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Monday, February 18, 2013

Are military brass that won’t fire on Americans being relieved of duty by ‘Dear Leader’?

I’ve often wondered how so many psychopaths seemed to have arisen in Germany in the 1930’s as Hitler rose to power. Were they already there, or did the evilness of Hitler somehow turn them evil.

I realized that as Hitler gained power he chose those who were like minded as his underlings. His underlings were the leaders of the nation; party leaders, military leaders, academic leaders, healthcare leaders, etc. and they chose their like own minded underlings, and so on and so on.

In a short time the whole fabric of society in Germany was pure evil, I believe the same thing is happening here and now.

I was in the military for 24 years and I know how you get to the top. Brown nosing is a term that comes to mind, I wasn’t into it so I didn’t get to the top. You don’t advance by bucking the system, disagreeing with the boss is a career killer. This is not to say that everyone who excelled and rose in rank sold their souls to do so, but that’s how the system works.

Right now, you can be sure, military brass are being removed from positions of authority who don’t think homosexuals in the military is a good idea, who don’t think an increased role for women is a good idea, and quite possibly as the article postulates who won’t fire on American citizens.

That is how Germany was translated into a society of evil, that’s how the US is being translated into the same!

The military was the focus of the discussion on how evil rises to the top but it works the same for any profession, that’s how we lost our children, the schools were taken over by communists, they’ve taken over just about everything else too in our once great nation…   

Is The Obama Administration Weeding Out Military Brass That Will Not Fire On American Citizens?

obama.military-550x412Ben Swann Full Disclosure conducts a one on one interview with Dr. Jim Garrow who claims the Obama administration is weeding out top military brass who are unwilling to fire upon Americans. Ben talks with Dr. Garrow and asks viewers questions.

Garrow indicates that his source referenced an officer who was called into a private meeting and given a litmus test of whether or not he would be able to fire on Americans. Upon, his answer that he would not do so, he was, in Garrow’s words “forced to resign on the spot.” Specifically, Garrow indicates that a scenario was with gun confiscation.

While the source is not cited and many people understand keeping sources under wraps, couldn’t anyone make this claim? Garrow says that he has known this source for seventeen years. He says that his source is a name that most people in America would know.

One question posed to Garrow was, what was the context of the question? Could it mean to suppress a violent insurrection by extremists groups, whether politically affiliated or not?

Garrow simply referred to what I can only assume if the Feinstein bill, and, in my opinion, didn’t represent it fairly, as he said it included “any gun with a handle.” That’s not exactly what the bill talks about. However, the point is taken and that is that there is no doubt that if the Obama administration thinks it can, it will go after guns.

He was also asked if there was evidence that could be provided to give merit to his claims so that his claim could not be “washed away” in a conspiracy theory, even if it is true. He did say that some people question whether he even knew anyone at high levels and he went on to state the people he did know and “sat across the table from” in high levels (ie. Alexander Haig, William Bennet, Bill Simon and others were mentioned).

While Garrow appreciated the question and understood what was being asked, he could provide nothing further. To be fair, this is true in many cases where major stories are broken as well.

He was also asked how many officers this had happened to and he simply referenced those who have called into various shows and indicated that it had gone on, which he said were at least “many dozens.”

Additionally, there was the question of why wouldn’t these individuals come forward together to out the story and confirm it. While I don’t know that Garrow’s answer was satisfactory, perhaps it is, as he suggested some sort of “official secrets act,” we do know that the Obama administration has been harder on whistleblower’s than any administration prior.

I know there are many, many good men and women in our military that will not obey such an order. I also realize there are those who will do and say anything to get ahead or not lose their job. Garrow indicates that his release of this information is to let the public know what is going on and to encourage those in the military that it is OK to say “No.”

You can evaluate Garrison’s testimony yourself. Many readers at this site already suspect things like this from the Obama administration so this probably does not come as a surprise, especially in light of the bulk solicitations and purchases by this administration. However, I don’t have a problem with posting the video as I believe Ben Swann to be one of the top real investigative journalists who desires to get at the truth. To that end, here’s the video interview.

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