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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why are signs including Chinese language on the Mexican border?

Another sign of the insanity; how can this be? What’s up? What is our government really doing? Why are they flooding America with non-Americans?

I hope you have your eyes open by now. They, our government, are complicit in a plan to destroy our Republic. When I say ‘our government’ of course I don’t mean each and every single member.

But, I find it hard to believe anyone in a leadership position is not a part of it whether a true believer, a useful idiot, blackmailed, or just plain corrupt (bought off)! This is one thing in which they are truly bipartisan, both parties are owned by the same masters!

This article is from Before It’s News website:

Disturbing Chinese Signs and Emergency Stations Along US / Mexican Border

Monday, July 8, 2013 8:19 (Before It's News) posted 07-08-2013

U.S. Government Aids Illegals Crossing Mexican Border.
-In Three Languages

(Image Captured from Below Video)
In Spanish is One Thing, but Chinese is Alarming!

(I made ‘Photoshopped’ this image)

07-09-2013 Adding: After reading the retarded comments below that attack the above images.. I added annotations ‘above’ to clear up any issues people might have with it being Photoshopped or not. The comments attacking whether or not the image(s) is Photoshopped are extremely petty. Obviously these are shills commenting to DISTRACT attention Away From the Main Issue, That Being.. The Huge Terrible implication of the Amnesty Bill

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