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Thursday, March 5, 2015

LaRouche Denounces Frameup of Putin for Nemtsov Murder; Calls Out Obama

They tried and failed to frame Putin for the downing of the Malaysian passenger airliner. Looks like they went to plan B!

LaRouche Denounces Frameup of Putin for Nemtsov Murder; Calls Out Obama

First, on the Nemtsov murder, there is no sane way to claim that Nemtsov represented any threat whatsoever to Putin with the latter's 87% popularity rating. Who can deny that Nemtsov was thoroughly discredited by his role in the Yeltsin administration when Western speculators destroyed Russia, or that his support was minuscule when he was killed?
The prominent French economist and Russia expert Jacques Sapir posted an analysis today titled, "Who Framed Vladimir Putin?" It shows, on the one hand, that Nemtsov's killing was a professional murder, like a contract murder, but, on the other hand, that it was staged in the open air, virtually under the windows of the Kremlin, in such a way as to greatly increase the risk to the killers and to the whole operation,— in order to frame Vladimir Putin.
Among other considerations, Sapir notes that the shooting from behind implies that one has perfectly identified the target, and the modus operandi implies an expertise only compatible with a contract murder; the risk of missing or inflicting non-lethal wounds is high. Note the large number of shots, eight or more, the lack of a coup-de-grace shot, and the fact that Nemtsov's companion was unharmed.
"From this point of view one wonders why not wait till Nemtsov returned home? The classic type of contract killing occurs in a spot where one is sure to find the victim: the stairwell of the apartment building, or as the victim exits a restaurant. The very choice of crime-scene could indicate a demonstrative intention, such as to implicate Putin in the murder. In any case, it is evident that the assassins took risks that seem to indicate a political intention. All this makes one think of a set-up, a staging.
"Why would these people kill Nemtsov more or less directly under the windows of the Kremlin?"Click on the headline to read the whole story:

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