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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Florida woman’s blood shows alarming levels of BP’s oil & Corexit chemicals

Destin-area woman’s blood shows alarming levels of chemicals found in BP’s oil & Corexit “The public is not being told how dangerous the area is” (LAB RESULTS)

I did not work the oil spill. I avoided the beach and local fish, live in the Destin Florida area and do not know what to do! …

I am being retested because I had been detoxing and want to know the levels without the detox.

Results from blood collected January 24, 2011:

  • Ethylbenzene: .89 ppb (8 times 95th percentile)
  • m,p-Xylene: .4 – 1.3 ppb (Above 95th percentile)
  • Hexane: >200 ppb
  • 2-Methylpentane: 88.9 ppb (Above 95th percentile)
  • 3- Methypentane: 158.4 ppb (Above 95th percentile)

Farquhar’s letter to the editors submitted to Northwest Florida Daily News on February 15, 2011:

Five months ago I began to experience some cold symptoms. The symptoms persisted and continued to progressively worsen. I have always been an active individual with a high work ethic used to putting in 60-80 hours a week. For the past two months I have trouble getting out of bed. I have seen doctors for stomach issues, sore throats, lethargy, brain fog, muscle soreness, digestive issues and have gotten no answers other than virus.

Recently I read an article concerning sick individuals on the Gulf Coast. I got $300 together and went to have my blood tested on a whim. While I completely expected to find out I had wasted my money and was looking in the wrong direction I received tested results which made me sit down in shock. I have toxic levels of five separate toxins associated with the oil spill and the dispersant that was used after wards in the bogus clean up attempt. After 3 weeks of intensive body detoxing I have 8X the dangerous level of Ethelbenzene, 4X the toxic level of m,p-Xylene, and extremely high levels of Hexane, 2-Methylpentane, and 3-methylpentane. I did not work the oil spill clean up, avoided the beach all summer, and do not eat local seafood so my levels are from normal activity associated with everyday life. This is very distressing as the public is not being told how dangerous the area is. I do not have medical insurance, need body scans and I.V. detox, and have no recourse at this!

If you are sick and have been for awhile get tested. This is a serious situation for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

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