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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eric Holder Can't Wash This BLOOD Off His Hands

Eric Holder Can't Wash This BLOOD Off His Hands

There is almost nothing worse than the loss of a loved one, especially when it is unexpected. Imagine that loved one is a Border Patrol officer guarding the most dangerous stretch of land along the border of Arizona. Imagine if that Border Patrol officer was killed in the line of duty. If that isn't bad enough, imagine that this Border Patrol officer was killed by the very weapons our United States Government sold to the drug cartels of Mexico.

That is just what happened to Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry in 2010 when he was brutally murdered by weapons sold to drug cartels in operation 'Fast and Furious.' The people in charge of this ridiculous and deadly program are denying involvement or any knowledge of the operation.

We have created a video that we would like to run as a commercial to spread the word of the 'Fast and Furious' debacle and to go after those who broke United States' laws with their involvement in this operation for the purpose of pushing their anti-gun rights agenda. We cannot do this alone, please click on the picture below to help take this video public. Also by clicking this picture you can help indict Eric Holder by signing our Citizen's Indictment form. Don't wait for Congress to take action, help make a difference.

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