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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WHOA! The Despicable Way Black Lives Matter Leaders Justify Virginia Shooting

Is Shaun King a mixed up white guy full of white guilt, a  mulatto  full of white guilt, or, as is the case in a lot of the racial strife agitators, a crypto Jew? Jews started the NAACP not blacks, now why would that be? Could it be they want to sow the seeds of discord among the races? Ask the Jewish Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev about how terrible white people are.He says the white race needs to be eliminated! Watch his video!
WHOA! The Despicable Way Black Lives Matter Leaders Justify Virginia Shooting

You can be 100% certain that if a leader in the white community tried to defend Dylann Roof (the SC church shooter) in this manner then there would be hell to pay.
But when Shaun King, one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t admit the killing was racially motivated…and even excuses the killings…no one even bats an eye.
School picture:
Rev. Floyd Greene said, "I think the problem is bigger than Versailles."  Greene said he
What in the world is going on here?
Allen West writes about the disgusting justification given by King.
As we reported this week, members of the left are turning themselves into pretzels trying to explain away why a gay, black man would pick up a gun and shoot two innocent white people on live television.
Obviously, it wasn’t ACTUALLY his fault. He was a victim, and the people he killed were “probably” racist anyway (in which case, it was justified).
The latest to join this shameful chorus is Shaun King, one of the leaders of the #BlackLivesMatter movement – who as it turns out has been living his own lie, pretending to be of “mixed race” when in fact he is just a mixed up white guy.
But that’s a minor point, in the grand scheme of things.
What’s more disturbing is his tweet in which he asks why do “our frustrated people” go on killing sprees more than any other country?
shaun king tweet
So, if a black leftist like Vester Lee Flanagan kills people he was just frustrated. But if a nutbag like Dylan Roof commits mass murder, it’s because he’s a racist? I’m confused.
Meanwhile, Mr. King needs to check the statistics. As we reported here, based on per capita shootings, the U.S. is not top of the list. But of course, facts are of little interest to liberals.
No one’s denying the shooter was mentally unsound.
But, his killing was definitely racially motivated. He admitted it himself in his 23 page manifesto which he faxed to ABC news.
So why isn’t it OK to call this shooting a racially motivated killing? Why isn’t it being singled out as a hate crime, the same way it would have been if a the script was flipped and a white person committed the atrocity?
It’s a great question, and the simple answer seems to be that only whites are capable of racism.
At least that’s how it appears here in America.

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