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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Childhood Friend & Classmate Of Barack Obama Speaks Out! Video

He ran with the gay group, did cocaine, was a pathological liar then too!

Just Released Interview: Childhood Friend & Classmate Of Barack Obama Speaks Out! Video

(Before It's News)

Dr Manning interviews one of Obama’s neighborhood, childhood aquantence’s, Mia Marie Pope. 

    Mia lived in Obama’s neighborhood, went to school with him and had regular interaction with him. They hung out together and he always portrayed himself as a foreign student.

   Obama was even a pathological liar even back then. This must see interview is from Nov 4th 2013. Please share this interview.

   This women gives a very detailed description of President barack Obama. Mia is very brave for coming forward and speaking out!

   Mia makes the statement, “I wouldn’t be here today if Obama was not destroying my country. I also called the FBI a number of times and no one ever called me back.

When asked if she feared for her life for coming forward, Mia said, if someone else sees someone who is not afraid to come forward, maybe others will come forward too. I refuse to live my life as a coward, “I believe if you submit to evil, you are serving it!”

Thank you Mia for coming forward.


Critical reads: More News Mainstream Media Chooses To Ignore By Josey Wales, Click Here!

Related: Larry, Nate, and Donald were murdered within 40 days of each other around November of 2007

Any of you heard of Larry Bland, Nate Spencer, Donald Young, or Larry Sinclair?

All are homosexuals. Three are from Trinity United Church pastored by Obama's dear "uncle" Rev. Wright. Those three including Donald Young, the former choir director, are DEAD. They all died within 40 days of each other starting in November 2007. Shortly before their his death Young contacted Larry Sinclair by e-mail and cell phone. According to Sinclair, they discussed their sexual relationships with Obama. The three dead men were all shot execution style in the back of the head. Is this all coincidence? What do you think, really? At this point I don't know exactly what to think. But I feel very freaked out about this whole thing. Questions need to be asked. The MSM is negligent. They have a dog in the fight (election) and they don't want to him to lose. But this is getting scary.

Additional Details

Larry Sinclair is supposed to be giving a press conference tomorrow to discuss allegations concerning his and Obama's drug use and sexual relationship.

5 years ago
check it out.

5 years ago

To dismiss this as a smear tactic is absurd. I don't like McCain either. I could not vote for either of these men. They lack CHARACTER and that's still an issue with this voter. I have no dog in this fight. I am very troubled though by everything being revealed about BHO. Am I just supposed to believe what CNN and MSNBC tell me? For Goodness sake, they swoon over the guy! I need to know the truth, although many of Obama fans seem not to be interested in it.

5 years ago

They removed the previous page. Try this.

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