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Friday, January 3, 2014

UK Telegraph Headline: Could this be the year we make contact with aliens?

Beware the deception. We are being conditioned. Though they categorize the possibility as “The longest shot of all” they headline the article with an alien encounter.

This is a huge subliminal message. If the article had been headlined with “some of the science and technology headlines we may see over the next 12 months” and the idea of an alien encounter wouldn’t stand out so much. They wanted the idea out there, and out there prominently.

I am one of many who believe the great deception mentioned in the Bible in ‘the last days’ will involve contact with demons who are mistakenly accepted as extraterrestrials. These are the UFOs that have been appearing for the last several decades. Yes, I believe in UFOs but not in alien beings. They are in fact demons. This is part of the new world order plan whose planners worship the chief demon, Lucifer.

The article from the Telegraph list several things, I only posted the one about alien contact.

Could this be the year we make contact with aliens?

From near-certainties to the far-fetched, Michael Hanlon looks at some of the science and technology headlines we may see over the next 12 months

Men in Black II Alien

Closer encounters: ETs may finally make contact this year
By Michael Hanlon 6:20AM GMT 31 Dec 2013

ET gets in touch

The longest shot of all, and there is no reason to believe that it is any more likely to happen in 2014 than the year after or indeed a thousand years hence. But that said, the more we learn about the universe the more, not less, curious it seems that we are apparently alone. When scientists including Enrico Fermi and Frank Drake first started seriously speculating about the possibility of extraterrestrial civilisations more than half a century ago, astronomers knew of only one solar system in the whole of the cosmos – ours. Now we know of more than a thousand, several containing apparently Earthlike planets, a handful of which may lie in their stars’ “habitable zone”, an orbit in which it is neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water to exist.

All this raises the question: where the heck is everybody? Given that we have the technology today (but not as yet the money) to build telescopes big enough to spot signs of life spectroscopically on nearby “Earth analogues”, if intelligent life is as common as some suspect then it is certain that by now the aliens have used their telescopes to detect us. Maybe a signal is overdue. Or maybe someone is on their way. Or, of course, there is simply no one out there. The wonderful thing is that any of these possibilities is equally awe-inspiring.

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