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Friday, July 12, 2013

Christian arrested for calling homosexuality a 'sin' warns of 'real-life thought police'

One of the tenants of a free society is this, I may not like what you say but I’ll fight for your right to say it. That is no longer true for two groups, Christians and male WASP, anybody else can say whatever they please.

This article is from the UK Telegraph:

Christian arrested for calling homosexuality a 'sin' warns of 'real-life thought police'

A Christian street preacher has been arrested and questioned about his beliefs after saying that he thinks homosexuality is a “sin”.

By John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor

Tony Miano, 49, a former senior police officer from the US, was held for around six hours, had his fingerprints and DNA taken and was questioned about his faith, after delivering a sermon about “sexual immorality” on a London street.

Mr Miano, who served as a Deputy Sherriff in Los Angeles County, said his experience suggested that the term “thought police” had become a reality in the UK.

He said he was amazed that it was now possible “in the country that produced the Magna Carta” for people to be arrested for what they say.

Mr Miano, who was provided with a solicitor by the Christian Legal Centre, was arrested under the controversial clause of the Public Order Act which bans “insulting” words or behaviour.

The clause has recently been dropped by the House of Lords after a high-profile free speech campaign but the change has yet to come into force.

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