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Monday, July 6, 2015

Nobel Peace Prize for Adolf Hitler? - Holocaust®Lobby in distress because of new revelations | staseve

Nobel Peace Prize for Adolf Hitler? - Holocaust®Lobby in distress because of new revelations | staseve

Nobel Peace Prize for Adolf Hitler? - Holocaust ® Lobby in distress because of new revelations

By Michael Collins Piper

In Israel and the UK, we speak extensively in the media about a new, published in England book while the American and German newspapers hush up the extraordinary revelations of the book. This is the book of the renowned English historian Peter Padfield Navy that occupies that Adolf Hitler did everything in 1941 with Britain to make peace. Padfield states that Hitler's peace offer from Prime Minister Winston Churchill was thwarted.

Israel's Ynet Internet news service and two English newspapers  The Daily Telegraph  and  The Daily Mail  reported profound about these sensational revelations. These are revelations that will lead to the "official" history of World War II must be rewritten. This book confirms what independent revisionist historians have written and said for years.

Hess was lured by Churchill into the trap, because Hitler peace

wanted with England. The book is hushed up in Germany .


In Padfields book,  Hess, Hitler and Churchill - A real turning point of the 2nd World War. A secret history , confirms the renowned writer that the legendary "peace mission" of Hitler's loyal deputy was in May 1941 actually approved by Hitler. Hess had during his flight to Scotland an offer Hitler with him, which provided that the German troops withdraw from the occupied territories in Western Europe and the United Kingdom supported the imminent German attack on the Soviet Union in return. The attack time, namely five weeks after Hess' peace flight was, in Hitler's peace offer to Britain called open.

Hitler's proposal was formally expressed in the language of a peace treaty and typed on Hitler's stationery. The proposal guaranteed Britain's independence and proposed a friendly neutrality of both countries before each other.Exactly what Hitler had sought for a long time.

Although, as the  Telegraph  points out that Hess' travel is known as the "mission of a single deranged man" portrayed what however many years of independent authors (based on neglected or ignored, or from the system media and the scientific community suppressed data based) is contested.Hitler decided to conceal the fact that he knew about the peacekeeping mission, if the company would fail, that he had agreed with Hess.

After Hess had left his aircraft after the crash landing, he expected British emissaries of the government, which should bring as Hess took him to the peace negotiations. It came only Churchills agents who arrested Hess. From that day on Hess spent 46 years in solitary confinement as a prisoner of war of the victorious powers. The contents of the peace proposal that Hess had with him, were provided by the government, Churchill immediately under the highest level of confidentiality.

Padfield argues that Hess the victim of a British intelligence operation was, which was not only approved by Churchill, but also devised to lure the German peacemakers to Britain.

Padfield describes what others "put on's Cross" as the classic call, was planned and carried out by British intelligence. British intelligence can look back on a long and successful tradition of such conspiracies.

With those Germans who have been guilty of insulting the German victims people, will be definitely settled in court.Here is an example of the offender lists for creating indictments, when we live again in a constitutional state:

When he was in Hamburg and a half years ago, Joe Sacco went on the search for a monument to the air war victims of the Second World War. He found none. That surprised the Americans born in 1960 in Malta, because so much did he: This city had to endure a devastating attack in July 1943. 

FAZ, 31.12.2013, p.32

According Padfield is in one of his sources for an undisclosed named British academic who had then translate for Churchill the peace proposal, although Hess had an English translation at all times. Churchill wanted but have a translation from its operating environment.

As the  Telegraph  reported, "there are in any of the official archives a reference to Hitler's peace offer, even though the matter has long been known." Padfield believes that Hitler's peace offer is only therefore not released, because you do not want to damage the reputation of historical figures. Important: Padfield amassed other evidence proving the existence of Hitler's peace offer. Moreover Padfield is also in possession of written instructions to keep the peace offering Hitler under wraps.

Padfield cited what Churchill would have chosen a "moral decision" to reject Hitler's peace offer. He notes that Churchill was driven by the burning desire to lead against Hitler war and involves the United States into the conflict.

In contrast, made Churchill's critics clear that this instinct to want to run against Hitler war - as opposed to the wishes of the British people and the royal family was that everybody wanted no war - due to the fact is that Churchill several years earlier financially bankrupt went, even lost his beloved ancestral home, and then by a group of Jewish financiers, known as "The Focus", was released from his debt. But Churchill had to operate their policies.

Who is ignorant, must believe. Help us educate, time is short
a man of knowledge is 100 Dissatisfied result in a period of transition.We call the backgrounds by name. Help enlighten us.


If the peace mission of Hess became known at the time, writes Padfield were collapsed, the war plans of Churchill.

 Hess was convicted before the Nuremberg Tribunal after the war because of "war crimes", although he could have committed no war crimes, as he was during the war in British captivity.
 Sentenced to life imprisonment, died in 1987 at Hess Spandau prison.Officially his death was passed off as suicide, although new evidence find that (what many had long knew) was the old man in reality by British secret killers murdered.
Source: from 28/01/2014

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