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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Obama’s Masonic Ring and Handshake

Proof Obama is Illuminati puppet.


This was translated from the Spanish website Xfiles.


It clearly demonstrates that Obama was part of the Masonic conspiracy from a young age, and represents their agenda, not the interests of the American people.

The amplification of a picture of President Obama, which was published in Newsweek magazine May 24, 2008, revealed a Masonic emblem in the ring he was wearing on his right hand.

Picture of young Obama at the graduation of Punahou School in Hawaii. Expert observers affirm it is a Masonic handshake. Observe how Obama’s hand is practically horizontal, when normally, it would be vertical.

Amplification of young Obama’s Masonic handshake, during the graduation at Punahou School in Hawaii. Obama’s hand is horizontal, so his teacher can perfectly place his thumb Masonic style. And curiously, a letter G shows up in the image’s background.

And here we have another curious image, in this case Barak Obama’s wife, Mrs, Michelle Obama. Wearing a typical “peace” symbol, which hippies used to wear as well in the 60s and 70s, and which has been kept in use by the New World Order scammers.

This symbol in reality is a satanic emblem, because it represents a supposed crucified Christ upside down, in a triangular cross as a goose’s foot, of special significance to satanists. The figure of the inverted crucified is, in turn, inside a circle, which represents the Devil.

Could it be an innocent pendant of the First Lardy? Of course not.

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