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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Luciferian bankster cabal built this! Bush/Cheney built this! 9/11 built this! The Patriot Act built this! DHS built this!

Call me a ‘truther’, call me a ‘birther, call me a ‘conspiracy theorists’, that’s a classic Alinsky tactic. 9/11 was an inside job to accelerate the establishment of the ‘new world order’!

None of these losses of our privacy would have occurred without 9/11, that was the springboard into the new world order. The reason more people don’t question the official story of what took place on 9/11 is because of the enormity of the event, the whole nation, the whole Western world was shaken by it.

We were subjected to trauma based mind control, we believed everything the government told us despite what our eyes told us. Yes, trauma based mind control is a something our government experimented with and practiced, look it up.

I saw the twin towers collapse and turn into a cloud of dust, what could turn buildings that size into dust particles?

I saw a whole in the ground in Pennsylvania without any evidence of aircraft parts or human remains or the type of massive fire caused by the aircraft that hit the towers.

I saw the Pentagon with a whole in it about the size of a cruise missile. Later parts of the building adjacent to the hole collapsed around the hole but even then there were no signs of those gigantic wings or the huge tail impacting the building. I saw the one video that was released that showed the impact but amazingly not one inch of the aircraft was caught on tape.

I saw those things with my own two eyes but was so astounded I didn’t see what I was seeing.

I saw a third building, WTC 7, collapse the very same way the twin towers fell. The twin towers fell because they had been struck by gigantic aircraft at incredible speeds and doused with burning jet fuel. But WTC 7 wasn’t hit by a jet airliner, it wasn’t hit by a Piper Cub, it wasn’t hit by anything…it just fell straight down.

I saw EMS personnel staging at a sight with scores of rescue personnel  and dozens of rescue vehicles waiting till it was safe to commence rescue and recovery operations. I expected to see stretcher after stretcher after stretcher carrying the dead but there were barely any remains to carry. The bodies were turned to dust too I guess, because they weren’t carried away from the site on stretchers.

I watched TV incessantly as the weeks passed, I remember seeing camera shots from helicopters flying over the site and I saw streams of molten metal flowing in portions of ‘ground zero’, this was several days, maybe weeks after 9/11.

Another thing I saw was that the crime scene started disappearing just as soon as it was safe for the trucks to be loaded with the residue.  

I saw all this but I didn’t see it. I couldn’t see it because it didn’t make sense. I must interject here that I was a strong George Bush supporter, bordering on worshiper. So when W emerged from his bunker and mounted the remains at ground zero to announce that those who did this would soon here from us I was one hundred per cent behind him. Little did I know then that those who did this to us was us!

I didn’t start to question the official version of 9/11 until my faith in George Bush was shattered by the financial collapse of 2008 when he said he had to give Hank Paulson 700 billion dollars immediately to divvy out as he saw fit with no oversight nor hindsight or the world economy would collapse. He further stated that he had to briefly abandon the free market economy in order to save it.

I had already fallen out of the republican party when they chose John ‘Songbird’ McCain as their presidential candidate. I straightway went down to the Elections Board and registered as Unaffiliated.

I still wanted McCain to beat Obama in the coming election, mainly because of Palin, but the Bush announcement of impending financial doom this close to the election guaranteed that the republican was not going to win.

With my faith in Bush and the republican party going up in smoke I began to come to my senses about 9/11. I had seen the ‘Truthers’ but paid no attention before because if they were right then Bush had to be involved!

I had been a political junkie trying to stop the Kenyan communist Barak Hussein Obama from destroying America but now I started to look at the videos from Pilots, and Architects and Engineers who were questioning the official story of what happened on 9/11.

I heard pilots saying that even experienced pilots would have difficulty with the maneuvers those community college trained Arabs had to make in order to carry out 9/11.

Architects and engineers talked about free fall and controlled demolitions and thermite residue in the dust cloud, I listened as firemen and others talked about explosions and multiple explosions…I started to believe what I saw and not what I was told I saw.

What did you see that day, believe what you saw. I don’t know if we can stop this assault on American liberty, American freedom, but I do know that the more people that wake up the greater our chances are!

Or, you may not even care and be satisfied with a ‘new world order’…


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