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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

USSA: City to start fining family $500 per day for growing garden in yard...

What ever happened to the Land of the Free? I like Hank Williams’ song ‘Mind Your Own Business’. Man, is that a thing of the past. ‘See something, say something’, has become the new norm.

Spy on your neighbor, that’s what happens in totalitarian governments when folks are afraid to offer an opinion contrary to the government for fear of being turned in by a neighbor or even family member.

We’re not there yet but the bricks are being laid, those who would enslave you don’t start by telling you outright. They do it in stages.

Look at the debt clock above, I don’t believe it is possible to pay America’s debt and more so when you factor in our unfunded obligations.

These people are trying to prepare for the coming collapse, they see the danger of the national debt and a president bent on destroying America as we have known it, how foolish, how callous is it to hinder them?

College Park couple says front yard vegetable garden is under fire again

Helvenstons launch protest of Orlando's law after facing fines

Author: Kristin Giannas, Reporter,

Veggie garden threatened with finesGarden


A College Park couple's vegetable garden is on the chopping block again after the city threatened fines if they don't uproot it by Thursday, according to the Institute for Justice Florida Chapter.

Jason and Jennifer Helvenston are launching "Plant a Seed, Change the Law," a protest of Orlando’s law, which they say violates their constitutional right to peacefully use their property to grow their own food.

In November, Local 6 broke the story about the controversial garden after the city told the Helvenstons their 25-by-25-foot front yard vegetable garden was not in compliance with the city's code.

After hundreds of emails supporting the couple flowed in and initially allowing the Helvenstons to keep their garden, saying it will hold off on violations, the city has since asked the couple to uproot the garden and replace it with a lawn or face fines.

"The greatest freedom you can give someone is the freedom to know they will not go hungry,” said Jason Helvenston. "Our Patriot Garden pays for all of its costs in healthy food and lifestyle while having the lowest possible carbon footprint. It supplies valuable food while being attractive. I really do not understand why there is even a discussion. They will take our house before they take our Patriot Garden."
According to Ari Bargil, an attorney for the Institute for Justice, the Helvenstons have a scheduled inspection and will be fined starting on Thursday, up to $500 a day.
"We are seriously interested in taking a look at this," Bargil said, when asked if the firm would be suing the city of Orlando. "We're focused on helping the Helvenstons get the word out, encouraging the city to reach a sensible compromise here."

Local 6 has reached out to the city of Orlando for comment, but has not received a response.

"We are asking residents across Orlando and the country to join us in planting a ‘Patriot Garden’ in their own front yards,” said Jennifer Helvenston. “Please email us at and we will send you a free packet of radish seeds and a small sign for your front yard that says ‘Patriot Garden: Plant a Seed, Change the Law.’"

    Watch Local 6 for more on this story.
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