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Friday, April 12, 2013

DHS to Police: Prepare for economic collapse by end of April

I don’t know how solid this information is but I know that day is coming and I believe sooner rather than later! Look at the economic situation, the unemployment, number of folks on food stamps, national debt, growth rate; 2+2 = 4, arithmetic doesn’t lie!

That’s just the numbers game, add in the fact that they are setting up the new world order in which there is no place for a free America. Open your eyes, look around, you will see it even in the lamestream media how the constitution is being shredded and denigrated!

DHS Advising Local PD’s of General Economic Collapse by the end of April.

Thursday, April 11, 2013 18:01

The source for this was an officer at the briefing. The police department was located in the Midwest and the city has a population of around 300,000.

DHS advised select PD brass that they were expecting a total economic collapse as early as the end of April. They suggested departments stock up on supplies, including that individual officers keep supplies of non-perishable foods should the need arise.

The officer also mentioned that a firearms confiscation protocol would be used and BATFE would assist via dissemination of ATF form 3310.4 data as well other info gathered from gun show surveillance.

The officer was previously clueless to any of this and is basically just your typical PD bureaucrat. He was surprised that these instructions were being issued.

I, however, am not surprised. Even a cursory look at U.S. and world economic data, as well as the fact that a chunk of the world's billionaires are dumpimg blue chip stocks such as P&G, tells me we are toast economically. Looks like DHS is finally getting ready for SHTF day in earnest.

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