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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TBMC: Bloomberg eager to institute Police State

It could be just the way things evolve or it could be events planned and carried out in such a way as to bring about a one world government. In any event this brings us a whole lot closer!

The actual bombing was an alarming thing, some dead, many wounded, several severely, with a lot of blood  warranting the initial intense reaction.

But the hunt for the suspects after determining it was two young men, got a little Orwellian. They don’t normally shut down entire cities to chase down one seriously wounded perp, especially cities the size of Boston. This flies in the face of every TV show, every movie I’ve ever seen. The authorities always withhold or downplay things so as not to cause a panic.

But here, one wounded 19 year old is enough for the authorities to order the entire city to close and the citizens to remain indoors.

Look at the reaction of the citizens after it was over, lining the streets cheering the authorities as they withdrew from the scene. An army of police from different areas of responsibilities, local federal, and state agencies, the FBI (probably CIA too),  I couldn’t help but think of Hitler’s NAZI parades through the streets of Germany.

Now, because of this Boston Marathon Bombing, on the heels of surrendering more and more of our freedoms after 9/11 to the Patriot Act, DHS, NDAA, and so on, now the police have the freedom to lock down our cities/ communities/neighborhoods and order us out of our houses with the citizens cheering them on.

This whole thing (9/11 included) looks like a classic case of trauma based mind control (TBMC)…look it up!

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