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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The truth about the 'wailing wall'

This is rich and sick, the Jews are worshipping at the foot of the ruins of a Roman fort; Fort Antonia! Jesus told His disciples that not one stone would be left standing of Herod's temple; of course He was right!

Read Josephus , "Wars of the Jews", to understand what happened in 70AD, and Christs dire predictions Mathew ch 24) coming true upon the nation that had killed and rejected and scorned him. For a generation after Christs death, Jerusalem was wasted and the Temple thrown down exactly as Christ had predicted. The Romans even pried the huge Temple stones apart, weighing hundreds of tons each, to get at the gold seeping between the crevices, thus Christs warning that not one stone upon another would be left standing came true and shows he was a TRUE PROPHET.

Temple area                                     Fort Antonia

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