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Friday, August 2, 2013

FEMA train, FEMA camp, no, they’re not real, neither are death panels in Obamacare

What was it when DHHS head Sibelius refused to sign a waiver for the little girl to receive a lung transplant her doctor prescribed if not a precursor to what is going to happen under Obamacare. They will decide who lives and who dies!

But, on to the main event, look at the video below. Those places haven’t been built for nothing! They’ve been built for you and me!!!

Is This A ‘FEMA Train’ In Florida?

(Before It's News)
The picture below was emailed to Beforeitsnews by a concerned reader who has seen what he believed to be a FEMA train during a ‘very strange day’ in Tallahassee, Florida. FEMA trains have become an internet ‘conspiracy theory’ sensation, dating back many years to a report of one of these EXACT same trains being equipped with shackles and guillotines. Though now deeply entwined with ‘conspiracy theory lore’, many have said that these trains are merely ‘car carriers‘ and have nothing at all to do with FEMA death camps and everything that they have been associated with on the internet. In fact, FEMA trains have supposedly been debunked, or have they?
According to our reader, the same day that he saw this ‘FEMA train’, other strange things were also happening, including the closing of several banks in the area and very unusual air traffic, including lot of military aircraft flying out of Tallahassee regional. Among those aircraft included F-16′s, F-22′s, unmarked C-130′s and “some that look like C-130′s but definitely foreign” and lots of UH60 blackhawks as well as DHS Blackhawks, “though mostly late at night, I’m sure to keep out of sight, out of mind.” We also know for sure of recent military drills in Miami and other locations in Florida and with the explosion of a propane plant last night in Flordia, suspicions have rightly been raised. An informative video about FEMA trains, or are they UN trains, from KafkaWinstonWorld is below this picture.
Published on Jul 11, 2013…

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