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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The low down on the ‘Low Down’ Baruch HaShem Obama…who the heck is he/she?

There is no way this Kenyan, homosexual communist Muslim could have gained the presidency without supernatural help! How could all this, really not so hard to find information, have been hidden from the public for so long.

I know Rothschild, Rockefeller, (the Luciferian R&R bankster cabal who own the media) have been pulling strings but my God, much of this information has been hidden for decades.

This reveals just how evil the media have become, if Obama and his comrades should be brought to justice, the media should be brought to justice along with them and virtually every member of congress, all Democrats and most Republicans too.

The Double Life of President Obama and His Odd Relationship With His ‘Token” Wife

Through the diligent work of others, occasional slip up of the media and subtle clues left by Barrack Obama himself, I tend to piece together a story which Obama would have hoped remained hidden from the rest of America.

Barack Obama had a troubled identity issue all throughout his childhood. According to him, his father was a Kenyan student who fell in love with his Mom, married her and gave birth to the future President of the United States. This was the story of Barrack Obama and no matter how vague it was, most Americans accepted it.

His father appeared to have some issues of his own. According to David Maraniss, author of “Barrack Obama: The Story”, the Kenyan student was sexually promiscuous which troubled Immigration and Naturalization Service officers. After his alleged marriage to Ann Dunham, he continued to have multiple girlfriends at the University of Hawaii. David Maraniss indicated the concerns by immigration were racially motivated because a black man was hanging out with a lot of white girls. Unfortunately that was not the case.

Immigration and Naturalization Service memo on Barrack Obama Sr.

According to the INS agent memo, the agents believed Barrack Obama Sr. might have engaged in a sham marriage to Ann Dunham so he can gain U.S. citizenship and they even questioned whether Barrack Obama senior was the biological father.

The INS had every reason to be concerned. Ann Dunham was not the angel that was portrayed by a host of Obama supporters. According to Barrack Obama’s book, “Dreams from My Father” his maternal Grandfather sought out the communist activist Frank Davis Marshall as a mentor for the younger Barack Obama.

“I was intrigued by old Frank, with his books and whiskey breath and the hint of hard-earned knowledge behind the hooded eyes.”

Ann Dunham, Barrack Obama’s mother posing in bondage outfit.


Frank Davis Marshall also seemed to influence young Ann Dunham. Recently discovered nude photos of Ann Dunham were found in Frank Davis house . It was also discovered that she posed nude in vintage bondage magazines.

Frank Davis published a pornographic novel titled “Sex Rebel Black: Memoires of a Gash Gourmet,”(download letters here) where he described a swinging lifestyle in which he and his wife had sex numerous times with an underage girl named “Anne”.

Altered photo of Barrack Obama’s Grand father, Ann Dunham and her mysterious male black hand

Barrack Obama Maternal Grandparents were known communist sympathizers and most likely wanted to avoid any connection to Frank Davis, so it is quite possible after Ann Dunham became pregnant they influenced Obama Sr. to marry Mrs. Dunham.

On Obama’s Facebook page there a photo of young Barack standing alongside his Grandfather with his Mom standing behind him, but the photo was doctored to remove the original figure. This was an obvious attempt to remove a black male figure from the photo. It is suspected to be Frank Marshall Davis.

Gilbert documents that Ann Dunham gave her father, the “Gramps” of Obama’s autobiography, instructions to make sure young Barry would be taken regularly to visit Davis.

“Obama chronicles his childhood interaction with Frank Marshall Davis in his autobiography by mentioning ‘Frank’ 25 times, the only person Obama refers to by using his real first name instead of a completely fabricated pseudonym,” Gilbert stressed.

Neighbors of Davis said Obama and his mother began visiting Davis every week at his home from the time Obama was 10 years old.

Barrack Obama was already born into a seedy family and his entire identity as a child would certainly have been questionable while growing up. To add to the roller coaster ride was his nanny to confused him even more.

Barrack Obama’s transgender nanny showing an earlier picture of herself dressed in drag.

The Associated Presss gives us another clue to the childhood of the man who would become the most powerful man in the world.

Evie looked after “Barry” Obama while he was growing up in Indonesia. She was born a man but believes she is a woman.

“Evie says she chose her current name because she thought it sounded sweet. But she adds, as she pulls out her national identification card, her official name is Turdi and gender male. Several longtime residents of Obama’s old Menteng neighborhood confirmed that Turdi had worked there as his nanny for two years, also caring for his baby sister Maya. When asked about the nanny, the White House had no comment.”

Ann Dunham was so impressed with her beef steak and fried rice that she offered her a job in the family home. Within moments, Evie became 8 year old Barry’s caretaker and bring him to school. The neighbors recall her leaving the home dressed in drag, but she insisted Barry never saw her in a dress.

“He was so young,” says Evie. “And I never let him see me wearing women’s clothes. But he did see me trying on his mother’s lipstick, sometimes. That used to really crack him up.”

“Many neighbors would remember Turdi … she was popular here at that time,” says Rudy Yara, who still lives across the street from Obama’s former house. “She was a nice person and was always patient and caring in keeping young Barry.”

Questions of about his father, the odd relationship between Frank Davis and most certainly the the man who dressed up like a woman would definitely leave an impact on any child’s life.

During Obama’s college years his life was just as odd.

During an interview with WND, a former radical activist from Occidental College recalls an encounter with Obama and his Pakastani roommate who accompanied him. They both left an impression they were homosexual lovers.

John Drew, founder of the Marxist-socialist club at Occidental met the future President in December of 1980. Obama was 19 years old and a sophomore at the time and was with his Pakistan roommate Mohammed Hasan Chandoo.

“I really had the feeling that Obama was Chandoo’s ‘boy toy,”

Barrack Obama and college roommate Mohammad Hasan Chandoo

“The first time I saw Barack Obama and Hassan Chandoo together, I thought they were a wealthy gay couple,”

“In fact, they looked so gay that my girlfriend, Caroline Boss, whispered to me, ‘They’re not gay.’ So, that confirmed to me I wasn’t the only one who thought Barack Obama and Hassan Chandoo looked like they were in a very close, intimate relationship.” Drew admits he was confused about Chandoo’s sexuality, considering it possible the Pakistani was bisexual, especially after he learned Occidental classmate Margo Mifflin was Chandoo’s girlfriend at the time.

Obama and Hasan 1981

Obama and Hasan 1981

“I don’t know how else to describe it, but they looked like two young men who had a very close, intimate, emotional attachment,” he said. “I never saw them hugging or kissing, but I saw them standing very close to one another. It looked like they were very in tune with each others needs.”

“I had the feeling Chandoo put Obama on this pedestal where Barack Obama was just this great-looking guy, with wonderful educational experience from Punahou Academy. And I just got the feeling that Chandoo considered Barack Obama to be almost one of his prize possessions.”

While in college, Barrack Obama wrote a poem called “Pop’s” in which Frank Marshall Davis was identified as Pop. The poem describes “amber stains” on both Obama and “Pop’s” shorts. A psychotherapist who writes under the pseudonym of Robin of Berkeley said Obama’s poem “evoked images of sexual abuse” and notes the parental abandonment Obama suffered in his childhood “reminds me of my sexually abused clients.” (reprint of article here)

After college, Obama came to Chicago where his odd relationships with men continued.

New York Times published an article in 2003 about an underground society of black business men on “The Down Low.” It was much easier for white men to admit being gay than it was black men. Within the black community it seemed “the majority of those having sex with men still lead secret lives, products of a black culture that deems masculinity and fatherhood as a black man’s primary responsibility — and homosexuality as a white man’s perversion.” Rejecting the gay culture in which the black community perceived as white and effeminate, black men have settled on a double life called “Down Low”.

Obama on the cat walk

They would still date or marry women but engage in sex with other men they have met in anonymous settings like bathhouses, parks or on the internet. People who knew Obama in Chicago were surprised to see him running for President since it was well-known about his homosexual activities around the gay community.

One of the prominent bathhouses in Chicago was called the “Man’s Country Club” in which it was rumored Obama and Rahm Emanuel were members of. The club was not the only location for Obama’s predatory gay sex activities. The Chicago gay community is aware that Obama often made contacts with younger men at his famous “pick-up basketball” games. It was at these games that Obama first met Rahm Emanuel and Giannoulias.

Giannoulias was the senior loan officer for Broadway Bank where Antoin “Tony” Rezko received his loans. Rezko was supposed to be the primary witness for the Blagojevich defense, “if released to appear at Blagojevich’s trial as the primary witness, everyone expects him to squeal like a pig.” The tapes in which Blagojevich was trying to use during his defense supposedly would have opened a can of worms describing the homosexual games in which Emanuel and Obama participated in. Since then, all the tapes have been blocked by members of the White House.

Another prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claimed Barack Obama participated in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene.

“It was preposterous to the people I knew then to think Obama was going to keep his gay life secret,”

Kevin DuJan, the openly gay founder and editor of Hilliary Clinton-supporting website said he has first-hand information that “Obama was personally involved in the gay bar scene.”

“If you just hang out at these bars, the older guys who have been frequenting these gay bars for 25 years will tell you these stories, Obama used to go to the gay bars during the week, most often on Wednesday, and they said he was very much into older white guys.”

Wayne Madsen who worked with the National Security Agency from 1984 to 1988 as a Navy intelligence analyst confirmed DuJan’s claims.

“It is common knowledge in the Chicago gay community that Obama actively visited the gay bars and bathhouses in Chicago while he was an Illinois state senator,”

Michelle Obama giving an unreceptive kiss to Barrack

Obama was a Senator at the time and he needed some help staying on the “Down Low” so who would be his mentor and steer him in the right direction? In steps Rev. Jeremiah Wright, according to a Trinity Church member, Wright was a “match maker” for up and coming black men who seemed a bit feminine.

“He kept his eye on the young guys coming up in Trinity,” she said, “and if he spotted someone who acted or looked gay, then Wright would give them kind of guidance counselor-type direction on how to keep down low – how to do the things they wanted to do, but then also getting married and looking ‘respectable’ – being part of black society.”

The Down Low Club at Trinity was simply known as “the program”.

“What that means it’s OK to go ahead and have sex with men, just as long as you ‘get with the program’ and marry a woman, somebody no straight guy would want to marry.”

The wife, the Down Low Club member explained, is “your ‘beard,’ your cover – so you can look like you’re living a straight life, even though you’re not.”

Trinity Church was a place for people to network and 70% of the people who attended ignored the hateful stuff preached or the radical rhetoric. They were just there to get ahead.

“That’s what Wright did for Obama,” she claimed. “He connected Obama in the community, and he helped Obama hide his homosexuality.”

Openly homosexual author, Keith Boykin and former White House adviser to President Bill Clinton mentions Rev. Wright in his book, “Beyond the Down Low; Sex, Lies, and Denial in Black America.

According to first lady, Michelle and Obama met through the former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley when she was tasked to mentor Obama at the law firm she worked at. During this time, they fell in love and were married in Rev. Jeremiah’s Trinity Church.

Mayor Richard Daley in a pink Cadillac during Chicago gay Pride parade

Mayor Richard Daley is considered the first of Chicago’s “pro-gay” mayor. The Chicago Tribune writes;

“I’ll never forget seeing him ride in a pink Cadillac in the North Side’s Gay Pride Parade. Surely this was a new day in Chicago politics.”

Rex Wockner writes several reflections of Daley while he spent time in America’s “Windy City”;

“Daley was pro-gay before it was cool. He was for gay marriage years ago. He redecorated Halsted Street with giant Flash-Gordon-esque retro-futuristic rainbow pylons (photo). He decided long ago that gays make neighborhoods better, and that seemed to be that for him. He never wavered. His spoken defenses of the city’s gays were straightforward and from the gut. ‘I won’t let the homophobes run this city!’ Daley said in 1998 when some people objected to the official gayification of Halsted Street. He went on to serve as honorary chair of the capital campaign to get the city’s LGBT center built and, in 1996, was honorary co-chair of Gay Games VII. At the Games’ opening ceremonies, Daley said: ‘Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community have contributed to Chicago in every imaginable way — in business, education, the arts and neighborhood development. They deserve to have the City of Chicago standing on their side, and it will continue to do so, as long as I am mayor of this great city.’”

With Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s political affiliations and Mayor Daley’s “pro-gay” stance, Michelle Robinson became Obama’s token wife under the Trinity Church “Down Low” program.

Shortly after Barack Obama was elected President, the past history of Obama began to disappear with the mysterious deaths of several openly gay members of Trinity Church.

Larry Bland and Donald Young were murdered execution style only weeks apart of each other. In an exclusive interview with the same type of supermarket tabloid that revealed the affair of John Edwards, Donald Young’s mother told the Globe that, “There is more to the story,” adding, “I do believe they are shielding somebody or protecting someone.”

According to Larry Sinclair who also admitted to having a sexual affair with Obama stated Donald Young confided with him about his own personal affair with Obama.

Obama and his special assistant enjoying each others company at a game

Another interesting character in the Obama trilogy is none other than the former personal aid to Barack Obama, also known as the president’s “body man.” Reggie Love was hired as Obama’s “deputy political director.” He was a former Duke University basketball and football star which was Obama’s constant companion for the two years before resigning last November.

The White House explained Love’s sudden resignation as a move to pursue further study at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Ironically, the internet was abuzz over some photos showing Reggie Love heavily inebriated surrounded by fellow students while engaging in homosexual acts at a party. (Be Careful looking at picts)

Chris Duhon, a former Duke teammate who plays for the New York Knicks is a close friend of both Reggie Love and Barrack Obama. Within his blog, he mentions the “pickup games” in Chicago with Obama;

“Reggie Love is Obama’s right-hand man, but his official title is “Special Assistant and Personal Aide to POTUS (President of the United States).”

To me, he’s just Reggie, my teammate for three years at Duke whom I still speak to every day. Through Reggie, I met President Obama and played pickup basketball games with him this past April, May and June – 5 on 5 – in Chicago’s East Bank Club. Reggie invited me to yesterday’s inauguration – an offer I had to decline.”

Was Reggie Love (Obama’s official “body man”) quickly shuttled from the WH this past Christmas after the ‘undercover’ activity between him and Barack became too obvious for even the media to keep ignoring? Obama has been lightly-closeted since the 1980′s, but his gay leanings just didn’t fit with his desire to become president. So he got himself a beard named Michelle. “Obama Boy”, I guarantee will also have a place in the Lincoln Bedroom anytime he wants…. just make sure to leave the door unlocked for Barack as he sneaks back from having his midnight Newport smoke.

I am sure Michelle has already found a means to compensate for your lack of masculinity with all the secret service men around her.

“The Globe magazine just released a bombshell and is reporting that Michelle Obama is having a “steamy secret affair” with a Secret Service Agent. According to The Globe, rumors started to circulate that Obama may be having an affair after her recent admission to NBC’s Al Roker that she frequently “sneaks out” of the White House; and the ever increasing time she is spending away from the White House may be a cover to hide “a sizzling affair she’s carrying on with a Secret Service agent.”


  1. Buyer's Remorse...No Racist Delusion!

    I feel like I'm the only American STILL in reality and realized that Mitt Romney only won ROUND 1..let me repeat ROUND 1 of the political, but almost every Obama-hating racist, bigoted, extremist dumbass thinks Romney won the entire debate or, god forbid, the election. That couldn't be further from the truth.

    Nice try using a LATE youtube video, you ignorant homophobe. Won't even bother to look at the comments and realized people will STILL will vote for Obama, and I will too to make sure America DOESN'T go back to the hand of racist, bigots, homophobes, extremists who rely of fear-mongering lies to scare America into making it WHITE only.

    I don't know WHERE in your hateful delued minds you think a majority of Americans will vote for a party whose done NOTHING for the past four years except insult their very intelligence. Calling them stupid for exercising the right to vote for the black man you hate. What is wrong with you racist righties?

    Is Barack Obama a homosexual?
    he is married with 2 children

    Is Barack Obama a Marxist?
    no, racist

    Is Barack Obama an enemy to America?
    well, he got rid of bin laden... so no

    Is Barack Obama a ursuper?

    Is Barack Obama a fraud?

    Is Barack Obama a communist?

    Does Barack Obama hate America?

    Is Barack Obama worst than Carter?

    Is Barack Obama destroying America?
    thats why unemplyments going down... huh???

    Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

    Is Barack Obama an evil man?
    No he is not!

    Ever heard that retarded saying “SCOAMF” Can’t tell you what it means, look it up. I said people if they are tired of hearing this crap. Turns out they aren’t, because they never heard. One a certain group of people never head the disrespectful trope. Classy, Respectful, Intelligent People. Ob’s such a Miserable Failure he grad Harvard Law and passed his bars and practiced law and beat the “war hero,” John McCain & Simple Sarah. Got Bin Laden. The white supremacists of the GOP Base reek of envy and desperation.

    you say that Obama did nothing for us?
    Who was our last President? Bush? Well, he did so much damage to us and Obama can't just fix it in four years. Don't just say, "Well, he was president during 9/11" Who cares, he started more Crap for us. Obama wants to do "things", but the Republican won't allow it. The Republican secretly all agree to disagree with Obama. And Mitt Romney, he lies. He says one thing, and another. If America give him another chance, he'll be able to fix things up. If Romney becomes President, well, who knows what this world will turn into.

  2. comment number 1... Do you really have hope that obama will "be able to fix things up"? Then you don't understand anything that's happening. Just because people attack obama doesn't mean they support romney. Also you should know he had no hand in "getting bin laden" he just took credit for it. Your attempt at analyzing the situation is pretty sad. Also... Everything you said no to is actually a yes, except for 2 or 3 which are still unknown. You just breath in the lies and absorb them...