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Friday, September 20, 2013

Pro 2nd amendment article has pole that asks which Obama scandal worse…leaves out ‘Fast and Furious’

I wanted to share this article for 2 reasons. It’s a good article about the stupidity of the argument for ‘gun free zones’ and it has a pole about Obama’s scandal doesn’t even mention ‘Fast and Furious’!

How sad that the republicans have been so wimpy with the lawless and treasonous impostor in the white house. This Manchurian Candidate has been virtually unopposed as he has raped and pillaged this once great nation. One could argue that not only have they not reigned him in but have actually facilitated him.

It is telling that even this pro-American publication has forgotten ‘Fast and Furious’, a scandal so egregious that it by itself would have brought down any previous administration. The republicans held some hearings and made some fuss but nothing like they should have done.

Yet this president, who disregards federal laws he doesn’t like, ignores federal judges orders, issues Executive Orders in droves that violate the constitution, takes over the banking and auto industries, gives aid and comfort to our enemies, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam, is not even challenged in any substantial way by the OPPOSITION party for 6 long years????

There is no opposition party, they are joined at the hip in this quest to destroy the America we have known in the past. There is no way he could have survived 6 years if there were a true opposition party. You must see this if we are to have a chance at reclaiming our once great nation.

Guns Don't Kill - Gun Free Zones Do

By Onan Coca / 20 September 2013

In no way do I want to minimize or trivialize any of the mass shootings we have watched take place in recent years by dumbing down the causes to one or two issues. However, with the liberal media’s withering attack on gun rights which uses these attacks as their “ammunition,” some kind of response is necessary to combat the misinformation. We are a nation of over three hundred million people, and an estimated 270 million guns are spread out among us. We are the most well-armed nation in the world, a heritage passed down to us through the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees the right of every American (who is not a felon) to carry a firearm.

Even with these gaudy numbers of guns and gun owners, gun violence in America among legal gun owners is statistically insignificant. In fact, the vast majority of gun crime is committed by criminals who carry their weapons illegally. Meanwhile, in America, a gun is 7 times more likely to stop a crime than to commit one.

gunfreezone2Furthermore, consider the recent and most famous instances of mass shootings in the news. All of these rampages took place in areas described as “gun free” zones. The movie theater in Aurora, CO, the school in Newtown, CT, the military base in Fort Hood, TX, and the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. All of these places were gun free zones where the shooters took advantage of the guaranteed weakened state of their victims. In fact, if you try to remember back to other infamous mass shootings from Paducah, KY to Columbine, CO the gun free zone is a common thread. However, the media has placed the idea of blaming fun-free zones out of bounds in the political discourse – anyone who considers eliminating these “safe” zones (or un-safe zones depending on your perspective) is immediately labeled an extremist. In fact, a simple Google search of gun free zone returns stories of mass killing and liberal attempts to deflect blame from gun free zones. The gun free zone is one of the liberals’ “hills to die on”, even though it’s other people who are facing death because of them….

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