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Monday, May 13, 2013

Facebook posts report UN Tanks on the move and mobilization of local militias in Maine

This may or may not be true, I’m posting it to try to get confirmation and to sound the alarm in case it is true. Know anything about it please reply or leave a comment or email me.

REPORTED – UN Tanks & Supplies On the Move – Local Militias Mobilized – Maine

May 12, 2013

If you have pictures, video, or audio of the events happening in Maine, please send them to


We remain unable to confirm if this story is true or not. We continue to receive conflicting reports. Maine Militia members deny the claims, while other members confirm them.

As of this moment, Secure Our Freedom is taking the side of this being a false claim. We will continue to monitor to situation and update accordingly, but we believe it to be a false alarm.

We are receiving unconfirmed early reports of UN movement in Maine.

Reports include connex trailers and tanks being moved along I-95 (between Bangor & Portland), and UN equipment being moved VIA shut down railways.

There are some reports of local Militias mobilizing.

Some reports are coming in from several sources that indicate 10 UN tanks were being stored at Belfast and have since disappeared overnight.

Secure Our Freedom will monitor this situation very closely and keep things up to date.

UPDATE 5/12/13 2139MST

We have just received this screenshot of a Facebook status in a local Maine group. Names have been edited out for privacy.

UPDATE 5/12/13 2212MST

Various confirmations continue to come in VIA Facebook. The following screenshot came from the Secure Our Freedom National Facebook page.

UPDATE 5/12/13 2223MST

Multiple reports are coming in of activity just South of Portland, ME.

UPDATE 5/13/13 0911MST

Secure Our Freedom is continuing to investigate these claims. We have local ME staff on the ground talking to local militia sources this morning who all confirm they have received orders to gear up. We are in the process of contacting local police departments.


UPDATE 5/13/13 1017

Confirmations continue to come in VIA Facebook. We understand that this is not hard evidence, however multiple sources continue to confirm.



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  1. TheHutMaster May 13, 2013 9:57 am Log in to Reply

    Folks, when will the gasbags in Washing ton STOP these LIES! “It is for your saftey” Huh? UN Tamks in and around Maine? Ya, that makes me all warm and fuzzy Mr. Obla Bla. It tells us that you know your days as King are numbered and it is time for yet another False Flag event.

    Well, We The People see right thought yey another LIE and it is time for you to leave the great Office Of the President. You are a fake and you must be jailed for your treasonious crimes. And oh yea, Hillarry as well.
    God Bless the REPUBLIC of the United States

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