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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Obama Tells Rioters To Keep Agitating – He And Soros Want More Chaos | EndingFed News Network

Remember all those czars Obama appointed along with his cabinet after he was inaugurated in 2008? They just sort of faded from the scene almost as quickly as they appeared. What have they been doing for 8 years? Are we about to find out?

Remember when Obama said they needed a civilian force just as big and well equipped as the military? Remember all the government purchases of guns, ammunition, and survival foods they made?

Fast forward to today as we see BLM and other groups protesting the election of Trump in several US cities. It is no secret that the protestors are largely organized and funded by George Soros who said that the collapse of the USA would be the culmination of his life's work.

Are we in the early stages of a plan of sedition, a plan to overthrow the Trump administration before it can even be installed? It looks like a plan to create chaos thereby giving Obama cover for declaring martial law and forestall the inauguration of Trump!

It is unconscionable that a sitting president would not come out forcefully against protest movements against the president-elect, much less encourage the protestors.

It is no doubt that George Soros is guilty of sedition and inciting to riot and an argument can certainly be made that Obama is guilty of the same. Read the following news articles and see what you think:

Obama Tells Rioters To Keep Agitating – He And Soros Want More Chaos

FINALLY! Obama Addresses Anti-Trump Protesters, Says 7 Words that Speak VOLUMES “I wouldn’t advise them to be silent,”

#ArrestGeorgeSoros and seize his assets and if possible #ArrestObama

#GeorgeSorosSedition #ObamaSedition

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