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Thursday, April 2, 2015

No reason to go to war, make up one!

How to start wars the easy way ?

Easy, we have ready-made packages sold by your governments and promoted by your Mainstream media.

Governments lie to justify wars. Newspapers and TV News programs assist governments by forwarding those lies to the public.

How dare you? Our respected leaders will never lie to start wars!

True they never did lie to get caught lying but only sold democracy and to achieve that they simply used the Army and some bombs or read what you may have missed

or If you can spare an hour watch Gulf of Tonkin - "War Made Easy"

Rumsfeld made it clear on what our intelligence is normally based on

1) There are known "Knowns"

2) There are known "Unknowns"

3) There are unknown "Unkowns"

and the known knowns are most times outright LIES, as in many wars, that had been fought for the bankers.

Hey our presstitute media will not support such President, or do they?

Best to hear it direct from their own mouths watch
John Pilger - The War You Don't See

Why would the press be involved in such evil?

You need to ask the mockingbird that question

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