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Friday, July 3, 2015

As in the days of Noah: Are more of the Watchers back?

I saw this story from the Mirror Online website and immediately thought of the story of the fallen angels of Genesis 6. The Book of Enoch calls them the Watchers. Enoch tells how a group of angels made a pact to rebel against God and descended to earth on Mount Hermon where they took human wives and sired the Nephilim. This cross breeding corrupted the seed of man so God brought about the great flood to rid the earth of them.

I have been researching CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and discovered that one possible result of this enormous machine, the world's largest and most powerful machine ever, is that portals to other dimensions are a possible outcome of the tremendous energy produced from the collision of proton particles.

Where did the Watchers come from, could it be from another dimension? Many think CERN is a very occult place and that the scientist there are trying to open a portal so the Antichrist can crawl through it. Is this poltergeist one who crawled through a LHC produced portal? If so there will be more setting up conditions on earth as it was in the days of Noah!

Couple call in ghostbuster and priest after claiming demonic poltergeist molests them in their sleep - Mirror Online

A terrified family attacked in the night by a dreaded "incubus demon" have called a ghostbuster to get rid of the malevolent spirit.
In a story reminiscent of the film Paranormal Activity, the Fry family say they have been molested by an evil poltergeist for months.
Mum Tracey, 46, even says she is beaten up in the night by the phantom - leaving her covered with bruises in the morning.
In desperation her husband Keiron, 32, forked out £100 to a specialist to "cleanse" the house and has brought a vicar in to bless their cursed abode.
The phantom, which has also been menacing the couple's three children, was summoned by a using a Ouija board in the house, they say.

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