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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2 others apprehended at Sandy Hook, but no media reports


Michael Shrimpton

By Michael Shrimpton

There were clearly multiple shooters. Consensus in INTELCOM seems to be moving towards three. There is NO consensus that Adam Lanza was one of the shooters. There is no solid forensic trail between him and any of the murders. Gordon may tell you his body was brought in. I incline to the view that he was there, and participated, but I retain an open mind. At least one other shooter appears to have been briefly in custody, before being released. The public statements of the police do not match the radio intercepts.

This does not mean that every officer involved is happy with the cover-up. So far to the contrary it is clear that some of INTELCOM’s intelligence is coming from within the local police and possibly also CSP. Someone is also talking to NYPD, to judge from the leaching of information to the New York Fire Department. There is awareness in New York that they are fighting the same enemy as on 9-11. Well done by the way to the firemen for paying their respects. That was good to see.

I am NOT buying the idea that Lanza killed his mother, on whom he was very dependent. Again the evidence is very weak and consists of little more than statements to that effect. A press release is not evidence, except of the intent of the person pushing out the statement. Her survivalist credentials are a little thin too, although not as paper-thin as Breivik’s ‘extreme right-wing’ credentials.

It is now clear that Lanza was not mentally ill, although he was a loner and an introvert. That is not the same thing as being mentally ill. If he did carry out some of the murders he was clearly not the major player, or the planner of the operation. I am told the SATINT is particularly helpful, but if you want the good stuff word is you’ll have to talk to the Russians. If the President’s Administration in Moscow, or the excellent Russian SVR, could brief in the Russian media that would be extremely helpful. There is NO chance of anyone in Washington or Hartford telling the media the truth. It would not be usual even in the most normal of circumstances, and these circumstances are far from normal.

The evidence that Lanza committed suicide is also pretty thin. It is clear he was shot – the issue is, by whom? There does not seem to have been an independent autopsy.

The poor parents are desperate to prevent this murderous nonsense happening to other families, but with respect they are not thinking straight. The more they go down the line of pushing gun control, the more they play into the COREA Group’s hands. At this time the chances of COREA not being involved are pretty slim. There are deeper things at work here however than pushing gun control.

The Germans may have been sending a message to the Administration over the stolen funds sitting in New York which are being traded to prop up the euro. There was a lot of activity around that in the run-up to the shootings. Whether Lanza’s father was in the loop on the trading, possibly in trying to stop it, could be a legitimate line of inquiry (he comes across with respect as a decent man). Lanza was chosen for this operation for a reason, and it was nothing to do with his allegedly being a pupil at Sandy Hook.

Some one in the Administration must have been in the loop. We may get a clue as to who it was over the next few years. You would be surprised how much damage being involved in the murder of children can do to the mind of even the most evil man or woman, even if they come from Chicago.

The two shooters who survived will almost certainly have been taken down by their own side already. The Good Guys however will want to hunt down and eliminate those higher up the food chain. I have no doubt they will be identified and will find themselves on the wrong end of a Big Sig, in God’s good time. As a lawyer I wish I could say that there was a better way, and I am bound to advise against kinetic methods.

Our legal systems however lack the sophistication to understand a black-op of this nature and the moral fiber to deal with it. Just look at the way Norway’s legal system rolled over for the mass shootings there. Breivik’s trial, with respect (and I take no pleasure in saying this) was little more than a propaganda exercise for the absurd mad, lone gunman theory. It was Norway’s answer to the deeply discredited Warren Commission

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