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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There has long been a Jesuit 'black pope' but now the 'white pope' is Jesuit too.

There must be some doomsday prophecy about when the papacy is captured by the Jesuits, then all hell will break loose. I'll keep looking. I haven't been a fan of the pope ever since I learned that the papacy was anti-Christ. So even a 'white pope' is bad news enough.

Today's mainline end times teaching was conjured up by a Jesuit after the Protestant Reformation. The Holy Roman Catholic Church forbade the laity to own nor read the Bible. The reformation meant that folks were going to start reading the Bible and read about the 'Anti-Christ, the whore of Babylon' and start immediately pointing fingers at the papacy. So the Jesuits were given the duty to come up with some new prophetic interpretations that would take the papacy out of the cross hairs.

They came up with one in which the end times with it's tribulations and all had happened in the past with the sacking of Jerusalem by the Roman Emperor Titus. That would place the papacy after the 'Anti-Christ, the whore of Babylon' so mission accomplished. But, in case that didn't work they came up with another interpretation (the secret rapture came from this) in which all the events of the end times with it's tribulations takes place in the future. Both of these interpretations allowed the papacy, at that time, to say "don't look at me" when 'Anti-Christ, the whore of Babylon' was mentioned.

Meanwhile I wondered how long it would take for the new 'white pope's' Jesuit agenda to manifest itself. You do know the mission of the Jesuits was to destroy Protestantism I hope. Maybe not, they've altered history and controlled what is taught in academia for decades. There mission has never changed.  And America is the crème de la crème of protestant targets. That is what this war on WASP has been about for all these years. There are a lot of fringe Catholics who have tasted the goodness of  Americanism (as founded) and are not as Catholic as the pope wants them to be. That's the reason for his 'breed like rabbits' comment. He wants to depopulate them. But the Free Speech and Environmentalism comments sound like they came fresh from the pages of the daily communists newspaper.

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From the January 20, 2015 02:36:45 GMT edition of the Drudge Report. 

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