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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Feds hide Obama’s Selective Service registration form too, refuse to assist Sheriff Joe’s official investigation

Feds refuse to release Obama draft docs to Sheriff Joe

  • Arizona lawman's team believes registration fraudulent

by Jerome R. Corsi


The Selective Service System has declined Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s request to see the original copy of Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration form.

Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigating Obama’s eligibility announced at a March 1 press conference that it believes there is probable cause that the registration is fraudulent.

A three-sentence March 22 letter written on behalf of Selective Service Director Lawrence G. Romo, however, dismissed the request.

“This Agency has no evidence that President Obama’s 1980 registration is not authentic,” wrote Richard S. Flahavan, associate director of public & intergovernmental affairs

Apparently refusing to take seriously Arpaio’s investigation, Flahavan referred the sheriff to the FBI.

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“However, if you have any credible evidence to the contrary and believe that a Federal crime has been committed, we suggest that it be turned over immediately to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to pursue,” Flahavan said.

In response, Arpaio yesterday sent a second letter to Romo, requesting clarification.

“If your office has the original, authentic Selective Service registration form for Barack Obama from July 29, 1980, please indicate whether or not you are in possession of this document,” Arpaio wrote.

“If the document is in your possession, please make it available for inspection by my Sheriff’s Office investigators. We will travel to your facility to analyze it.”

Apraio gave Romo 10 days to respond.

“Given the clarity and brevity of these requests, we would appreciate your direct response within ten business days of your receipt of this letter, since we are continuing our investigation,” Arpaio said.

Arpaio charges forgery

In his March 1 press conference in Phoenix, Arpaio, together with lead investigator Mike Zullo, charged that in addition to the long-form birth certificate released by the White House on April 27, Obama’s Selective Service registration form is also a forged document.

Arpaio and Zullo came to the conclusion after comparing a copy of Obama’s form to copies of several others known to be authentic. Some were submitted from the same Post Office as Obama’s, Makiki Station in Honolulu, and in the same month and year, July 1980.

The Selective Service System's response to Sheriff Joe Arpaio

As WND reported, Obama’s Selective Service registration has a two-digit year stamp, specifying only “80″ instead of “1980,” as specified by Post Office regulations and operating practice.

In his original letter to Romo, dated March 19, Arpaio had asked the Selective Service System to produce and provide to his investigators the original Selective Service registration form purportedly filled out by Obama.

Arpaio’s letter also asked the Selective Service System to give court-approved, forensic experts selected by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office the opportunity to examine Obama’s originally submitted form as well as any microfilm or computer copies that may exist.

MCSO investigators said they could not understand why Obama’s original Selective Service registration was being withheld from examination by duly empowered law enforcement officers and by court-approved, forensic experts when the Selective Service System had previously released at least two copies of Obama’s form to the public in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.

With the three-sentence written response, the Selective Service System appears to be taking a similar position to that taken by Hawaii’s Department of Health in regard to Obama’s birth certificate.

While both agencies claim to have authentic original documents in their vaults, neither is willing to allow public inspection of them.

Page 1 of Sheriff Arpaio's letter to the Selective Service System director

Page 2 of Sheriff Arpaio's letter to the Selective Service System director

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Obama, the magic ‘negro’, able to ignite race incident even without a ‘cracker’ involved

No, he didn’t create the event, he just took advantage of it. It took a month for the story to blow up, probably because a white person wasn’t involved.

It took them a month to figure out how to make it a black vs white issue. They had their friends in the NYTimes write the story and describe Zimmerman as a ‘white’ Hispanic and presto a racial incident.

The late Andrew Breitbart (assassinated because of it) said he had tapes that show that  ‘hope and change’ was all about ‘racial division’ and class warfare.

The ‘occupy’ protest is his class warfare and now he has his racial division. That’s why he’s done nothing to try to quell the tensions.

He stoked the flames when he interjected himself into it but hasn’t uttered a word about the bounty put out by the New Black Panther party, neither has his DOJ.

He’s lovin it! What’s the endgame? Martial law, no elections, does his open mic comment make sense now?

It's all about race now

  • Pat Buchanan: Zimmerman is being 'crucified' in arena of public opinion

by Patrick J. Buchanan

If it had been a white teenager who was shot, and a 28-year-old black guy who shot him, the black guy would have been arrested.

So assert those demanding the arrest of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

And they may be right.

Yet if Trayvon had been shot dead by a black neighborhood watch volunteer, Jesse Jackson would not have been in a pulpit in Sanford, Fla., howling that he had been “murdered and martyred.”

Maxine Waters would not be screaming “hate crime.”

Rep. Hank Johnson would not be raging that Trayvon had been “executed.” And ex-Black Panther Bobby Rush would not have been wearing a hoodie in the well of the House.

Which tells you what this whipped-up hysteria is all about.

It is not about finding the truth about what happened that night in Sanford when Zimmerman followed Trayvon in his SUV, and the two wound up in a fight, with Trayvon dead.

It is about the exacerbation of and the exploitation of racial conflict.

And it is about an irreconcilable conflict of visions about what the real America is in the year 2012.

Zimmerman “profiled” Trayvon, we are told. And perhaps he did.

But why? What did George Zimmerman, self-styled protector of his gated community, see that night from the wheel of his SUV?

He saw a male. And males are 90 percent of prison inmates. He saw a stranger over 6 feet tall. And he saw a black man or youth with a hood over his head.

Why would this raise Zimmerman’s antennae?

Perhaps because black males between 16 and 36, though only 2 to 3 percent of the population, are responsible for a third of all our crimes.

In some cities, 40 percent of all black males are in jail or prison, on probation or parole, or have criminal records. This is not a product of white racism but of prosecutions and convictions of criminal acts.

Had Zimmerman seen a black woman or older man in his neighborhood, he likely would never have tensed up or called in.

For all the abuse he has received, Geraldo Rivera had a point.

Whenever cable TV runs hidden-camera footage of a liquor or convenience store being held up and someone behind the counter being shot, the perp is often a black male wearing a hoodie.

Listening to the heated rhetoric coming from demonstrations around the country, from the Black Caucus and TV talkers – about how America is a terrifying place for young black males to grow up in because of the constant danger from white vigilantes – one wonders what country of the mind these people are living in.

The real America is a country where the black crime rate is seven times as high as the white rate. It is a country where white criminals choose black victims in 3 percent of their crimes, but black criminals choose white victims in 45 percent of their crimes.

Black journalists point to the racism manifest even in progressive cities, where cabs deliberately pass them by to pick up white folks down the block.

That this happens is undeniable. But, again, what is behind it?

As Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has written, from January to June 2008 in New York City, 83 percent of all identified gun assailants were black and 15 percent were Hispanics.

Together, blacks and Hispanics accounted for 98 percent of gun assaults.

Translated: If a cabdriver is going to be mugged or murdered in New York City by a fare, 49 times out of 50 his assailant or killer will be black or Hispanic.

Fernando Mateo of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers has told his drivers, “Profile your passengers” for your own protection. “The God’s honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these guys are blacks and Hispanics.”

Fernando Mateo is himself black and Hispanic.

To much of America’s black leadership and its media auxiliaries, what happened in Sanford was, as Jesse put it, that an innocent kid was “shot down in cold blood by a vigilante.”

Yet, from police reports, witness statements, and the father and friends of Zimmerman, another picture emerges.

Zimmerman followed Trayvon, confronted him and was punched in the nose, knocked flat on his back and jumped on, getting his head pounded, when he pulled his gun and fired. That Trayvon’s body was found face down, not face up, would tend to support this.

But, to Florida Congresswoman Federica Wilson, “this sweet young boy … was hunted down like a dog, shot on the street, and his killer is still at large.”

Some Sanford police believed Zimmerman; others did not.

But now that it is being investigated by a special prosecutor, the FBI, the Justice Department and a coming grand jury, what is the purpose of this venomous portrayal of George Zimmerman?

As yet convicted of no crime, he is being crucified in the arena of public opinion as a hate-crime monster and murderer.

Is this our idea of justice?

No. But if the purpose here is to turn this into a national black-white face-off, instead of a mutual search for truth and justice, it is succeeding marvelously well.

Similarities Between Nazi Germany and the NDAA/ Patriot Act / FAA Re-Authorization Act (Drones)

“When they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape...(1 Thessalonians 5:3).

I received this email I’d like to share with you. You know we are in trouble, you just don’t know how much:

As the government appears to be clamping down on the rights of citizens and appears to be gearing up for a "hostilities against the United States" mentality, I urge you to look back at the best historical example of a regime doing to very same thing.. Nazi Germany.

The first step must always be to consolidate power and eliminate opposition, two things Hitler did exceptionally well. "Fear" was the key component to keeping Germans loyal and "in line." Remember how Hitler required the Gestapo and the SS to pledge loyalty directly to him.. not Germany.

Are we headed for a police state? We will once the Supreme Court hands over gun rights to the government. (Ginsburg has already made it known that "when Obama is re-elected and appoints another liberal justice or two," the Court would like another chance to hear a 2nd Amendment case so they can "get it right this time." -- Something to think about.

R.I.P. Bill of Rights 1789-2011, by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, January 1, 2012

Was there Something Similar to the Patriot Act and the NDAA Under Nazi Germany, The Daily Paul, January 2, 2012

R.I.P. Bill of Rights: 1789-2011

by Mike Adams, Jan. 1, 2012

(NaturalNews) One of the most extraordinary documents in human history -- the Bill of Rights -- has come to an end under President Barack Obama. Derived from sacred principles of natural law, the Bill of Rights has come to a sudden and catastrophic end with the President's signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a law that grants the U.S. military the "legal" right to conduct secret kidnappings of U.S. citizens, followed by indefinite detention, interrogation, torture and even murder. This is all conducted completely outside the protection of law, with no jury, no trial, no legal representation and not even any requirement that the government produce evidence against the accused. It is a system of outright government tyranny against the American people, and it effectively nullifies the Bill of Rights.

In what will be remembered as the most traitorous executive signing ever committed against the American people, President Obama signed the bill on New Year's Eve, a time when most Americans were engaged in the consumption of alcohol. It seems appropriate, of course, since no intelligent American could accept the tyranny of this bill if they were sober.

This is the law that will cement Obama's legacy in the history books as the traitor who nullified the Bill of Rights and paved America's pathway down a road of tyranny that will make Nazi Germany's war crimes look like child's play. If Bush had signed a law like this, liberals would have been screaming "impeachment!"

Why the Bill of Rights matters

While the U.S. Constitution already limits the power of federal government, the Bill of Rights is the document that enumerates even more limits of federal government power. In its inception, many argued that a Bill of Rights was completely unnecessary because, they explained, the federal government only has the powers specifically enumerated to it under the U.S. Constitution. There was no need to have a "First Amendment" to protect Free Speech, for example, because there was no power granted to government to diminish Free Speech.

This seems silly today, of course, given the natural tendency of all governments to concentrate power in the hands of the few while destroying the rights and freedoms of their own people. But in the 1780's, whether government could ever become a threat to future freedoms was hotly debated. By 1789, enough revolutionary leaders had agreed on the fundamental principles of a Bill of Rights to sign it into law. Its purpose was to provide additional clarifications on the limitation of government power so that there could be absolutely no question that government could NEVER, under any circumstances, violate these key principles of freedom: Freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, freedom from illegal searches, the right to remain silent, the right to due process under law, and so on.

Of course, today's runaway federal government utterly ignores the limitations placed on it by the founding fathers. It aggressively and criminally seeks to expand its power at all costs, completely ignoring the Bill of Rights and openly violating the limitations of power placed upon it by the United States Constitution. The TSA's illegal searching of air travelers, for example, is a blatant violation of Fourth Amendment rights. The government's hijacking of websites it claims are linking to "copyright infringement" hubs is a blatant violation of First Amendment rights. The government's demand that all Americans be forced to buy private health insurance is a blatant violation of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution -- the "commerce clause."

Now, with the passage of the NDAA, the federal government has torpedoed the entire Bill of Rights, dismissing it completely and effectively promising to violate those rights at will. As of January 1, 2012, we have all been designated enemies of the state. America is the new battleground, and your "right" to due process is null and void.

Remember, this was all done by the very President who promised to close Guantanamo Bay and end secret military prisons. Not only did Obama break that campaign promise (as he has done with nearly ALL his campaign promises), he did exactly the opposite and has now subjected all Americans to the possibility of government-sponsored kidnapping, detainment and torture, all under the very system of secret military prisons he claimed he would close!

"President Obama’s action today is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law," said Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Obama's signing statement means nothing

Even while committing an act of pure treason in signing the bill, the unindicted criminal President Obama issued a signing statement that reads, in part, "Moving forward, my administration will interpret and implement the provisions described below in a manner that best preserves the flexibility on which our safety depends and upholds the values on which this country was founded..."

Anyone who reads between the lines here realizes the "the flexibility on which our safety depends" means they can interpret the law in any way they want if there is a sufficient amount of fear being created through false flag terror attacks. Astute readers will also notice that Obama's signing statement has no legal binding whatsoever and only refers to Obama's momentary intentions on how he "wishes" to interpret the law. It does not place any limits whatsoever on how a future President might use the law as written.

"The statute is particularly dangerous because it has no temporal or geographic limitations, and can be used by this and future presidents to militarily detain people captured far from any battlefield," says the ACLU (

What this means is that the next President could use this law to engage in the most horrific holocaust-scale mass round-up of people the world has ever seen. The NDAA legalizes the crimes of Nazi Germany in America, setting the stage for the mass murder of citizens by a rogue government.

United States of America becomes a rogue nation, operating in violation of international law

Furthermore, the NDAA law as written and signed, is a violation of international law as it does not even adhere to the fundamental agreements of how nations treat prisoners of war:

"...the breadth of the NDAA’s detention authority violates international law because it is not limited to people captured in the context of an actual armed conflict as required by the laws of war" says the ACLU (

In 1789, today's NDAA law would have been called "treasonous," and those who voted for it would have been shot dead as traitors. This is not a call for violence, but rather an attempt to provide historical context of just how destructive this law really is. Men and women fought and died for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. People sacrificed their lives, their safety and risked everything to achieve the freedoms that made America such a great nation. For one President to so callously throw away 222 years of liberty, betraying those great Americans who painstakingly created an extraordinary document limiting the power of government, is equivalent to driving a stake through the heart of the Republic.

In signing this, Obama has proven himself to be the most criminal of all U.S. Presidents, far worse than George W. Bush and a total traitor to the nation and its People. Remember, Obama swore upon a Bible that he would "protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic," and yet he himself has become the enemy of the Constitution by signing a law that overtly and callously nullifies the Bill of Rights.

This is nothing less than an act of war declared on the American people by the executive and legislative branches of government. It remains to be seen whether the judicial branch will go along with it (US Supreme Court).

Origins of the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights, signed in 1789 by many of the founding fathers of our nation, was based on the Virginia Declaration of Rights, drafted in 1776 and authored largely by George Mason, one of the least-recognized revolutionaries who gave rise to a nation of freedom and liberty.

Mason was a strong advocate of not just states' rights, but of individual rights, and without his influence in 1789, we might not even have a Bill of Rights today (and our nation would have slipped into total government tyranny all the sooner). In fact, he openly opposed ratification of the U.S. Constitution unless it contained a series of amendments now known as the Bill of Rights (

SECTION ONE of this Virginia declaration of rights states:

"That all men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety." (

Section Three of the declaration speaks to the duty of the Citizens to abolish abusive government:

"That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people, nation, or community; of all the various modes and forms of government, that is best which is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety and is most effectually secured against the danger of maladministration; and that, when any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable, inalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal."

By any honest measure, today's U.S. government, of course, has overstepped the bounds of its original intent. As Mason wrote over 200 years ago, the People of America now have not merely a right but a duty to "reform, alter or abolish it," to bring government back into alignment with its original purpose -- to protect the rights of the People.

Obama violates his Presidential Oath, sworn before God

Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution spells out the oath of office that every President must take during their swearing in:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

In signing the NDAA law into office, Obama has blatantly and unambiguously violated this sacred oath, meaning that his betrayal is not merely against the American people, but also against the Divine Creator.

Given that the Bill of Rights is an extension of Natural Law which establishes a direct heritage of sovereign power from the Creator to the People, a blatant attack upon the Bill of Rights is, by any account, an attack against the Creator and a violation of universal spiritual principles. Those who attempt to undermine the Bill of Rights are attempting to invalidate the relationship between God and Man, and in doing so, they are identifying themselves as enemies of God and agents of Evil.

Today, as 2012 begins, we are now a nation led by evil, and threatened with total destruction by those who would seek to rule as tyrants. This is America's final hour. We either defend the Republic starting right now, or we lose it forever.

Read the language analysis of WHY and HOW the NDAA applies to American citizens

Many people have been fooled by the obfuscated language of the bill, and they wrongfully believe the NDAA does not apply to American citizens. They have been hoodwinked!

In this follow-up article, I parse the language of the NDAA and explain, in plain language, how and why the NDAA does apply to American citizens:

Also, read this explanation by Rep. Justin Amash, who voted against the bill:

Make no mistake, folks: The U.S. government has just declared all Americans to be "enemy combatants," and that the USA is now a "battleground" over which the military has total control. We are now a nation living under military dictatorship, whether you realize it or not.

Learn more:

Was there Something Similar to the Patriot Act & NDAA Under Nazi Germany

The Daily Paul, January 2, 2012

Question Posed: Were there were any laws like the Patriot Act and the NDAA during Nazi Germany?

(People dont want to see any parallels because they are somehow deluded that our American government would never do such bad things)

First, let's note the similarity in 9/11 and the Reichstag Fire (Jeff, remember I made this point at the Washington meeting?) Both were the incidents that led to an oppressive regime with respect to civil liberties. 9/11 wasn't orchestrated by the government, but most believe the burning of the Reichstag was planned and executed by orders of Hitler himself (see "The Nazis: Lessons from History"; I got you this DVD as well; hopefully I'll get it to you on Tuesday). Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor on January 30, 1933. Almost immediately after that, on February 27, there was the burning of the Reichstag.

If the goal is political control, then nothing sets the stage like a good national disaster.

So, under the rise of Hitler, he began to consolidate his power and control over the German people with the Reichstag Fire. First came The Reichstag Fire Decree and then the Enabling Act of 1933. See this video: (except replace the last visual with Obama instead of Bush)

Answer #1: The Reichstag Fire Decree of 1933

The Reichstag Fire Decree (German: Reichstagsbrandverordnung) is the common name of the Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State (German: Verordnung des Reichspräsidenten zum Schutz von Volk und Staat) issued by German President Paul von Hindenburg in direct response to the Reichstag fire of 27 February 1933. The decree nullified many of the key civil liberties of German citizens. With Nazis in powerful positions in the German government, the decree was used as the legal basis of imprisonment of anyone considered to be opponents of the Nazis, and to suppress publications not considered “friendly” to the Nazi cause. The decree is considered by historians to be one of the key steps in the establishment of a one-party Nazi state in Germany.  

Answer #2: The Enabling Act of 1933

Hindenburg: "This completely overrides the Constitution. It puts you in charge."

Hitler: "These are troubled times." (this 8.5 minute clip is a dramatization of the enacting of the Enabling Act; of the pressures, false flag, and spin involved)

March 23, 1933. The Enabling Act (German: Ermächtigungsgesetz) was passed by Germany's Reichstag and signed by President Paul von Hindenburg on March 23, 1933. It was the second major step, after the Reichstag Fire Decree, through which Chancellor Adolf Hitler legally obtained plenary powers and established his dictatorship. The Act granted the Cabinet the authority to enact laws without the participation of the Reichstag for four years.

Under the Act, the government had acquired the authority to pass laws without either parliamentary consent or control. Unprecedentedly, these laws could even deviate from the Constitution. The Act effectively eliminated the Reichstag as active players in German politics, though the existence of the body, alongside that of the Reichsrat and of the office of President were protected under the Act. Together with the Reichstag Fire Decree, it transformed Hitler's government into a legal dictatorship.

The Act also effectively removed Presidential oversight, as Hindenburg's representative had stated that the aged president was withdrawing from day-to-day affairs of government and that presidential collaboration on the laws decreed as a result of the Enabling Act would not be required.

During the negotiations between the government and the Centre Party, it was agreed that the government should inform the Reichstag parties of legislative measures passed under the Enabling Act. For this purpose, a working committee was set up, chaired by Hitler and the Centre's chairman Kaas. However, this committee met only three times without any major impact and rapidly became a dead letter.

Though the Act had formally given legislative powers to the government as a whole, these powers were for all intents and purposes exercised by Hitler himself.

The passage of the Enabling Act reduced the Reichstag to a mere stage for Hitler's speeches. It only met sporadically until the end of World War II, held no debates and enacted only a few laws. Within three months after the passage of the Enabling Act, all parties except the Nazi Party were banned or pressured into dissolving themselves, followed on July 14 by a law that proscribed the founding of political parties. By this, Hitler had fulfilled what he had promised in earlier campaign speeches: "I set for myself one aim ... to sweep these thirty parties out of Germany!"

Answer #3: There was a law that allowed the police to arrest people into "protective custody", which required no charge or trial. I don't recall that law. However, "protective custody" was typically used for political undesirables, people without papers, people "turned in" by their neighbors, Jews, Gypsies, Communists, etc.

Answer #4: According to Wikipedia Himmler became the Chief of the German Police, and all German law enforcement more or less became under the prevue under a Gestapo sub-organization known as the Kriminalpolizei (Kripo).

Lines of authority became very confusing as the Nazi's bureaucracies multiplied and completed with one another as well as the pre-Hitler German agencies. All these agencies developed into a polyanrchy, the opposite of anarchy. Lots of Machiavelli infighting and jockeying for power to obtain favor form Hitler for funding and equipment. If things were not so serious today, it would be funny to watch Homeland security, the FBI, the IRS, and the Department of Education fighting each other.

It seems Hitler encouraged this, as it made any contender like Gobbels, Himmler, and Goring spend time jostling and fighting each other instead of seeking his position as supreme dictator.

One only has to look at the militarizing of local LE's by the Federal Government. All those shiny toys such as armored cars, body armor, and full auto M4's (Paid by us tax payers. of course,)are as meant to seduce LE's to betray their local and state laws and follow the Military, whose CIC is the President. That's why Sheriffs may be the last line of defense states have to enforce their sovereignty as guaranteed by the Constitution. Kind of a tough job for one man to stand up against the Feds to protect their jurisdiction, but some have bravely done so in the past. But now, the NDAA provision can and will over-ride them.

That's what makes all the executive power the President has amassed recently (Well, its be going on since forever, but become more blatant recently) Bush's reign torn down some important checks and balances, and Cheney treated is office a VP as a "Forth branch of office" much like what Himmler did with his Gestapo and SD. Add Obama executing an American overseas without trial and bombing Libya without Congressional say-so, and you have the makings of a Caesar all ready to go.

Answer #5: Aushwitz, Treblinka, Dachau......

How It All Started: January 30, 1933. British Movietone News. In January 1933, the ousted Chancellor, Franz von Papen, tried to get his revenge on the current Chancellor, General Kurt von Schleicher, by working toward the General's downfall, through forming an intrigue with the President Paul von Hindenburg's closest supporters and Alfred Hugenburg, media mogul and chairman of the German Nationalist Party (DNVP). Also involved were Hjalmer Schacht, Fritz Thyssen and other leading German businessmen. They financially supported the Nazi Party, which had been brought to the brink of bankruptcy by the cost of heavy campaigning. The businessmen wrote letters to Hindenburg, urging him to appoint Hitler as leader of a government "independent from parliamentary parties" which could turn into a movement that would "enrapture millions of people."

Finally, the president reluctantly agreed to appoint Hitler Chancellor of a coalition government formed by the NSDAP and DNVP. However, the Nazis were to be contained by a framework of conservative cabinet ministers, most notably by Papen as Vice-Chancellor and by Hugenberg as Minister of the Economy. The only other Nazi besides Hitler to get a portfolio was Wilhelm Frick, who was given the relatively powerless interior ministry (in Germany at the time, most powers wielded by the interior minister in other countries were held by the interior ministers of the states). As a concession to the Nazis, Göring was named minister without portfolio. While Papen intended to use Hitler as a figurehead, the Nazis gained key positions.

On the morning of 30 January 1933, in Hindenburg's office, Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor during what some observers later described as a brief and simple ceremony. His first speech as Chancellor took place on 10 February. The Nazis' seizure of power subsequently became known as the Machtergreifung.

The Obama Effect: Hooded hoodlums go on killing rampage, were they wearing Obama 2012 hoodies?

Obama and his DOJ have done nothing to try to ease tensions in this powder keg. Obama did the opposite by injecting himself into it. He is come to destroy, not to save!

And neither he, nor his AG, the racists Eric Holder, have uttered a peep against the New Black Panther party's bounty on US citizen George Zimmerman.

Remember what Breitbart said before he was assassinated, he had tapes to show that Obama’s Hope and Change were about racial division…

Democrats rushed to get out fund raising hoodies with Obama 2012 emblazoned on them after the month old incident exploded into the mainstream media, that’s class! 

CHICAGOLAND: Hoodie-Wearing Gunmen Kill 1, Wound 5 in Bobby Rush's District


by Dan Riehl

Former Black Panther Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) made quite a fuss when he donned a "hoodie" during a speech in the U.S. House of Representatives until he was escorted out. At the time, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) "applauded his courage" for doing so.

Meanwhile, back home in Rush's district, two men wearing hooded sweatshirts, or "hoodies," were the shooters in an incident that left one dead and five injured.

In fact, during a span of six-hours Thursday night, 13 people were shot, leaving two dead in Chicago. It would seem it takes more courage to simply walk down the street in Rush's district than it does to wear a hooded sweatshirt in the House of Representatives by way of a stunt in a bizarre tribute to a young man shot and killed in Florida during a shooting incident still under investigation.

13 shot, 2 dead in Chicago in six hours Thursday night

The worst shooting occurred around 6 p.m. Thursday when two men in hooded sweatshirts opened fire inside a convenience store in the 1400 block of West 79th Street in the Gresham neighborhood, police said.

One man was killed and five others were wounded. The victims ranged in age from 16 to 24. The gunmen fled in an SUV and police continued searching for them this morning.

There's also another report on that particuar incident here.

Perhaps if Bobby Rush and Nancy Pelosi ever got around to actually doing something to uplift the people in Rush's district, there would be fewer stories like the one above out of Chicago, and less need to don a piece of clothing in Congress in what amounts to an empty and silly gesture.

Could it be because he is a Muslim?

The president who won’t offend Muslims has no problem offending Christians

When we get 100,000,000, that's one hundred million willing Christians to BOND together, voice their concerns and vote, we can take back America with God's help, Become one of the One hundred million, then lets get 200 million.

It can be done by sending this email to your friends. Do the math. It only takes a willing heart and a fed up soul.

God Bless America and Shine your light on Her..

In 1952 President Truman established one day a year as a "National Day of Prayer."

In 1988 President Reagan designated the First Thursday in May of each year as the National Day of Prayer.

In June 2007 (then) Presidential Candidate Barack Obama declared that the USA "Was no longer a Christian nation."

This year President Obama canceled the 21st annual National Day of Prayer ceremony at the White House under the ruse Of "not wanting to offend anyone"

BUT... on September 25, 2009 from 4 AM until 7 PM, a National Day of Prayer FOR THE MUSLIM RELIGION was Held on Capitol Hill, Beside the White House. There were over 50,000 Muslims in D.C. that day. HE PRAYS WITH MUSLIMS, NOT WITH CHRISTIANS!

I guess it Doesn't matter if "Christians" Are offended by this event - We obviously Don't count as "anyone" Anymore.

The direction this country is headed should strike fear in the heart of every Christian, especially knowing that the Muslim religion believes that if Christians cannot be converted, they should be annihilated.

This is not a Rumor - Go to the website To confirm this info:

Send this to ten people and the person who sent it to you!... to let them know that indeed, it was sent out to many more.

If this is true Chief Justice Roberts is the one on the hot seat

I have no idea of the validity of the information in this article but if true, Roberts is hoping Kennedy will side with the liberals on Obamacare so he doesn’t have to.

If it’s upheld 5-4 with Roberts being the swing vote then this information seems a whole lot more plausible!

How do you control a nation’s policies, follow the money

Slush fund accounts of major US politicians identified and seized at Vatican Bank (Rome). Connection established with Daniel Dal Bosco RICO indictment, which cites Giancarlo Bruno, Silvio Berlusconi & Ban Ki Moon. On Wednesday 5th January 2011, it emerged that US establishment-related slush fund accounts had been located in, and seized from, the Vatican Bank in Rome.

The source of funds for these accounts in almost every instance was found to be the US Treasury. Beneficiaries of the covert Vatican accounts include Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and each of the Obama children, Michelle Obama’s mother, all the Bushes and the Clintons, including Chelsea Clinton, Joe Biden, Timothy Geithner, Janet Napolitano, several US Senators, including Mitch McConnell, several US Congressmen including John Boehner, several US Military Chiefs of Staff, the US Provost Marshal, the US Judge Advocate General, the US Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, several US Judges, the Pope, and several cardinals. Big money was found in each of the accounts.

The longer the beneficiaries have been in office, the greater the account balances were found to be. They range from a few million USD to more than a billion USD in the case of John Roberts. The total number of slush fund accounts so far identified at the Vatican Bank is said to be between 600 and 700. This number is likely to grow as international élite corruption investigations spread worldwide.


BBC Vatican Bank 'investigated over money-laundering'

Yahoo! UK and Ireland Vatican bank again in the eye of the storm after probe 

Sydney Morning Herald Vatican in shock as its bankers investigated 
Telegraph Vatican bank investigated Vatican bank probed 
Japan Today Italian police seize $30 mil from Vatican in money-laundering probe 

Public Intelligence The State Department is Concerned About Vatican Money Laundering

UK Telegraph Vatican Bank faces fresh controversy

Reuters Vatican bank image hurt as JP Morgan closes account

Sick: Child sexual abuse hits main street as America is in death throes

Does this describe the situation in present day America or what? I don’t think the majority fall in this category but the government, the media, Hollywood, and academia do. And unfortunately they control the narrative and set the agenda for the nation.

Our children are being corrupted right before our very eyes by the institutions we turned them over to! They will rise up against us when the corruptors tell them to.

God help us, but then again, we allowed them to ban God from our kids!

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;" (Isaiah 5:20)

TV Show Teaches Lewd Fan Dance to Young Girls

The Lifetime TV show DANCE MOMS overtly sexualized children as young as 10 recently when the Pittsburgh dance teacher shamelessly taught the young girls the raunchy fan dance, which is supposed to present an “illusion” of nudity.

The end of the sequence shows an audience of adults, including judges, leering and smiling at the young girls, dressed in sparkling bikinis, as they strutted across the stage!

“The producers, mothers, dance teacher, and judges should be up for charges of child sexual abuse,” Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of Movieguide®: The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment said.

Where’s the outrage, America?

- Source: Breitbart-TV, 03/23/12.

The Obamanov’s: “Let them eat with food stamps” (I know I’m mixing two different aristocrats)

Talk about audacity! I’m not going to try to chronicle their abuses, you know them. When the president isn’t golfing, or vacationing, or fundraising, or throwing lavish parties, he’s…well, I can’t recall when he hasn’t been doing those things.

How many vacations have you been on in the last three years in the states? How about overseas? If you have been fortunate enough to take a vacation, did your family travel separately? 

As Obama sells austerity and taxes, top energy aides on lavish trips abroad...
Energy Secretary in Tokyo for Major League opener; EPA head in Paris...

First lady hits Vegas with daughters...
FLASHBACK: Obama: 'You can't go take a trip to Vegas on taxpayer's dime'...
10-car motorcade at Mount Rushmore; tourist access restricted during visit...

Ex-communist nation’s media report on Obama forgery as US media silent

The US media is as bad as Pravda ever was, refuse to cover Obama forgery, Breitbart murder, misreport Trayvon Martin (I hope that doesn’t violate the mother’s trademark) story, etc., etc., etc..

Ex-communist nations expose Obama 'fraud'

  • Amid U.S. media blackout, foreign press sounds alarm on 'largest scandal in American history'

by Chelsea Schilling


Media from former communist nations are once again breaking through the veil of silence surrounding President Obama’s eligibility for office – even when the U.S. media refuse to investigate what is being called the “largest scandal in American history.”

First, it was the Russian news website Pravda.

Then, it was The Voice of Russia – successor of Radio Moscow, the official station of the Soviet Union.

And now it’s the Czech Republic’s Neviditelný pes (The Invisible Dog), a popular news website from Prague, that’s sounding the alarm.

Help Sheriff Joe blow the lid off Obama’s fraud. Join the Cold Case Posse right now!

Likewise, Russia’s Pravda has published a second expose on the issue by Dianna Cotter, a senior at American Military University.

Russia’s Pravda: ‘Largest scandal in American history’

As WND reported, Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse announced there is probable cause indicating the documents released by the White House last April purported to be Obama’s original, long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card are actually forgeries.

“Pravda called out the U.S. press for its deliberate neglect of the largest scandal in modern American history,” Cotter wrote in a March 29 Pravda commentary. “Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio released credible forensic evidence that Barack Obama, presumed President of the United States, presented to the world a forged Birth Certificate on April 27th, 2011.”

She added, “Since then, the scandal has only expanded. Former United States Postal Service worker Allen Hulton has recently come forward with compelling testimony given under Oath, which leads to only one conclusion: Barack Obama attended College in the United States as a Foreign Student.”

Cotter details results from a WND investigation revealing a retired U.S. Postal Service carrier claims the parents of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers helped finance Obama’s Harvard education – and that Ayers’ mother indicated she believed Obama was a foreign student.

“There is little doubt Mr. Obama has been less than honest with regard to the Ayers family and their significance in his life. As disingenuous as this is, it is by no means the most important revelation,” she wrote. “If correct, and Obama was introduced to Hulton as a Foreign Student, this means Barack Hussein Obama would have been using a Foreign Passport to get and prove his foreign student status for entrance into Occidental College, Columbia, and later Harvard Universities. Because Hulton has signed an Affidavit, this cannot be disregarded as mere hearsay; it is instead evidentiary in nature.”

Cotter also noted that the U.S. media have remained silent about Obama’s Selective Service card.

“Has the wider American media addressed any of this in context?” she asked. “It may be the largest scandal in American history, certainly the most significant constitutional crisis the nation has faced since the end of the Civil War.


“They don’t dare. …

“To be brutally clear, the power and backing of the United States Federal Government is being used to silence the press about Barack Obama. Either outright or through coercion, the media is complicit in covering up the crimes of the fraud Barack Obama and his unconstitutional government. These patterns are clear and unmistakable.”

As WND reported, Pravda also published a March 7 piece from Cotter on the topic. In that commentary, she accused the American media of being “tame,” afraid to publish news and “deliberately hiding the evidence published on the internet about [President Obama's] defrauding of the American public and the deliberate evisceration of the Constitution of the United States.”

Czech press: More known about ‘birth of Jesus two millennia ago’

Now, Neviditelný pes (translated “The Invisible Dog”), a popular news website from Prague, Czech Republic, has published a two-part series noting that even Americans seeking to apply for a driver’s license must submit proof of their identity.

According to a rough Google translation, the article explained, “It is the responsibility of applicants for the [presidency] to make available documents about his previous life – to present a birth certificate …”

The article continues, “So now we know more about the circumstances of the birth of Jesus two millennia ago than about Obama half a century ago.”

The piece offers detailed background on the eligibility issue and the investigation led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. A roughly translated version of the series is available here and here.

The Voice of Russia: ‘Obama’s birth certificate may be forgery’

WND also reported when The Voice of Russia – successor of Radio Moscow, the official station of the Soviet Union – published an exclusive interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio March 26 titled, “Obama’s birth certificate may be forgery.”

“Wherever I go, people commend me for doing this,” Arpaio told The Voice of Russia. “So, naturally this has been probably the biggest censorship and blackout in the history of journalism when no one from the national level will cover the story.”

However, in the recent The Voice of Russia interview, the Russian host argued that the Obama eligibility issue has been covered by “hundreds” of U.S. news outlets for years – after both Donald Trump and Arpaio brought up the question.

“Well, I wish you would tell me who they are. I’m sure it’s not national. CBS, ABC, cable?” Arpaio asked. “Just show me who has been covering it. They haven’t been covering. I’m not going to get into inside sources that say that they don’t want to cover it, that’s another issue when we are talking about the media. But where is all the news? You are calling me, you are dealing with Russia, so I have to talk to Russia to get this story out.”

Listen to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s interview with The Voice of Russia here.

Read the preliminary findings of Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation after six months investigating Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president in “A Question of Eligibility,” co-authored by Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo.

Follow all the future developments in this story – sign up for WND’s email news alerts right now!

Previous stories:
Russian media expose Obama birth ‘forgery’
Media blackout on Obama eligibility near-total

Mailman discouraged from telling Obama story

U.S. military purging ‘birthers’?

Immigration records missing for week of Obama’s birth

Sheriff Joe: ‘Tons’ more shocking info on Obama

O’Reilly: My probe better than Sheriff Joe’s

Donald Trump: Say it is so, Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe to Eric Holder: ‘Prove it!’

Arpaio: ‘Probable cause’ Obama certificate a fraud

What does law say about Obama’s eligibility?

Alinsky-style leftist ramps up effort to oust Sheriff Joe

100,000 line up to back Sheriff Joe

Obama backer arrested for death threats against Sheriff Joe

Justice Department blinks in battle against Sheriff Joe

Anti-Arpaio protesters ousted from meeting

Another protest against Sheriff Joe fails

Obama’s harassment of Sheriff Joe

‘Resign now’ protest against Sheriff Joe fizzles

Sheriff Joe targeted for ouster

Sheriff Joe ‘suspicious’ of motive behind Obama attacks

Sheriff Joe to Obama: I’ll keep doing my job

Arpaio gets death threats over Obama investigation

Sheriff Joe on Obama eligibility probe: ‘Where there’s smoke … ‘

The Department Of Homeland Security Is Buying 450 Million New Bullets

Homeland Security was not created to protect the people of the homeland, it was created to protect the government of the homeland!

The government is gearing up for…? This would not have frightened me around 4 years ago under a Republican administration but then neither did the Patriot Act nor the creation of the DHS.

That was before I took the red pill and discovered the Matrix that is the left/right paradigm the rulers of this world use to control us.

I knew the Democrats were screwing us but I thought the Republicans were trying to counter them, they’re not, and haven’t been for decades.

(R)Richard Nixon created the EPA,(R)Bush I was a signatory for UN Agenda 21,(D)Clinton made it official with an Executive Order, (R)Bush II, and(D)Obama expanded it.

(R)Bush I didn’t coin the phrase ‘new world order’ but as US president he was the first public official to use it extensively and every president since has been working towards the ‘new world order’ since, Democrat and Republican.


Eloise Lee|Mar. 28, 2012


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office is getting an "indefinite delivery" of an "indefinite quantity" of .40 caliber ammunition from defense contractor ATK.

U.S. agents will receive a maximum of 450 million rounds over five years, according to a press release on the deal.

The high performance HST bullets are designed for law enforcement and ATK says they offer "optimum penetration for terminal performance."

This refers to the the bullet's hollow-point tip that passes through barriers and expands for a bigger impact without the rest of the bullet getting warped out of shape: "this bullet holds its jacket in the toughest conditions."

We've also learned that the Department has an open bid for a stockpile of rifle ammo. Listed on the federal business opportunities network, they're looking for up to 175 million rounds of .223 caliber ammo to be exact. The .223 is almost exactly the same round used by NATO forces, the 5.56 x 45mm.

The deadline for earlier this month was extended because the right contractor just hadn't come along.

Looks like the Department of Homeland Security means business.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama and Holder refuse to defuse! Why? Racial Divison—Andrew Breitbart


George Zimmerman's father speaks for first time...
Says Trayvon Martin threatened to kill his son...
'You're going to die tonight'...

ABCNEWS: Police video shows no blood on Zimmerman...
Large gash on back of head?
POLICE REPORT: Bleeding from nose, head...

Network names 13-year-old witness!

'Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!'

Parents of murdered Brit students slam Obama...



414-0: Not even a single Democrat voted for the Obama budget proposal

If my memory is correct, this happened to his last budget proposal too! There hasn’t been a budget since he’s been in office.

Aren’t they required by law to have a budget every year? The Obama regime doesn’t care too much about the law!

Not a single Dem backs

  • GOP-run House easily rejects Obama budget
By ANDREW TAYLOR | Associated Press – 16

WASHINGTON (AP) The Republican-run House has overwhelmingly rejected President Barack Obama's $3.6 trillion budget for next year after a vote forced by GOP lawmakers to embarrass Democrats.

Republicans have opposed Obama's budget all year, criticizing its tax increases on the wealthy and saying it lacks sufficient spending cuts.

Democrats have defended Obama's budget priorities but they largely voted "no" Wednesday night.

Republicans said Democrats were afraid to vote for Obama's proposed tax increases and extra spending for energy and welfare. Democrats said Republicans had forced a vote on a version of Obama's budget that contained only its numbers, not the policies he would use to achieve them.

The vote was 414-0.

The vote came as the House debated a GOP budget that contains far more deficit reduction than Obama has proposed.


House kills Obama budget 414-0...

  • House rejects Bowles-Simpson, Obama budgets
By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Bowles-Simpson deficit-reduction plan went down to a crushing defeat in the House late Wednesday night in a vote that damages the one bipartisan proposal that just a few months ago had seemed like a possible solution to the country’s debt woes.

The 382-38 defeat, with just 16 Republicans and 22 Democrats voting for it, marks a bad end to what began nearly two years ago, when President Obama tapped former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, a Democrat, and former Sen. Alan Simpson, a Republican, to lead a deficit-reduction committee.

Their report has popped up in every deficit discussion since then, but had never gotten a vote in either chamber until this week, when opponents prevailed.

“This doesn’t go big. This doesn’t tackle the problem. This doesn’t do the big things,” said Rep. Paul D. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican and chairman of the Budget Committee. “You can never get the debt under control if you don’t deal with our health care entitlement programs.”

The debate came as the House worked its way through its fiscal year 2013 budget plan, which Mr. Ryan wrote.
The Bowles-Simpson plan was offered as an alternative on the chamber floor.

Minutes earlier, the House also defeated Mr. Obama’s own budget, submitted last month, on a 414-0 vote arranged by Republicans to embarrass the president and officially shelve his plan.

“It’s not a charade. It’s not a gimmick — unless what the president sent us is the same,” said Rep. Mick Mulvaney, a freshman Republican from South Carolina who sponsored Mr. Obama’s proposal for purposes of the debate. “I would encourage the Democrats to embrace this landmark Democrat document and support it. Personally, I will be voting against it.”

The House also defeated an alternative offered by the Congressional Black Caucus that would have included $4 trillion in additional tax increases on top of those Mr. Obama proposed, and used that money to boost spending on domestic programs. That plan was killed 314-107.

Breitbart websites silenced? Boss murdered, who could blame them?

I scoured the Breitbart sites yesterday for the ‘vetting of the president’ articles…not much, just the normal policy stuff.

I used the search term cpac to see if I couldn’t find Breitbart’s speech about vetting Obama…notta!

I finally searched on the name Derrick Bell and found these but it was disappointing that the articles aren’t more prominently grouped, or displayed.

Obama's Beloved Law Professor: Derrick Bell

Mar 8, 2012 ... BigGovernment has revealed that while at Harvard, Barack Obama embraced the racially charged cause of Law Professor Derrick Bell.

Derrick Bell: Liberal Whites Are Oppressors

Mar 8, 2012 ... Bell didn't only de-legitimize white critics based upon race, he de-legitimized his white liberals colleagues, as well, seeing them as incapable of ...

Obama Biographers, Journalists Covered Up Radical Derrick Bell ...

Mar 7, 2012 ... The failure of the mainstream media to examine Barack Obama's support for Critical Race Theory founder Derrick Bell is one of the most glaring ... -video

Report: Derrick Bell Visited White House Twice In 2010

Mar 8, 2012 ... Via Lachlan Markay at Heritage, we learn a Derrick A. Bell visited the Obama White House twice in 2010. The White House did not return a ...

OBAMA: 'Open up your hearts and your minds' to racialist prof

Mar 7, 2012 ... Below is footage of Barack Obama praising and hugging Professor Derrick Bell. It was spliced and diced by the media to avoid showing just ...

Revealed: Derrick Bell's HBO Sci-Fi Blaxploitation Flick

Mar 7, 2012 ... Derrick Bell, the man whose scholarship inspired Barack Obama, was the Jeremiah Wright of academia. And a Hollywood cult hero. Bell wrote ... blaxploitation

Soledad O'Brien: Derrick Bell Fan

Mar 8, 2012 ... soledad o'brien, cnn, breitbart, derrick bell, barack obama. Soledad%20OBrien%20Was%20A%20Derrick%20Bell%20Fan

Thomas Sowell Hammers 'Despicable' Derrick Bell; Compares To ...

Mar 7, 2012 ... Thomas Sowell Hammers 'Despicable' Derrick Bell; Compares To Hitler. ... Was Derrick Bell a radical when Barack Obama told us all to open ...

Derrick Bell and Eric Holder's 'Nation of Cowards'

Mar 9, 2012 ... It is impossible to understand Attorney General Eric Holder's incendiary statement in 2009 that America is a “nation of cowards” on race without ...

Jeremiah Wright on Derrick Bell, Jesus, and the Jews: A Sermon ...

Mar 11, 2012 ... In one sermon, Wright referred specifically to Bell's protest against Harvard--the same protest that Obama supported. Wright also attacked.

Shawn Tyson could have been Obama’s son, the 17 year old black who killed 2 white UK tourists (no media coverage)

Parents of murdered Brit students slam Obama.

The parents of two British students murdered in Florida have criticised President Barack Obama for his lack of compassion over their son's deaths.

Shawn Tyson

Shawn Tyson

By Paul Thompson in Sarasota, 3:00PM BST 29 Mar 2012

His failure to respond to three letters sent to the White House was because there was no "political value" and not worthy of a few minutes of his time.

They spoke out as teenager Shawn Tyson began a life sentence after being found guilty of the murder of James Cooper and James Kouzaris last April.

The 17 year old, who shot the men as they begged for their lives, will die in prison.

His conviction of first degree murder carries an mandatory life sentence without the chance of parole.

The powerfully built teen even looked bored as emotional DVD presentations about the dead men prepared by their grieving parents were shown in court.

What’s in Obamacare Nancy: 4,000 more IRS agents

IRS seeks 4,000 agents, $303 million for Obamacare

The Internal Revenue Service wants to add about 4,000 agents to hunt down tax cheats and still plans to spend $303 million building a system to oversee Obamacare even though its future looks bleak in the U.S. Supreme Court.

A new Government Accountability Office review of the IRS 2012 tax return season and the taxman’s fiscal 2013 budget request also found that the agency’s customer service rating has slipped and 5.5 million returns were delayed a week because of a computer programming glitch.

The news isn’t all bad though. A March 20 GAO performance audit found that the agency has seen a steady increase in e-filing and had processed 68 million returns so far, a 3 percent bump. What’s more, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman said that the American Customer Satisfaction Index for his team has jumped to 73 percent and he added that for every $1 spent on enforcement, the agency collects a return of $4.30.

Sweet tweet from the little boy with the bag of Skittles, a sweet treat

Why am I posting this? I wouldn’t be surprised if a grandson of mine had similar tasteless posts. No he didn’t deserve to die because of this post.

But people shouldn’t be led to believe that he was just a sweet little boy gunned down by a rabid racist because he is black either.

The picture blasted all over the media was from a much younger Trayvon (I hope that doesn’t violate the mother’s copyright) and was intended to sway public opinion against the neighborhood watch captain.

Second Trayvon Martin Twitter feed identified

By David Martosko - The Daily Caller

This image is the photograph the late Trayvon Martin used to represent his Twitter identity in late 2011, under the screen name "T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3." Although the Twitter account was deleted, The Daily Caller retrieved it from the social analytics website PeopleBrowsr. The upper-arm tattoo in the image matches one in a close-up photograph on Martin's MySpace page. (Image: Twitter)

This image from the late Trayvon Martin's MySpace page shows an upper-arm tattoo that matches one seen during late 2011 on the youth's Twitter account. The Daily Caller has brightened this image to show greater detail. (Image: MySpace)

This tweet, retrieved via the social analytics website, shows the late Trayvon Martin tweeting a message that read, “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!” He was using the handle “T33ZY TAUGHT M3” near the end of 2011. (PeopleBrowsr/Twitter)

The Daily Caller has identified a second Twitter handle that was used by the late Trayvon Martin during the last weeks of 2011. Tweeting in December under the name “T33ZY TAUGHT M3,” Martin sent a message that read, “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!”

It’s unclear who Martin intended the message for, or whether he intended it to be taken literally.

The photo Martin chose to represent himself on Twitter as “T33ZY TAUGHT M3″ depicts him in a black Polo cap, looking into the camera and extending his middle finger. The photo’s file name on Twitter’s server indicates that it was taken on the afternoon of June 17, 2010.

At least one website issued a retraction this week after mistakenly linking Martin to a middle-finger-salute image on a Facebook account corresponding to a Georgia teenager who shares Martin’s name. This image, however, was uploaded to Twitter by the teen himself.

On Tuesday TheDC published 152 pages of Martin’s Twitter activity that were retrieved using the social analytics product PeopleBrowsr.

Additional searches via the same website yielded the Twitter handle “T33ZY TAUGHT M3,” whose activity spanned just one month and ended shortly before Martin began tweeting as “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.” His Twitter activity under that newer screen name began with the tweet: “NEW NAME, NEW BACKGROUND, NEW TWEETCON, I MAKE CHANGS B4 NEW YEARS!”

Why the Trayvon Martin story took off and why Obama didn’t try to quell it

The shooting took place just about a month before the story burst all over the media. What took it so long?

Breitbart said he had videos that ‘will show “why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008’.

The Obama White House was looking for an event, since it had the occupy movement in place for the class warfare, to spark this racial division. This shooting wasn’t perfect because the shooter wasn’t white, wasn’t a Republican or tea partier, so they were waiting for a better case.

As they waited they figured they could label Zimmerman a ‘white’ Hispanic and just downplay the fact that he was a Hispanic, a Democrat, had black relatives, tutored underprivileged blacks on the week-ends for free, and acted in self defense.

They may also have waited to get as much as they could out of the Rush Limbaugh comments as they tried to gin up a phony Republican ‘war on women’.

They knew the major media had their backs, and they could count on Al and Jesse, the NAACP and the New Black Panthers, Hollywood and professional sports blacks, the bully pulpit and the DOJ, so they decided to go for it full tilt.

What took us so long to see this? Andrew Breitbart had already told us, and was murdered because he did.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lord Monckton: Sheriff Joe, posse 'right to be worried'

It is a crime that Sheriff Joe has to appeal to someone outside of the USA to try to shame the US media into covering the story of the forged document on the White House website.

Former Thatcher adviser examined birth certificate evidence in Phoenix

After a visit to Phoenix to get a first-hand look at evidence collected by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his investigative team, former Margaret Thatcher policy adviser Lord Christopher Monckton says he is convinced that the document presented by the White House as Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.

Monckton, known internationally for his climate-change skepticism, told WND he didn’t pay much attention to the controversy surrounding Obama’s birth certificate until he watched Arpaio and his team present their preliminary findings at a March 1 news conference. The sheriff’s Cold Case Posse has concluded there is probable cause that Obama’s birth document and his Selective Service registration are forgeries.

Monckton’s interest in Arpaio’s investigation came out in an interview last week on Dennis Miller’s nationally syndicated radio show.

At the invitation of a mutual friend with Arpaio, Monckton came to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office on Monday to examine the evidence gathered by the team of retired law-enforcement investigators.

“My assessment is that they are right to be worried,” Monckton said in a video interview at the end of the day with WND’s Jerome Corsi. “That document is not genuine.”

The Obama birth certificate case appealed to Monckton’s instincts as a fraud detector. In his role as a policy adviser to Thatcher in the 1980s, Monckton reviewed fraud cases and developed single-page briefs with an action plan for the British prime minister.

Monckton, who has a BA and an MA from Cambridge University, is a former newspaper editor. He was a member of Thatcher’s Conservative Party but now serves as the head of the policy unit for the U.K. Independence Party.

Arpaio’s chief investigator on the eligibility case, Mike Zullo, said he thought that he and the sheriff “proved our point” to Monckton during the visit Monday.

“We went deeper today with Lord Monckton than we did in the press conference, and for him to come away comfortable with our findings, and validating our findings, is a validation for the sheriff,” he said.

Zullo affirmed that the sheriff’s office will continue to make its resources available to Monckton.

“One of the concerns of the sheriff is the media blackout that is surrounding him and this investigation, and we’re hoping that through this visit, that might change,” Zullo said.

Monckton said that he has researched some of the arguments made by people who insist that the document posted online by the White House April 27, 2011, is a valid birth certificate.

“It’s really very clear that they are unable to account for the manner in which the document, now purported to be a birth certificate, on the White House government website, has been fabricated,” he said. “They can’t replicate that fabrication by any natural or normal means.”

Monckton said it appears that the document was cobbled together in layers, pointing to evidence that three date stamps and a registrar’s stamp were superimposed on it from another document.

Why go to all that trouble, he reasoned, “if there was an original document in some form that could simply be scanned and copied as a single entity?”

“Clearly, the suspicion must be aroused as to whether or not any such document in reality exists on the file in Hawaii,” he said.

If there is no such document, he concluded, “then the implications for those who have perpetrated what appears, at least on the face of it, to be a serious fraud, are very grave, indeed.”

WND has compiled a list of the many other high-profile personalities and leaders who have raised questions about Obama’s eligibility.

Read the preliminary findings of Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation after six months investigating Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president in “A Question of Eligibility,” co-authored by Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo.

Does Obama want a race war? He fueled the fire and does nothing to quell it!

He was raised by Marxists, mentored by Marxists, put through college by Marxists, launched into politics in the home of terrorist Bill Ayers; did you really think he was going to lift America up?

Wake up fools before we lose what little freedom we have left! He wants to feed us to the other nations of the world!!!


VIDEO: Dem Rep Bobby Rush Kicked Off House Floor...

Ex-Black Panther...

Another Says Trayvon 'Hunted Down Like Dog'...

Another: 'Executed For WWB In A GC'...

Maxine Waters Calls Shooting 'Hate Crime'...

PROSECUTOR: Police Originally Requested Zimmerman Be Charged With Manslaughter...

MLK's Niece to Sharpton, Jackson: Stop 'playing race card' over Trayvon Martin...

Fmr. NAACP head rips exploitation...

Elderly couple living in fear over erroneous Spike Lee tweet...
Flee home...

Spike refuses to apologize...