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Friday, March 22, 2013

Camel’s nose: ‘Dingy’ Harry to put ‘expanded’ federal background checks in Senate gun bill

The ‘feral’ government continues tearing down our 2nd Amendment rights piecemeal like the old ‘Camel’s nose in the tent’ parable, first the nose, then a hoof, until he’s all the way in.

Another ploy at work is the ‘start with asking for a dollar, then back it down to a dime’ approach. There is such relief that the demand is now much less than at the first that it becomes acceptable. The result is the same, the loss of our rights. It’s not ‘right’ whether it’s all at once or a little at a time!

Another thing it does is give cover to the Republican stealth NWO types, they can keep their true agenda obscured by accepting the lesser of two evils instead of giving themselves away by supporting the full liberal position.

I used the phrase ‘Republican stealth NWO types’ instead of RINO’s because there is a difference. RINO’s are apparent, you know who they are, the McCain’s, Lindsey Graham’s, but the stealth NWO types aren’t’. They are the Gingrich’s, Issa’s, Buckley Jr.’s, Chief Justice John Roberts’ types. People you would not readily suspect.

These are people of exceptional intelligence and abilities who were selected, because of their exceptionalism, to infiltrate, in this case politics, and subtly influence their colleagues towards the goals of the NWO elites aka Luciferian Rothschild/Rockefeller bankster cabal.      

Reid to include background checks in Senate gun bill

Democrats who vowed a crackdown on guns after the horrific Newtown, Conn., school shooting are touting prospects for Senate passage of expanded federal background checks, even as they acknowledge there isn't enough support to restore a ban on assault-style weapons.

2ndAmendmentSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday that a measure likely to be debated in his chamber next month will include tougher laws and stiffer sentences for gun trafficking and increased school safety grants.

Closing background check loopholes will be the core of the legislation, just as it was the cornerstone of President Barack Obama's proposals for stemming gun violence following the December slayings of 20 first-graders and six staffers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Including expanded checks in the gun legislation signals that Democrats feel they can win bipartisan support for the measure or are happy to dare Republicans to reject the entire gun-control package and face political consequences in next year's elections.

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