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Friday, August 2, 2013

Charlie Rangel: Why now? And why won’t this racists be out of a job?

Why is this ok while Don Imus lost his job even after deep, prolonged groveling, Paula Deen is disgraced and out of a job in spite of groveling, Dog the Bounty Hunter was out of a job for months…forced to grovel and do penance, the football player Cooper is in deep sh!t and may lose his job, and countless other white people who’ve suffered grief over the n-word?

Some have even been so bold as to suggest that blacks can’t be racists, only whites can. What a crock!!!

What’s different here is that there is no NAAWP, no white equivalent of the justice brothers ‘Al & Jesse’, i. e., there are no white folks who make their living off of race baiting to raise a stink about this.

The real question is why did he say it and why now? Is this just another part of the planned ‘racial division’ Obama has planned for America spoken of by Andrew Breitbart?

You remember Andrew Breitbart don’t you, the pit bull conservative newsman who dropped dead in the early morning of the very day he had said he was releasing some videos he said were very damaging to Obama. He said those videos showed Obama was all about ‘racial division’ and class warfare.

Is what we are going through right now events either created by the administration or happenstance events that the administration seized upon in order to instigate racial division. They are keeping the Trayvon Martin event strung out with Sharpton and Jackson planning events in hundreds of cities nationwide.

Well, I just saw a report that La Raza is planning events in 350 cities this weekend. Sounds like they are coordinating with the administration and planning on a long hot summer of division, maybe riots, and maybe Obama will have to step in with martial law!

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