bomb synagogues and shoot Stinger missiles at military aircraft was developed by men in Newburgh, N.Y.; and a fanciful idea to fly explosive-laden model planes into the Pentagon and the Capitol was hatched in Massachusetts.

Clay Rodery

But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I., whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training. Suspects naïvely played their parts until they were arrested.

When an Oregon college student, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, thought of using a car bomb to attack a festive Christmas-tree lighting ceremony in Portland, the F.B.I. provided a van loaded with six 55-gallon drums of “inert material,” harmless blasting caps, a detonator cord and a gallon of diesel fuel to make the van smell flammable. An undercover F.B.I. agent even did the driving, with Mr. Mohamud in the passenger seat. To trigger the bomb the student punched a number into a cellphone and got no boom, only a bust.

This is legal, but is it legitimate? Without the F.B.I., would the culprits commit violence on their own? Is cultivating potential terrorists the best use of the manpower designed to find the real ones? Judging by their official answers, the F.B.I. and the Justice Department are sure of themselves — too sure, perhaps.

Carefully orchestrated sting operations usually hold up in court. Defendants invariably claim entrapment and almost always lose, because the law requires that they show no predisposition to commit the crime, even when induced by government agents. To underscore their predisposition, many suspects are “warned about the seriousness of their plots and given opportunities to back out,” said Dean Boyd, a Justice Department spokesman. But not always, recorded conversations show. Sometimes they are coaxed to continue.

Undercover operations, long practiced by the F.B.I., have become a mainstay of counterterrorism, and they have changed in response to the post-9/11 focus on prevention. “Prior to 9/11 it would be very unusual for the F.B.I. to present a crime opportunity that wasn’t in the scope of the activities that a person was already involved in,” said Mike German of the American Civil Liberties Union, a lawyer and former F.B.I. agent who infiltrated white supremacist groups. An alleged drug dealer would be set up to sell drugs to an undercover agent, an arms trafficker to sell weapons. That still happens routinely, but less so in counterterrorism, and for good reason.

“There isn’t a business of terrorism in the United States, thank God,” a former federal prosecutor, David Raskin, explained.

“You’re not going to be able to go to a street corner and find somebody who’s already blown something up,” he said. Therefore, the usual goal is not “to find somebody who’s already engaged in terrorism but find somebody who would jump at the opportunity if a real terrorist showed up in town.”

And that’s the gray area. Who is susceptible? Anyone who plays along with the agents, apparently. Once the snare is set, law enforcement sees no choice. “Ignoring such threats is not an option,” Mr. Boyd argued, “given the possibility that the suspect could act alone at any time or find someone else willing to help him.”

Typically, the stings initially target suspects for pure speech — comments to an informer outside a mosque, angry postings on Web sites, e-mails with radicals overseas — then woo them into relationships with informers, who are often convicted felons working in exchange for leniency, or with F.B.I. agents posing as members of Al Qaeda or other groups.

Some targets have previous involvement in more than idle talk: for example, Waad Ramadan Alwan, an Iraqi in Kentucky, whose fingerprints were found on an unexploded roadside bomb near Bayji, Iraq, and Raja Khan of Chicago, who had sent funds to an Al Qaeda leader in Pakistan.

But others seem ambivalent, incompetent and adrift, like hapless wannabes looking for a cause that the informer or undercover agent skillfully helps them find. Take the Stinger missile defendant James Cromitie, a low-level drug dealer with a criminal record that included no violence or hate crime, despite his rants against Jews. “He was searching for answers within his Islamic faith,” said his lawyer, Clinton W. Calhoun III, who has appealed his conviction. “And this informant, I think, twisted that search in a really pretty awful way, sort of misdirected Cromitie in his search and turned him towards violence.”

THE informer, Shahed Hussain, had been charged with fraud, but avoided prison and deportation by working undercover in another investigation. He was being paid by the F.B.I. to pose as a wealthy Pakistani with ties to Jaish-e-Mohammed, a terrorist group that Mr. Cromitie apparently had never heard of before they met by chance in the parking lot of a mosque.

“Brother, did you ever try to do anything for the cause of Islam?” Mr. Hussain asked at one point.

“O.K., brother,” Mr. Cromitie replied warily, “where you going with this, brother?”

Two days later, the informer told him, “Allah has more work for you to do,” and added, “Revelation is going to come in your dreams that you have to do this thing, O.K.?” About 15 minutes later, Mr. Hussain proposed the idea of using missiles, saying he could get them in a container from China. Mr. Cromitie laughed.

Reading hundreds of pages of transcripts of the recorded conversations is like looking at the inkblots of a Rorschach test. Patterns of willingness and hesitation overlap and merge. “I don’t want anyone to get hurt,” Mr. Cromitie said, and then explained that he meant women and children. “I don’t care if it’s a whole synagogue of men.” It took 11 months of meandering discussion and a promise of $250,000 to lead him, with three co-conspirators he recruited, to plant fake bombs at two Riverdale synagogues.

“Only the government could have made a ‘terrorist’ out of Mr. Cromitie, whose buffoonery is positively Shakespearean in its scope,” said Judge Colleen McMahon, sentencing him to 25 years. She branded it a “fantasy terror operation” but called his attempt “beyond despicable” and rejected his claim of entrapment.

The judge’s statement was unusual, but Mr. Cromitie’s characteristics were not. His incompetence and ambivalence could be found among other aspiring terrorists whose grandiose plans were nurtured by law enforcement. They included men who wanted to attack fuel lines at Kennedy International Airport; destroy the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) in Chicago; carry out a suicide bombing near Tampa Bay, Fla., and bomb subways in New York and Washington. Of the 22 most frightening plans for attacks since 9/11 on American soil, 14 were developed in sting operations.

Another New York City subway plot, which recently went to trial, needed no help from government. Nor did a bombing attempt in Times Square, the abortive underwear bombing in a jetliner over Detroit, a planned attack on Fort Dix, N.J., and several smaller efforts. Some threats are real, others less so. In terrorism, it’s not easy to tell the difference.

David K. Shipler is the author of “Rights at Risk: The Limits of Liberty in Modern America.”

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Assassination of Seal Team 6 - Dead Men Don't Talk

Conspiracy Theory Of The Day: Obama Killed Seal Team 6

A new email just arrived. For you conspiracy theorists out there, feast on this:

The Assassination of Seal Team 6 - Dead Men Don't Talk

The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 1)

Posted by Ann Barnhardt - August 6, AD 2011 4:08 PM MST
You're damn right I said it.

On May 5th I had an email conversation with a retired military man with spook contacts. All were in total agreement that the Bin Laden episode was pure theater. The SEALS were sent into a compound as evidenced by the lost chopper on site. But Osama Bin Laden wasn't in that compound. Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years. Bin Laden had a genetic condition that caused renal failure (this genetic condition is common among deeply inbred Saudi arab muslims). Bin Laden had been on dialysis BEFORE 9/11. Dialysis is difficult enough for people in first world countries who can have it done in outstanding facilities. Bin Laden was having it done either in caves or in homes post 9/11. People in renal failure having dialysis done in fricking caves do NOT live for ten more years. Period. There was no dialysis equipment found in the compound the SEALS raided on May 2. Of course there wasn't. Bin Laden wasn't in that compound because Bin Laden has been dead for years.

This is why the "body" was declared "positively identified" faster than any known DNA testing process in existence - and this DNA testing was carried out not in a lab mind you, but inside Chinook and/or V-22 Osprey helos en route to the USS Carl Vinson. The body was then dumped into the Indian Ocean in a mad dash to ensure that "burial" took place within 24 hours of death in order to "honor" musloid burial traditions. Not a single picture of the so-called "Bin Laden corpse" has ever been released - and never will.

The entire Bin Laden episode was stagecraft. It was pure theater that was designed to give Obama a boost in the polls and give distraction and cover. Distract from what? Cover from what?

April 20, 2011: The release date of Dr. Jerome Corsi's book, "Where's the Birth Certificate" is announced as May 17, and pre-sales begin on Corsi's work is known to be extremely thorough and meticulous. Within hours, Corsi's book is #1 on - fully 28 days before its release. The Obama regime is panicked.

April 27, 2011: In order to diffuse and undercut the Corsi book, the Obama regime releases a PDF image purported to be a scan of his original long-form Hawaiian birth certificate. Within hours, thousands of graphic designers, many of whom are self-professed Obama voters and supporters, isolate and demonstrate with dozens of objective proof sets that the PDF released by the Obama regime is not just a forgery, but an astoundingly incompetent and obvious forgery.

April 27 through May 2: The Obama regime is now in a blind panic. Deeming it too risky, instead of commissioning the forged birth certificate from document and photo illustration experts within the CIA or NSA, the Obama regime instead farmed the project off on someone inside the White House with a functional but middling knowledge of photo illustration programs. To the thoroughly inexpert eyes of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett, the forged certificate file appeared extremely convincing, and was thus released with fanfare. Within hours, they knew that they had not only made a mistake, but a massive mistake that could land them all in prison. The forger was so incompetent that he/she didn't even flatten the image thus compressing and masking the component layers before posting it. And that was just the tip of the iceberg of glaring flaws and errors. The mainstream press was, so far, completely complicit in the cover-up of the forgery, but Rathergate proved that if the forgery debunking generated any mainstream traction whatsoever, the end could come swiftly. The Obama regime needed a big distraction and they needed it fast. They had been planning on holding the staged Bin Laden capture and killing until 2012 – for the thick of the campaign, andd perhaps as an October Surpris, but it would have to be moved up to now.

May 2, 2011: The Bin Laden operation occurs. In all likelihood, a low-to-mid level Taliban or insurgent leader is killed.

May 3, 2011: Within hours, Vice President Joe Biden destroys any notions of OPSEC and bellows to the entire world in public remarks at a dinner at the Ritz Carlton that the Bin Laden raid was carried out by the SEALS. Within hours Obama regime had gleefully leaked that the raid was carried out by SEAL Team 6, also known as DEVGRU. Up until this point in history, all DEVGRU activities and information had been highly classified. Now the term SEAL Team 6 was blasted across every newspaper in the world, with Disney even moving to trademark the name. The Obama regime wanted the ENTIRE WORLD to know the name SEAL Team 6.

May 5, 2011: As I said earlier, I conversed with retired military contact with spook contacts regarding the obvious theatrics of the Bin Laden episode and the need for a cover-up by the Obama regime. The conversation ended with the following exchange:

Ann: I'm on the US Military casualty email list. It would be NO PROBLEM to hide casualties. It's a steady stream out of Afghanistan.

Contact: look for training accidents in the eastern mountains.

May 6, 2011: Obama travels to Ft. Campbell, KY to openly meet and congratulate SEAL Team 6 members. This receives huge press coverage, and the press declares the incident a huge boost [for Obama] going into 2012. Video citation here: (( see movie here:
in the article.. Movie by ABC )

The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 2)

Posted by Ann Barnhardt - August 6, AD 2011 4:07 PM MST
August 6, 2011: A Chinook helo is shot down in Tangi, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Within hours, before family notifications could possibly have been completed, global press accounts positively confirm that 22 of the 30 Americans killed were not just SEALS, but members of SEAL Team 6. Again, DEVGRU operations have been, up until now, highly classified. Today, the Obama regime made a point of immediately revealing the unit identities of the SPECOPS forces among the dead.

In the past, DEVGRU men and other SPECOPS men have been killed in action, but their missions were so secret and so crucial to OPSEC that their deaths were covered-up by the government and attributed to such things as training accidents and the like – and I have no problem with that. TThese men understand going in to intense units such as DEVGRU that OPSEC is paramount, that they will never be publicly acknowledged for their heroism, and that if they are killed or captured in action, the government will lie about that in order to protect OPSEC and to prevent the enemy from gaining a propaganda and morale coup. Compare that reality with what happened today. The Obama regime distributed this information, and the Obama regime's lapdog press instantly splashed headlines declaring this as the Taliban's REVENGE for the death of Bin Laden. As I write this now, the Drudge Report headline in bright red reads, REVENGE: SEALS WHO GOT OSAMA KILLED IN AFGHANISTAN.

I'll say what everyone else is thinking but is too scared to say. The Obama regime is almost certainly directly complicit in these deaths. The time, location and most especially, the PASSENGERS in the Chinook were passed to the Taliban. Additionally, you can't take out a Chinook with small arms fire or even standard RPGs such as the Taliban use. The Taliban needed serious weaponry to take this helo down, and that serious weaponry needed to be in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time, ready to fire.

Why would the Obama regime kill Americans? I think the question is, why WOULDN'T the Obama regime kill Americans? The Obama regime is composed of Marxist-Leninist psychopaths. A glancing, superficial survey of 20th century history shows one glaring fact above all others: MARXISTS MURDER PEOPLE WITHOUT COMPUNCTION. Marxists also hate Americans, by definition. Three tacks:

1. The men on board the Chinook may have been some of the same men who participated or had direct knowledge of the staged Bin Laden raid and were killed to permanently silence them.

2. These DEVGRU men were killed to send a signal to the surviving DEVGRU men who carried out the Bin Laden raid to keep their mouths shut.

3. Certainly, the release of the unit identity of the dead within hours – before even family notification could have been made (which requires an IN PERSON visit to the family, remember) was an obvious bow to Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the entire muslim world. This event was INSTANTLY propagandized by the Obama media as revenge exacted for Bin Laden's death. And remember, Bin Laden has been dead for many years. The raid of May 2 was pure stagecraft to distract the world from the release of the forged Obama birth certificate.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I can't stand Alex Jones or any 9/11 truther. I have turned down dozens of interviews with such types. In fact, I am a huge believer in the Lex Parsimoniae, which is sometimes called Occam's Razor, which states that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. I teach this as part of my job, namely that the cattle markets are neither manipulated nor impossible to operate within at a profit. The reality is that the cattle industry participants do not make money because they are functionally incompetent. It is very, very simple. True conspiracies are very rare.

This entire Obama situation is a conspiracy, and I say that without the slightest hesitation. Obama is not a citizen of the United States, he is a puppet front for a cabal of Marxist-Leninsts including Soros, Ayers, Dohrn, Strong, Jarrett and many, many others. These people are enemies of the United States. These people are deeply psychologically damaged, and are capable of ordering people murdered in order to protect themselves and increase their own power. The three dead homosexual black men from Trinity United Church of Christ, Young, Bland and Spencer, all of whom were sexually linked to Barack Obama, were probably the first people specifically murdered by the Obama regime. The hundreds of Mexicans and the two American agents Terry and Zapata were murdered by Operation Fast and Furious in order to advance and increase the power of the Obama regime. These SEALS and the others on board that Chinook today were almost certainly betrayed and murdered by the Obama regime.

Why did the Obama regime immediately reveal the unit identity of the SPECOPS forces involved in the first place, despite the fact that DEVGRU was highly classified? Why was the personnel composition of the Chinook released IMMEDIATELY today after the helo went down – before even family notificcations could be made? WHY? Why would you hand your enemy, Al Qaeda and the Taliban, a massive propaganda coup? WHY?

I'll tell you why. Because the Obama regime IS THE ENEMY. They are Marxist tyrants who hold the lives of Americans not just cheap, but in scathing contempt. They will say anything, they will do anything, and they will murder ANYONE in order to protect themselves and consolidate and increase their power.

Please, I beg you, for the love of God and all that is good in this world, read the history of the Soviet Union. Read about Lenin and Stalin and how they murdered people without any hesitation. Read about how Hitler was constantly ordering the murder of his own officers. Read about Communist China. Read about Mao and the millions upon tens of millions of murders he ordered. Read about the killing fields of the Communist Khmer Rouge in Cambodia led by Pol Pot. PLEASE. Marxists MURDER PEOPLE. That is what they do. The Obama regime is MARXIST to the bone. If the Obama regime is not stopped, the 30 Americans murdered today in Afghanistan will be just the beginning. I promise you that.

Here, again, is the clip of Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground Marxist terrorist organization in the 1970s. The Weather Underground was founded by Obama's political godfather, communist mentor (along with Frank Marshall Davis), murderer, and ghostwriter of Dreams From My Father, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn. In this interview, taped in 1980 while Obama was still just an unknown undergrad foreign scholarship student at Occidental College, Grathwohl describes the leadership of the Weather Underground (which is Ayers and Dohrn) discussing what will be done with the unreformable, diehard capitalists once they have overthrown the government of the United States.

The answer is extermination in camps in the Southwest. The estimated total that would need to be killed? 25 million, which was 10% of the population at the time. Ayers & Dohrn already have overthrown the government of the United States via their puppet protagee, Barack Obama. They have guaranteed that the economy will collapse. The only thing left for them to do is suspend the Constitution and open the camps. I'll see you there.

Friday, April 27, 2012

SEAL Team (deep) Six and the OBL mythical raid

Buried at sea? No pictures? Entire Seal Team Six dies shortly after so they can’t talk? I didn’t buy it when it supposedly happened and I still ain’t buying it!

Osama had been dead for a good while before the OBL raid Hollywood production.

Why would the Commander-in-Chief break the tradition of secrecy in operations like this when secrecy is one of their greatest attributes?

SEAL Team Six Doesn’t Exist (and isn’t called Team Six)

posted at 9:25 pm on May 3, 2011 by John Sexton

It’s difficult to find anyone who will talk about Team Six, the mysterious group of SEALs who raided a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan Sunday and killed Osama bin Laden. But the AP did manage to find one former SEAL who was willing to talk a little bit about this top secret group:

These SEAL All-Stars have a lot more going for them than just muscle and weaponry:

Most are fluent in one or more foreign languages – on Sunday’s operation, some of the team were apparently able to speak Pashto – and candidates are also selected for their ability to blend in to any environment.

Team Six was created after the failed rescue attempt of the Iranian hostages. They were called “Team Six” in order to suggest to our adversaries that we had at least that many teams operating. In fact there were only two other SEAL teams at the time. Team Six was disbanded in 1987 but another, very similar team known as DEVGRU (Naval Special Warfare Development Group) started at the same time and DEVGRU was often referred to as “Team Six” in subsequent years.

However, even this name is now out of date. Apparently the Navy changed the name of the team but has not made the new designation public. So the group of SEAL all-stars that the press is calling Team Six has a name but no one will say what it is.

Just how tight lipped are these guys? Today, Bloomberg published this account:

Richard DeBerry Jr. said he knows a member of Navy SEAL Team Six, the elite, secretive unit that killed Osama bin Laden.

That friendship still won’t get him any details of the nighttime raid on the Pakistan compound of the terrorist who eluded capture for a decade.

“We’re not even going to try to pick his brain about it — he’s not going to say a thing,” DeBerry, 33, said in an office lined with baseball caps from Navy servicemen who bought cars. “You get drunk with them and they won’t tell you a thing about what happened on their missions. They don’t even tell their wives.”

There’s really only one thing we know for sure about this non-existent team with no name. They get the job done.

Obama didn’t kill Osama, he killed Seal Team 6

Buried at sea? No pictures? Entire Seal Team dies shortly after so they can’t talk? I didn’t buy it when it supposedly happened and I still ain’t buying it!

Osama had been dead for a good while before this Hollywood production.

Obama talks bin Laden in rare sit room interview


Brian Williams of NBC News held a rare interview with President Barack Obama about the killing of Osama bin Laden in the White House Situation Room yesterday.
The interview, which will air on Rock Center with Brian Williams on May 2, comes at the one-year anniversary of bin Laden’s killing, an event the Obama campaign is touting in a new ad that goes after Mitt Romney.

"One year ago, they brought down Bin Laden. Now, for the first time, the main players are talking -- only to Brian Williams," a 15-second promo of the interview, which aired this morning on the Today show, said. "Exclusive access inside the situation room. Rock Center, Wednesday, 9/8 Central on NBC."

(Also on POLITICO: Bin Laden operation, Part Two)
White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest resisted questions regarding rumors of the interview this morning, as well as the suggestion that Obama was politicizing Bin Laden’s killing by holding an interview in the Situation Room.
“What I can tell you is that the President has conducted a couple of interviews over the course of the last year about the successful mission against Osama bin Laden,” Earnest said during a press gaggle on the way to an event in Georgia. “What the President did yesterday and what he has done many times before over the course of the last year is talk about that mission and talk about the success of that mission.”

White House officials did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

Of note: In a 2011 interview with Wolf Blizter, host of CNN's Situation Room, Obama said Blitzer could come to the White House situation room, but couldn't bring cameras.

"I hope you'll be coming and joining me in my Situation Room," Blitzer said. "And if you invite me to yours, I will be happy to come to yours as well."

"Thank you, Wolf. You can visit any time," the President said. "Just you can't bring cameras. That's the only difference."

"I will come by myself," Blitzer replied.

(Also on POLITICO: Judge keeps bin Laden photos under wraps)

UPDATE: NBC News sent out the full press release late Friday afternoon, noting that Williams has also interviewed Vice President Biden; Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton; Admiral Mike Mullen, USN, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (from 2007 to 2011); Tom Donilon, National Security Advisor; Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor; and John O. Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

UPDATE 2: Late Friday afternoon, National Security Council spokesperson Tommy Vietor explained the White House's decision to open up the situation room. Read his comments here.

The NBC News release in full:

April 27, 2012 – New York, NY – In a first for network television, NBC News has been granted unprecedented access to the most secret and secure part of the White House, the Situation Room. In a “Rock Center with Brian Williams” exclusive airing on Wednesday, May 2 at 9p/8c, President Obama and his national security and military teams, relive the pivotal moments of the raid targeting Osama bin Laden.

The iconic photograph taken inside the Situation Room offered the world the first glimpse of a national security team at work during the Special Operations mission. Now, we will hear from many of the people in that photograph about what was taking place on that historic night.

“We want to present the definitive account of what took place leading-up to and during the tension-filled hours of the mission targeting Osama bin Laden. The NAVY Seals Special Operations teams executed an ambitious, dangerous mission months in planning. Our viewers will hear details never before revealed and see the nerve center of the White House Situation Room in this special broadcast,” said Steve Capus, President of NBC News.

On “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” Williams interviews President Obama in the Situation Room about one of the country’s greatest military missions, which until now, has been shrouded in great secrecy. Williams also interviews Vice President Biden; Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton; Admiral Mike Mullen, USN, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (from 2007 to 2011); Tom Donilon, National Security Advisor; Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor; and John O. Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

Donovan Slack contributed to this report.

Blood on Obama’s, Jackson’s, Sharpton’s, and the media’s hands…and they want more

Is Obama a white African-American or a black Caucasian?

They will not try to calm this down because, as Andrew Breitbart warned us before he was murdered, Obama’s plan is for ‘racial division’ and the media marches to the same band as Obama!

Motivated By Media Lies About George Zimmerman, a Hate Crime Occurs In Chicago

by John Nolte

We're learning today that in Obama's Chicago, 18 year-old Alton L. Hayes has just been charged by police with "attempted robbery and aggravated battery along with a hate crime" for attacking and robbing a 19 year-old man. Hayes is black, the victim is white, and Hayes told investigators "he was angry about the [Trayvon] Martin shooting and decided to attack the victim because of his race."

Now why would Hayes do this? For starters, Zimmerman is Hispanic, not Caucasian. Secondly, there's absolutely zero proof Zimmerman was racially motivated to shoot Martin. In fact, an overwhelming amount of evidence suggests race had nothing to do with it.

My guess is that if Hayes is telling the truth about his sinister motives, he's been watching too much CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and ABC. After all, those are the media outlets guilty, in some cases, of outright racial fabrication in their zeal to aid Barack Obama's re-election campaign by falsely attributing racism to Mr. Zimmerman's motives.

The bottom line is that if Hayes' professed motive for attacking another man is based on lies told over and over and over again by Obama's Media Palace Guards.

For those of us who monitor the corrupt media, the Trayvon Martin story was on our radars as a media phenomenon. But what confirmed the political motive was when our divisive, polarizing President gave his media minions the green-light to go all-in after he cynically made the shooting of an unarmed Florida teenager all about race ("My son would look like Trayvon").

Florida is a must-win swing state for the President and turnout is where his fortunes will live or die. Ginning up the base brings voters to the polls and nothing gins up Democrat voters like a good old-fashioned racial firestorm. And because the media's in bed with Barack Obama, a racial firestorm (based on misinformation) is what we got.

First came the media's obvious disappointment over the fact that the alleged shooter, a man with the name "Zimmerman," was neither Caucasian nor Jewish. Never ones to let facts get in the way of a witch hunt (remember Tucson), the media solved that little factual problem by making up an entirely new racial category for Zimmerman: "white Hispanic." Like our President, one of Zimmerman's parents is white, and yet we never hear Obama described as a "white African-American."

But of course we don't. That wouldn’t fit the narrative. But in order to cast this story in the kind of light necessary to make enough voters angry to tip Florida Obama's way, Zimmerman cannot simply be Hispanic because that's another voting bloc Obama desperately needs to win the state.

The Narrative Beast was still hungry, though, and required constant feeding. Not only must Obama's Media Palace Guards in some way make Zimmerman white, he must also be turned into a -- duh, duh-duhnnn -- racist! And it was in this department that the sycophant media sold what was left of their souls.

To kick things off, before ABC News examined surveillance tape with the full technology available to them, the network released a half-baked and rushed examination of the tape with this hysterical headline:

"Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood or Bruises on George Zimmerman."

The only problem is that ABC News jumped the gun. Later, a full enhancement using all the technology available to ABC showed a pretty serious gash on Zimmerman's head. But the damage was already done. By accident or design, the die was cast for many that Zimmerman had lied about shooting Martin in self-defense after the teenager attacked him.

But the media was just getting started. CNN -- "The Most Trusted Name In News," donchaknow -- went one step further than ABC News. They examined the audio of a 911 tape and before enhancing the audio using the full technology available to them, suggested to the world that Zimmerman had called Trayvon a "f-----g coon."

Later, CNN was forced to walk this back and admit Zimmerman had said no such thing, but once again, by accident or design, the seed Obama so desperately needs planted to divide this country racially, had been planted by his media pals.

But the Crown Jewel of irresponsible racial fraud most definitely goes out to NBC News, who on their oh-so legendary "Today Show" would broadcast to the world 911 audio that had been maliciously edited to make Zimmerman look racist:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.

When the truth is that the unedited audio actually went like this:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks black.

And do I even need to point out the 24/7 smear campaign launched in the fever swamps of MSNBC?

To understand just how sinister the whole of the media has been here, you have to remember that this is the "whole of the media." This isn't Dan Rather with forged documents or those Left-wingnuts at MSNBC.

To aid Barack Obama's re-election campaign to racially divide and enflame this country and most especially a swing-state, the whole of the media ganged up to fabricate, parse, and misinform the public about a private citizen. And guess who was listening….

Alton L. Hayes. And by his own admission, this intentional and politically-driven misinformation campaign created by Obama's Media Palace Guards, motivated Hayes to target and assault an innocent man.

The media is not biased.

The media is not out of touch.

The media is corrupt, and now they have blood on their hands.

The Audacity of the Obama’s, Reveling in Lavishness on Our Dime!

I don’t mind their lifestyle, I just resent paying for it! I am not jealous of the rich and how they spend their money. They can spend their money the way they want, it’s theirs.

But the Obama’s are not content to spend the considerable wealth they’ve amassed as a consequence of their political connections.

Drudge headlines:

Michelle's Spanish Vacation Cost Taxpayers $467,585

Blue collar Dems jealous, angry over lavish vacations
'Fantasy' is to walk out WH 'and just keep walking'
Says she won't run for president


The folly of the environmentalists whacko’s

Despite ‘climategate I and climategate II, the thousands of scientists and meteorologists who disagree, the same warming seen on other planets in the solar system, and the fact that there has been no warming in the last decade, the fraud will continue because it’s a major plank in the Luciferian bankster cartel’s plan for a new world order.

They screamed and hollered about how the the Alaskan pipeline would devastate the wilderness wildlife.

Have you seen the pictures of animals hanging around the pipeline basking in it’s warmth?

A suburbanite environmentally conscience homeowner in a subdivision installed solar panels on his roof to do his part to save the planet.

Meanwhile, his next door neighbor decided to plant some trees to do his part to save the planet.

In a few years the neighbor with the solar panels was feuding and wound up suing his tree planting neighbor and green brother because the trees were blocking the sunlight from his solar panels.

It’s a true story, I kid you not!

Here’s another one, ha ha, lol:

State seeks okay to kill federally-protected bird in order to protect endangered fish



AlGore’s palace


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Newsletter: The United Nations is now planning to change our calendar to accommodate witchcraft

Alas the Rockefeller's used to own the land in Manhattan as a meat processing plant. They gave it to the UN as a "gift." Sort of appropriate in a way, seeing as how it is already soaked in blood.

Here is a short extract from The Last Trumpet Newsletter...
The United Nations is now planning to change our calendar to accommodate witchcraft. The new calendar will be brought into being by U.N. resolution and is to be called “The Thirteen Moon 28-day Calendar of Peace.” (29) In addition to the new calendar, we also know that Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev are working on an agenda to replace the Ten Commandments with the Earth Charter.

Maurice Strong is the Canadian billionaire who was recently appointed President of the U.N. owned University of Peace. The former Soviet President Gorbachev is the head of the State of the World Forum and has his headquarters in the Presidio in San Francisco, California.

As we consider all of this, we must remember what Daniel prophesied regarding the antichrist. In Daniel 7:25 we read as follows: “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

Zec 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.
Psa 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, [and] all the nations that forget God.
Jer 6:2 I have likened the daughter of Zion to a comely and delicate [woman].

STOCK UP NOW. You should have at least 6 months worth of basics for every member of your household. Stay away from crowds when trouble starts, do not forget water storage, tobacco is worth more than gold or silver, and be kind to hungry children.

Saving polar bears is not the End Game of UN Agenda 21 : a new world order is

The End Game of U.N. AGENDA 21 is far more horrifying:

Karl Koenigs

The COG (Continutity OF Government) U.S. Government planning and the One World U.N. Government, headed by the forty owners of The Federal Reserve cartel pulling all of the Financial puppet strings and through their Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR who drafted U.N. Agenda 21) and IMF divisions have everything well planned and are executing the final steps through all of the Executive Orders and alarming legislation you have been hearing about lately.
The U.S. Government knows that due to contempt for the EIGHTEEN ONLY powers that we granted them under Article I Section 8 (, pursuant to the 9th and 10th Amendments ( and further contempt for the money clauses of Article I Sections 8 and especially 10 (, pursuant to the Supremacy clause of Article VI, para 2 (, our U.S. Dollar is only months away from utter collapse in a 'sudden' black swan 72 hour hyperinflationary event of epic proportions following the last skyrocket ride of the Dow going into hyperdrive to something approaching 16000 and employment in tow. The contempt for the "enumerated powers" clauses (9th & 10th Amendments) has led to TRILLIONS of public debt and UNFUNDED libilities which are totally unsustainable.

The UNFUNDED Liabilities of Social Security and Medicare alone are $118 TRILLION and increasing at the rate of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS every four weeks and ACCELERATING! Everything remaining the same, just for these two programs alone, all Middle Class taxpayers would need to have 80% Withholding taxes to cover them.

Once "The Matrix", our imaginary economy, as the movie analogy a world that only exists in our programmed imaginations, solely based on imaginary money printed and digitized out of thin air, having an imagined value of 100 cents times the denomination simply printed on it, with only 1 - 2 cents on the dollar in, relative, true underlying value, will soon be revalued by the national and international markets to parity with the REAL world underlying true value.

When this happens, I believe before the election as everything accelerates with additional QEs, every single thing we need to live, food, energy, gasoline, clothing, you name it, will cost FIFTY TIMES what it does today. That puts a gallon of gasoline at $191.00. Loaf of bread $155.00. Average home utility bill at $8,100.00 per month, etc, etc, etc...

Of course hardly anybody can afford that so everything mechanical stops almost in its tracks as all of this will happen like a thief in the night over a 72 hour period. It will be like the movie; The Day the Earth Stood Still. And, then the real horror begins. The U.S. Government, which caused all of this by contempt of the "Supreme Laws" that "We The People" ordained and established on them, will give us an offer most of us cannot refuse.

If we will go to the designated U.N. Agenda 21 cities, turn in our vehicles outside of the city limits where armed guards will park you and register, you and your family will get food, water, shelter, heat and light, while the Government works to resolve all of the problems. Of course you will not be allowed to bring any guns and guns will need to be turned in if you want food or water. Think of the New Orleans Dome during Katrina.

They will allow this offer to continue for several months to separate the Free and the Brave from the Tories, Bolsheviks and cowards who either gladly or willingly surrender the Constitution to the usurpers and despots for the sake of feeding their children and eating. After a few months when the millions of "the masses" check into the U.N. Agenda 21 cities under BIG Brother, they will send out U.N. Peacekeepers, foreign troops and "Blue Forces" (traitor U.S. Troops as designated by Janet Napolitano as troops who will be loyal to the U.S. Government and engage and kill American citizens), to "mop-up" and kill those that refused the "Final Ultimatum" to come into the cities and surrender.
When you register at the check point and register to to into the city or designated towns, they U.S. Government will provide a free implanted RFID Chip that will replace the collapsed dollar as your money:

That is end game of "Global Warming" and U.N. Agenda 21. Total control under a one world currency called the RFID Chip and a One World "GREEN" hybrid Socialist/Communist/Fascist U.N. Government with no place on earth to run from the IRS.

Obama’s War on Energy: Greens want red blood of oil and gas companies

Obama regime can’t hide their hostility towards Americans having affordable energy. This is not really towards the oil companies who don’t want to drill more as long as they can make just as much money.

This is just part of the overall plan to destroy the American economy for the coming world government. That’s what the whole green movement is about, It’s not about the environment. It’s about the Luciferian bankster cartel’s planned new world order!


Senator launches probe over scare tactics...
Salazar: 'No one knows' if US headed to $9 a gallon...

Two party deception: What is a neocon anyway?

Faux-conservatism is an infantile disorder

Posted on 30 July 2011

Americans who are familiar with the two-party system labor erroneously under the delusion that the Democratic party represents “liberalism,” and the Republican party represents “conservatism.” From within the ranks of each party, its respective members both claim that the other is inherently flawed in their ideology or policy.

This is where the divergence ends, however: both sides claim to be the heirs of the philosophy of the American founders, which in turn was influenced by the philosophy and culture of high antiquity, especially Greek liberalism. In this sense, both American parties are two sides of the same coin, and the same thinking might be applied to various European parties as well.

They certainly cannot be considered to be traditional or classical conservatives in the same tradition of Burke, for in fact, their ideology is totally opposed to it. Nor can they, with their tendency towards humanism, materialism, and secularism, be considered to be culturally conservative. But neither do they conform to the idea of classical liberalism, with their opposition to limited government, free markets, and property rights.

Here, a need for new terminology becomes important. Neo-conservatism has been used to describe the new brand of politician who either call themselves conservative or attempt to subvert true social conservatism, derive their thinking from ultimately Trotskyism, and are proponents of ”a globalist, interventionist, open borders ideology.”

Neo-conservatism then, is a corrupt political viewpoint, being based on the aggregate mixture of both bourgeoisie liberalism and Marxism. It is a viewpoint which is inherently flawed because it denies the existence of a “physical” nation composed of its citizens, and instead makes it an ideological one, as Irving Kristol so brazenly admitted in 2003:

…And large nations, whose identity is ideological, like the Soviet Union of yesteryear and the United States of today, inevitably have ideological interests in addition to more material concerns. Barring extraordinary events, the United States will always feel obliged to defend, if possible, a democratic nation under attack from nondemocratic forces, external or internal.

The history of neoconservatism is worth mentioning. Most neoconservatives had been on the left in the 1930s and 1940s, then moved right in reaction to Stalinism and supported the Cold War. Many were Jewish immigrants from Russia1, and emerged from intellectual milieu of the mid-20th century New York City.Researcher Kevin MacDonald gives this brief summary of neo-conservatism on vdare:

Neoconservatism’s key founders trace their intellectual ancestry to the “New York Intellectuals,” a group that originated as followers of Trotskyite theoretician Max Schactman in the 1930s and centered around influential journals like Partisan Review and Commentary (which is in fact published by the American Jewish Committee). In the case of neoconservatives, their early identity as radical leftist disciples shifted as there began to be evidence of anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union. Key figures in leading them out of the political left were philosopher Sidney Hook and Elliot Cohen, editor of Commentary. Such men as Hook, Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Nathan Glazer and Seymour Martin Lipset, were deeply concerned about anti-Semitism and other Jewish issues. Many of them worked closely with Jewish activist organizations.

Illustrated History of Neoconservatism

This brings us to the nature of modern neo-conservatism, which has evolved into a more sophisticated creature than it has historically been. This sort of sophistication may be called a faux-conservatism, in that they combine some truth into a large matrix of falsehoods, hoping that individuals will swallow the lies along with the truth.

A prime example such sophisticated deception comes in the person of former radical Communist David Horowitz, who penned a book called “Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts about the 60′s.” While Horowitz criticizes some superficialities of liberalism, claims that he is a supporter of “free speech,” and seemingly supports many “conservative” ideas, he remains unflinchingly supportive, and on the side of the media elites and liberal bourgeoisie in others.

In a sense, he fits the mold of controlled opposition as a voice who attempts to throw a smokescreen over the faces of passers-by; he attempts to appease a certain segment of the population, but in reality seeks support for his own cause – and the cause of the media elites.

The works of David Horowitz, really do nothing to absolve his work from the charge of subterfuge — in this case on behalf of Israel and the wider war on Islam (keeping in mind that most Muslims, socially speaking, have very conservative values themselves). His book “Indoctrination U.: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom”, for instance, appears sincere in some parts in its attack on the Left.

But for anyone wishing to look carefully, it is obvious that the main point is to attack critics of Israel, who happen to be leftists. Of course, other pseudo-conservatives will stop at nothing to criticize non-neo-conservatives such as Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul. This is essentially a technique which has been borrowed from the left2.

Of course, it is no hidden fact that a number of faux-conservatives, are also socially liberal. In the Netherlands, the radical homosexual and forerm Marxist Pim Fortuyn fits into this category quite well. Geert Wilders, also from the Netherlands, similarly hold a number of left-wing views, except when it comes to protecting his culture from Islamic immigrants.

Of course, there are also countless more examples in the political sphere. Notably, many of the architects of the Iraq War were self-confessed neo-conservatives: Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, I. Lewis Libby, Elliott Abrams, David Wurmser, and Abram Shulsky. Of course, there are other faux-conservatives as well: they range from people who occupy influential places in academia, like Daniel Pipes, to a whole army of influential bloggers and to clergy.

The problem with neo-conservatism is that it is a faux-conservatism. In other words, it is claiming to be something that it is not. Its proponents claim that it protects the conservative values of the people, while in reality faux-conservatism only exists to forcibly enforce an artificial ideology which contains all the trappings of modernism.

Moreover, they say that they have the antidote to liberalism, while, in reality they are the other side of the same liberal coin. An authentic, spiritual conservatism which is aligned both with Traditional values and with the concept of identities, calls for a reform current society in a conservative-revolutionary direction. This entails the rejection of most, if not all, of the so-called values espoused by today’s neo-conservatives.

In repudiating faux-conservatism, a revolutionary spirit is needed which places emphasis on the state as an organic concept. As Evola states:

“A State is organic when it has a centre, and this centre is an idea that shapes the various domains of life in an efficacious way; it is organic when it ignores the division and the autonomisation of the particular and when, by virtue of a system of hierarchical participation, every part within its relative autonomy performs its own function and enjoys an intimate connection with the whole.”

In order for this to happen, there must be a complete revolution that repudiates both cultural Marxism, and its ideological cousins such as liberalism and neo-conservatism.


1. Alexander Bloom, Prodigal sons: the New York intellectuals and their world (1986) p. 372
2. Jack Kerwick, Neoconservatives vs. Conservatives: Who Are the Real “Extremists”?, The New American. 12 July 2011.

Rasmussen poll: 92% Favor Strict Limits on Government To Protect the Individual

These kinds of polls never make it on the nightly news or the NYT and their ilk.

I did a search before I posted this and not one TV news outlet, including cable,  nor one high profile newspaper article ran it.

92% Favor Strict Limits on Government To Protect the Individual

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Voters believe too much government power is a dangerous thing and put a very high value on protecting the rights of the individual.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of Likely U.S. Voters agree with the statement that a government powerful enough to do everything you want is also powerful enough to take away everything you have. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that only 23% disagree with that statement. Eleven percent (11%) are not sure about it. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The survey of 1,000 Likely U.S. Voters was conducted on April 16-17, 2012 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Search engine returns 0 hits on big media:

  1. 92% Favor Strict Limits on Government To ... - Rasmussen Reports

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  7. 92% Favor Strict Limits on Government To Protect ... - Free Republic

    Apr 18, 2012 – “I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare ...

  8. 92% Favor Strict Limits on Government To Protect the ... - Political Jack

    Voters believe too much government power is a dangerous thing and put a very high value on protecting the rights of the individual. Sixty-five percent (65%) of ...

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    Apr 18, 2012 – 92% Favor Strict Limits on Government To Protect the Individual - Rasmussen Reports™. 92% Favor Strict Limits on Government To Protect the ...

  10. Twitter / Tom Holthaus: 92% Favor Strict Limits on ...

Fukushima, world’s worst ecological disaster may get even worse

8.5 tons of radioactive water has leaked…

What happens if the pool covering the fuel rods collapses…

Fukushima Worker Suspects Explosion At Reactor 4 To Be The Cause Of 8.5 Tons Water Leakage (At 301,750,000 Bq)

Whistleblower: ‘Reactor 4 Is Like A Inverse Pyramid, Very Unstable And Dangerous’ – TEPCO Admits It Can’t Stop Reactor 4 Water Leakage

Feb 04

Collapse Of Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Could Cause A Disaster Worse Than The THREE REACTOR MELTDOWNS – Structural Integrity A Major Concern Among Experts (AP)

- More leaks found at crippled Japan nuclear plant (AP, Feb. 3, 2012):

TOKYO (AP) – Leaks of radioactive water have become more frequent at Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant less than two months after it was declared basically stable.

Matsumoto said TEPCO also found that 8.5 tons of radioactive water had leaked earlier in the week after a pipe became detached at Unit 4, one of the plant’s six reactors. The company earlier had estimated that only a few gallons (liters) had leaked….

The structural integrity of the damaged Unit 4 reactor building has long been a major concern among experts because a collapse of its spent fuel cooling pool could cause a disaster worse than the three reactor meltdowns.

On Reactor 4:

- Fukushima Worker Suspects Explosion At Reactor 4 To Be The Cause Of 8.5 Tons Water Leakage (At 301,750,000 Bq)

- Fukushima Worker: Reactor 4 Full Of Nuclear Fuel – ‘If Another Earthquake Hits It, It’s Over’ … ‘Pacific Ocean Side Of Japan And West Side Of America Won’t Be Inhabitable Anymore’


- POSSIBLE RED ALERT: Japanese LDP Politician: Hydrogen Explosion May Have Happened At Reactor 4 On Jan. 9, 2012

Fukushima Worker: Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Completely Without Water, Boiled After New Years Earthquake

- Fukushima: ‘Reactor No. 4 Is Looking More And More Like The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Right Now’ – If It ‘Falls Over It’s Just Gonna Dump A Whole Reactor Core Right Out Onto The Ground’ (And Tokyo & Yokohama Will Be Lost!) (Video)

- Confirmed: Fukushima Reactor No. 4 Is Falling Apart, Wall Was Lost On The South Side (Video, Photos)

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Prof. Hayakawa of Gunma University:

‘If you don’t educate yourself now and fast, you’ll die.’

You can’t trust Wikipedia, Snopes,, etc.

Just a friendly reminder, Snopes was started by a hard core Democrat husband wife team with a pc a search engine…that’s all. It wasn’t a big professional research facility.

And gives it’s liberal bent away in it’s title: | A Project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center. Think ‘Bill Ayers and Barak Obama’…

And Wikipedia, well, just read on:

Wikipedia Exposed As Part Of Climategate Scandal

Wikipedia, the notorious online encyclopedia, which features the likes of Chip Berlet among its "editors," has been caught in the center of the climategate swindle. According to a report by Lawrence Solomon published in the National Post of Canada, a Wikipedia editor and UK Green Party activist named William Connolley, doctored literally thousands of entries, to conceal the fact that, during the Medieval period, there was a global warming spell, following the Little Ice Age.

Film: President's father not Barack Obama

When I was a child I always heard that in America anyone could grow up to be president; never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it could turn out this way!

In America, even an illegitimate bastard half-breed communist from a foreign country, a Muslim with a hatred for America can grow up to be president.

2 years of research, rare photos support compelling case

by Jerome R. Corsi


“Who’s your real Daddy?” is a question that remarkably continues to dog Barack Obama, even as he proceeds into his fourth year as president.

With the release this July of Joel Gilbert’s full-length documentary, “Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception,” the mystery deepens regarding who Obama really is.

“The film provides the first cohesive understanding of Obama’s deep-rooted life journey in socialism, from his childhood to his presidency,” Gilbert told WND.

Gilbert rejects the official story that the Kenyan-born Barack Obama was the president’s father.

Instead, he argues, Frank Marshall Davis, the radical poet and journalist who was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA, was the real, biological and ideological father of Barack Obama.

“I decided to investigate Frank Marshall Davis. His close physical resemblance to Obama was shocking, while Obama little resembled the Kenyan Obama,” Gilbert said. “How could this be?”

Gilbert launched into what became two years of research during which he conducted interviews and discovered rare film footage and photos.

“I unearthed two film archives of Frank Marshall Davis, one from 1973, the other from 1987, as well as Davis’ photo collection,” he explained. “I then acquired 500 copies of the Honolulu Record, the communist-run newspaper where Davis wrote a weekly political column for eight years.”

Gilbert’s research turned shocking when he obtained seven indecent photos of Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, at Frank Marshall Davis’ house, suggesting an intimate connection between Dunham and Davis.

“I was not happy to include these racy photos in the film but found it necessary to substantiate the intimate relationship between the two,” he said. “Those photos ended up in a men’s mail-order catalog of nude women, likely sold to them by Davis. I placed black bars on parts of the photos to be respectful.”

To establish the foundation for the photos, Gilbert documented that Davis was one of the founders of a photography club in Chicago, known as the “Lens Camera Club,” and that he specialized in nude photographs.

See the trailer for “Dreams from My Real Father”:

Later in life, Davis also penned a scurrilous, autobiographical sex novel, titled “Sex Rebel: Black,” in which he detailed an illicit sexual relationship with an underage woman named “Anne.” Gilbert believes the name was a thin disguise for Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.

Gilbert reconstructs Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” and concludes that the tale of the goat-herding father from Kenya is a cover story, concocted to mask an inconvenient pregnancy.

The truth, Gilbert argues, is that Barack Obama II was born from the illicit sexual relationship that rebellious teenager Ann Dunham began with Davis after her parents forced her to move to Hawaii.

Gilbert believes that when Dunham first arrived in Hawaii after graduating from high school, she used the sexual relationship with Davis to act out her frustration that her parents would not permit her to fulfill her wish to attend the University of Washington in Seattle with her Mercer Island High School friends.

In 2010, Gilbert wrote and directed a film titled “Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad’s Coming War and Obama’s Politics of Defeat.” “Dreams from My Real Father” will be released this summer, with screenings in theaters across the country currently in the planning process.

Communist roots

The FBI had Davis under surveillance for 19 years, monitoring his support of the Communist Party both in Chicago and in Hawaii.

Gilbert portrays Obama as a “Red Diaper Baby,” a phenomenon among the radical left, referred to as “hand-me-down Marxism,” in which children of radical parents grow up to be radicals. Such was the case with much of the leadership of Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground, including Obama senior political adviser David Axelrod, who was born to a mother who wrote for a communist newspaper in New York City.

Barack Obama Sr., Barack Obama II and Frank Marshall Davis

“Obama sold himself to America as the multi-cultural ideal, a man who stood above politics. His father was a goat herder from Kenya, he would bring people together, so it went,” Gilbert explained. “While voters will overlook some fudging by politicians, promoting a false family background to hide an agenda irreconcilable with American values is a totally unacceptable manipulation of the electorate.”

What Gilbert presents is a direct challenge to the official narrative, arguing it is more likely President Obama has a deeply disturbing family background and a hidden Marxist agenda.

“Unfortunately, Obama’s style is to minimize, misdirect, and outright lie about damaging information about his past,” Gilbert said. “I hope the media will now demand that he come clean about his family background, his political foundations and fully reveal his agenda for transforming America.”

In writing his autobiography, Obama masked his relationship with Davis, naming him only as “Frank,” a friend of his grandfather who “lived in a dilapidated house in a run-down section of Waikiki.”

Gerald Horne, a contributing editor to “Public Affairs,” an openly Marxist political review, made the first positive identification of “Frank” as Frank Marshall Davis.

In March 2007, Horne gave a speech at New York University on the occasion of the Communist Party USA archive being placed at an NYU library.

In that speech, Horne discussed Davis, noting that Davis, who was born in Kansas and lived much of his adult life in Chicago, had moved to Honolulu in 1948 at the suggestion of his good friend, actor Paul Robeson. In the 1940s, Robeson was an outspoken critic of segregation and racial discrimination in the U.S., a strong advocate of the Soviet Union and a member of the Communist Party USA.

Horne also documented Davis’s friendship with the Dunham family in Hawaii.

“Eventually, [Davis] befriended another family – a Euro-American family – that had migrated to Honolulu from Kansas, and a young woman from this family eventually had a child with a young student from Kenya East Africa who goes by the name of Barack Obama, who, retracing the steps of Davis, eventually decamped to Chicago.”

Lorne further stated Davis was “a decisive influence in helping [Obama] to find his present identity as an African-American, a people who have been the least anti-communist and the most left-leaning of any constituency in this nation.”

After Horne’s speech, the identity of “Frank” was never in doubt, nor his importance in the development of the young Barack Obama.

On Dec. 5, 1956, Davis appeared in executive session before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee investigating “the scope of Soviet activity in the United States,” one of the McCarthy-era panels seeking to expose communists considered to be a security threat.

Invoking his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, Davis refused to answer a direct question asking if he was then a communist.

A year earlier, in 1955, a Commission on Subversive Activities organized by the government of the Territory of Hawaii identified Davis as a member of the Communist Party USA. The committee singled out for criticism several articles Davis published in the “Communist Honolulu Record” that were critical of the commission.

May 19th Communist Organization

Gilbert documents Obama’s association at Columbia University with what was known as the May 19th Communist Organization, an above-ground support group for the Weather Underground based in New York City from 1978 to 1985.

“May 19th” carried out raucous anti-Apartheid and anti-Klan protests and operated a host of front organizations.

At the time, Weather Underground co-founder William Ayers – Obama’s Chicago neighbor and colleague in education reform – wrote that May 19th provided “a sea for the guerrillas to swim in.”

Some May 19th members committed acts of violence and terrorism, such as the 1981 Nanuet Brinks robbery and murders, the bombing of South African offices in 1981 and the U.S. Capitol bombing in 1983.

“I spoke with a former FBI informant who told me the May 19th Communist Organization had a weapons training camp in the Catskill Mountains, run by former Black Panthers,” Gilbert told WND. “In addition, some May 19th members were sent to Cuba for several weeks each year with the Venceremos Brigade, a continuation of the SDS/Weather Underground program begun in the ’60s, for explosives training from Cuban intelligence, DGI.”

Obama’s election was not a sudden political phenomenon, Gilbert maintains.

“It was the culmination of an American socialist movement that Frank Marshall Davis nurtured in Chicago and Hawaii and has been quietly infiltrating the U.S. economy, universities and media for decades,” he explained. “To understand Obama’s plans for America, look no further than communist Frank Marshall Davis.”