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Friday, June 7, 2013

Canadian Minister of Defense May 2013 Reveals World Government Planned by the Three Sisters: CFR, TLC, Bilderbergers

This is a cabinet level official speaking. Don’t dismiss him because of his views on the existence of aliens and UFOs. I believe they exist too but I don’t think they are from the cosmos but rather are demons, part of the end time delusion.

I also don’t share his views on global warming either which is a strike against him but he does have supporting documentation on his views of the planned new world order which are not new, we’ve known of them for some time, but I’ve never heard a cabinet level official breach the subject.

As far as the Three Sisters go, while they are the visible parts of the cabal, they are not the Wizard of OZ, the Wizard is still behind the curtain: the Luciferian Rothschild\Rockefeller bankster cabal. 

BREAKING: UFO and World Government Disclosure by Canadian Minister of Defense May 2013

Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada reveals: the secrecy behind the ET presence on Earth and plenty more : Minister of Defense of Canada: 2 living ETs_working with US government

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