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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Donald Trump: Obama Denies Syrian Christians Immigration but welcomes Muslims

This is the most egregious thing I've heard about this administration among the multitude of them! Syrian Christians are being hunted down and beheaded but can't flee to America while Muslims have an open door policy. This is antiChrist! How can this be! Where are the outcries from our "conservative" leaders? I've never heard this brought up before Trump said it on this tape.

I plan to make several phone calls and send several emails about this. Were you aware of it?

Cliff Sims interviews Donald Trump on Yellowhammer Radio - YouTube
Well, the trimmed version I uploaded is not working...I don't know why unless it's because I just upgraded to Windows 10 so click on the link above and catch the whole interview. About half way through he talks about the Syrian Christians--it should make you furious and ashamed at our country!

I trimmed this to start at the Syrian Christian atrocity but the whole interview is worth a listen. The link at the top is the entire interview. I normally enlarge YouTube videos but this is just audio so no need...

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