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Friday, May 22, 2015

Obama Told These Brave Marines to STOP PRAYING - But They Did THIS Instead! - The Political Insider

America's military has always gone to war 'For God and country'! The government is trying to take God out of it. It's great and reassuring to see this article with the upcoming JADE HELM 15 exercise creeping ever closer.  I believe the exercise is to train the military to extract citizen dissidents "anywhere in the world"--they say this to imply America is not include but America is within "anywhere in the world"!

I don't believe the American military as a whole would not attack American citizens YET! How long the brainwashing will take before they will, who knows? It is possible however, that those chosen to participate in JADE HELM 15 were hand selected already brainwashed so I'm still leery of the exercise, especially with the ramping up of racial tensions...

Obama Told These Brave Marines to STOP PRAYING - But They Did THIS Instead! - The Political Insider

Time and again, President Barack Obama and his radical administration has tried to silence Christians in the military. Chaplains are not allowed to speak their mind, and secularism is mandated from the White House.
This is outrageous! Our troops put their lives on the line to protect us, and should be free to express their religious beliefs. This is a Christian nation, and we need God’s help to keep our nation safe!
But the Marines will not give up their Bible! As Conservative Post notes, here is one great example of Marines joining together and singing about Jesus Christ. As the song goes, “Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you.”
While this will infuriate Obama, it is music to our ears:

That’s as good as this classic clip, with more Marines praying and singing the “Days of Elijah” together. God bless them all!

Our Marines are the best in the world. Let us pray for their safety, every day! Please share this post if you agree.

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