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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Too many people oppose gun control for them to act, that’s what we said about TARP & Obamacare

They passed TARP with public opinion strongly against it. Emboldened by that they went on to do bailouts, clunkers, and assorted jobs bills that had nothing to do with jobs.

Americans didn’t raise much of a fuss so they did the same thing with Obamacare, even skirting the constitution to get it passed. Well, there was quite a fuss raised about that even engendering a new political movement, the TEA party.

On the basis of that fuss promises were made by our representatives that Obamacare would never see the light of day, they would repeal the entire thing, or failing that they would repeal it piecemeal, failing that they could always refuse to fund it. Guess what, they’ve done none of that!

Emboldened by that, I am fairly certain that they are going to do the same thing with gun control this time. Who or what is there to stop them? They no longer fear public opinion!

This is all about the enabling the advent of the new world order. TARP, the bailouts, and Obamacare are intended to break the financial back of the Republic, while gun control is about disarming it. There can be no new world order as long as there is a free America. They are so close to it now they can smell it, and there is no way they’ll stop now, not even slow down!

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