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Thursday, January 7, 2016

87-year-old lady sentenced to 10 months in prison for rejecting Auschwitz lie on German TV | THE UNHIVED MIND III

This should frighten freedom loving people everywhere. How dare one human being demand of another human being that they can't express disagreement. All throughout history horrendous acts have been perpetrated against one group upon other groups yet this is the only one that is verboten to question. To find out who has power just ask who you can't offend!

The whole world is held hostage to the 'holocaust' and you don't dare question it, whether it happened on such a scale or whether it happened at all.

87-year-old lady sentenced to 10 months in prison for rejecting Auschwitz lie on German TV

87-year-old lady sentenced to 10 months in prison for rejecting Auschwitz lie on German TV
Rebel of Oz — 300 Spartans Nov 13, 2015
The date is telling. On 11 November 2015, 97 years after Germany got tricked into laying down its arms, without a single enemy soldier on German soil, fooled by the empty promises of President Wilson, 87-year-old German lady Ursula Haverbeck got sentenced to 10 months in prison, effectively a life sentence, for stating the obvious, on national TV, that the official Holocaust narrative is a vicious lie.
In court, Ursula Haverbeck defended herself in good spirit. She didn’t waste any money on lawyer leeches and defended herself. Dozens of supporters crowded the courtroom and the hall outside.
She asked the prosecutor, “How do you as a lawyer prove the accusation that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?” To me the answer is pretty obvious. He’s just another Judah whore.
Her request for a revisionist expert witness to give evidence that at Auschwitz no one had been gassed, was predictably rejected by Judge J├Ânsson. In Germany, you are not allowed to provide evidence in court to prove that the Holocaust revisionist statements you are being prosecuted for are correct.
This “the Holocaust is self-evident” trick makes it pretty obvious who is lying. Anybody with his common sense still intact and able of critical thinking must realise that “Holocaust denial” laws are not about protecting historic truth from slanderous lies, but the other way round, about protecting slanderous lies from historic truth.
Ursula Haverbeck is a national hero. She saw evil and did what she could, given her circumstances. She saw evil and resisted and is now proudly paying the price. I wish her courageous and principled example will inspire millions of Germans to do everything their personal situations permits them. It’s time to put an end to all the Judeo-Bolshevik lies about World War II and the “Jewish Holocaust”. The Germans were the “good guys”. Germans have nothing to be ashamed of, but plenty to be proud of. They just did their best to save the world from being turned into a Jew-run death camp. Good on them. Ursula Haverbeck, thank you very much! The German people owes you.

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