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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The IRS controls our churches unconstitutionally! Here's 35 ways...

How the IRS Controls Churches
Listed below are 35 things the IRS contends are prohibited of churches and ministries. A pastor or ministry leader who violates the guidelines of the IRS on these 35 prohibitions can have his church or group’s tax exemption revoked and be dealt with harshly by the IRS. These 35 prohibitions on churches and ministries demonstrate how the IRS and the federal government now control churches and insure politically and religiously “correct” behavior. Liberal Christian churches and false religions such as Hunduism, Witchcraft, and Scientology are not affected by these rules—only Bible-believing, Christian ministries and churches. Also, keep in mind: These 35 things are not prohibited by law nor by the Constitution. The IRS considers itself above the law and the Constitution. According to the IRS, Christian churches, ministries, and organizations may not:
1. Expose conspiracies.
2. Criticize the New World Order.
3. Say or publish anything negative about any politician, Republican or Democrat.
4. Criticize government agencies and bureaus—the IRS, FBI, BATF, CIA, EPA, DEA, OSHA, DOJ, etc.
5. Criticize an institution of government such as the White House, the Congress, the Federal Reserve Board, or the Supreme Court.
6. Encourage citizens to call or write their congressman, senator, governor, mayor, or other public official.
7. Criticize any proposed or pending bill or legislation that would take away the rights and freedoms of the people.
8. Make disparaging remarks about, or criticize, any other faith group, cult, or religion.
9. Expose or criticize the New Age Movement.
10. Support or encourage a law-abiding citizen’s militia.
11. Support or encourage the Second Amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
12. Discourage young women from getting an abortion, or endorse the pro-life movement.
13. Teach that abortion, especially partial birth abortion, is murder and is the killing of innocent babies.
14. Identify homosexuality as a sin and an abomination to God.
15. Express an opinion on any subject or issue.
16. Appeal to peoples’ emotions by employing an evangelization method (such as “fire and brimstone” preaching) not considered a “reasoned approach” by the IRS.
17. Discuss or identify threats to Christianity.
18. Discuss subjects or topics the IRS deems “sensationalist.”
19. Criticize well-known public figures or institutions the IRS deems “worthy,” such as the super-rich elite, international bankers, the Hollywood movie industry, etc.
20. Publish or broadcast information on any topic without giving credence to the opposing viewpoints of Christ’s enemies.
21. Publish and offer books, tapes, or products that expose the elitist plot against humanity and God.
22. Criticize the Pope or the Vatican, or contrast the New Catholic Catechism with the truths found in the Holy Bible. (Note: only liberal churches are permitted by the IRS to criticize the Catholic Church).
23. Criticize the United Nations or such globalist groups as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission.
24. Criticize the Masonic Lodge, the Order of Skull & Bones, or other Secret societies.
25. Highlight or otherwise bring attention to immorality of public officials or corruption in government. 26. Complain of government wrongdoing or injustice, such as happened at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and elsewhere.
27. Criticize the Jewish ADL or other Jewish lobby groups.
28. Say anything positive about the “religious right” or the “patriot movement.”
29. Support home schooling, home churches, or unregistered churches.
30. Spend money on missionary projects or charitable causes not approved by the IRS.
31. Promote or encourage alternative healthcare (herbs, vitamins, etc.).
32. Expose false teachings of any kind by anyone.
33. Support or encourage persecuted Christians suffering under anti-Christian regimes in Red China, Cuba, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and elsewhere.
34. Ordain a pastor whose training or qualifications are not approved by the IRS.
35. Advocate or teach any Bible doctrine that is politically or religiously incorrect, or is inconsistent with any “public policy” (abortion, feminism, gay rights, etc.) currently being enforced by the IRS.

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