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Friday, April 12, 2013

John Kerry's Department of State, mind numbing. How can this be?

I was hoping the hippy generation would grow up, i. e., mature, they didn’t , instead they grew up and got into politics!

John Kerry, secretary of state, what a travesty!

Diane M. George shared The Kitchen Cabinet's photo.

Wow, John Kerry's Department of State doesn't seem to be able to keep a story straight any better than Hillary's could...

State Department employee Anne Smedinghoff was killed last weekend and the "story" was that she had been with a convoy that was hit by a roadside bomb, and that was the story told to her parents. Today, The Weekly Standard brings to our attention that this probably is not how it happened.

... "At first reports suggested the young diplomat was part of an armed convoy that was bombed, but new reports say that she was actually on foot. And that the group she was with got lost on its way to deliver books."

They had a military escort, and were only a few steps away from the safety of the base when the car bomb went off and killed them.

"Abed’s account of the bombing, the most detailed to surface since the explosion, raises new questions about the circumstances that led to the deadliest combat incident in Afghanistan for Americans this year and contradicts what relatives of the victims have said they were told – that Smedinghoff and her military escorts had been in an armored vehicle when it was rammed by a suicide vehicle. Smedinghoff was the first American diplomat to die in Afghanistan during more than 11 years of warfare here."

WE're not implying conspiracy here... we just want to understand why the State Department can't seem to get their stories accurate when they have to bring terrible news to family members of slain State personnel.


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