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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Global Warming ‘gored’ by Russian Scientist as coldest spring ever undergone

This comes fresh on the heels of the new US Secretary of State John Kerry Telling the ChiComs that Man-Made Global Warming is the Number One Priority of the United States. You’ve got to be kidding, this hoax is our number one priority?

Kerry also issued a statement on Earth Day on Global Warming: 'The Science Is Screaming at All of Us and Demands Action'…We must deal "responsibly with the clear and present danger of climate change."

I still can’t get use to the fact that ‘winter soldier’ John Kerry is the Secretary of State!

An illegal alien communists as president and a ‘winter soldier’ as Secretary of State, you’d think someone was out to destroy the nation with people like that in the highest offices…

Second Coldest Start To Spring In History...


Russian Scientists: 'We Could Face Cooling Period For 200-250 Years'...

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