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Monday, July 21, 2014

BISHOP: Christians 'on verge of being exterminated'

There is a war on Christians by Obama’s allies!

And therefore by Obama!

These headlines below are on the Drudge Report, 2 of the stories are on Breitbart, the other Yahoo News, not the NYTimes or AP or CBS, et..

Have you seen much, if any, coverage of this on the evening news, cable news networks, or the Sunday news shows?

If Muslim civilians are accidently killed in a war zone by a missile targeting a Hamas launch pad the news is on all channels for days, but the ongoing deliberate targeting of Christians by Muslims doesn’t even make the evening news.

This tells you that the war against Christians is not only being perpetrated by Muslims, but by Western media and those who control them.  

Christian 'Holocaust' in Iraq...

Execution or exodus...

BISHOP: Christians 'on verge of being exterminated'...

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