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Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Zombie Virus" Possible via Rabies-Flu Hybrid?

The last 'zombie' movie I saw, 'Kingsman: The Secret Service',  differed somewhat from the previous scores of them in that an elite group of humans deliberately caused the 'rage' outbreak in order to kill off a huge portion of the planet's population. That same theme of depopulation was in another recent 'Avenger' movie. Depopulation is a major peg in the 'new world order' agenda, it's even spelled out in the 'Georgia GuidestonesMAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000...

The article below from is about the possibility of a combination 'rabies-flu virus' causing a zombie like state in humans. I read an article a few years ago where some scientist were actually working on combining rabies and influenza. I'm certain I posted it in this blog but I can't find it now, neither in my blog nor the original article. I remember questioning why on earth would anyone in their right minds be even entertaining the thought of combining the two!

The answer is a race who sees themselves as superior. There is such a race and it's not German NAZIs. This race considers themselves an entirely different species as the rest of humankind. In fact, they believe they are the only humans and the other races are beast, lower than the animal species, who exist only to serve them.

"Zombie Virus" Possible via Rabies-Flu Hybrid?

Highly improbable genetic tweak could create mutant virus.

In the zombie flicks 28 Days Later and I Am Legend, an unstoppable viral plague sweeps across humanity, transforming people into mindless monsters with cannibalistic tendencies.
Though dead humans can't come back to life, certain viruses can induce such aggressive, zombie-like behavior, scientists say in the new National Geographic Channel documentary The Truth Behind Zombies, premiering Saturday at 10 p.m. ET/PT. (National Geographic News is part of the National Geographic Society, which part-owns the National Geographic Channel.)
For instance, rabies—a viral disease that infects the central nervous system—can drive people to be violently mad, according to Samita Andreansky, a virologist at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine in Florida who also appears in the documentary.

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