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Monday, June 25, 2012

Army tanks roll down residential St Louis neighborhoods training how to drive heavily armored tanks "on highways and on city streets."

Run along folks, nothing to see here. No need for alarm, it’s against the law (Posse Comitatus Act of 1878) for the US military to be involved in domestic law enforcement activities on US soil.

They’re just having these exercises where they practice house to house interdiction in US neighborhoods in case they have to invade a foreign nation.

Don’t be concerned about the reports of hundreds of FEMA camps (detention centers) set up across the nation, or the executive orders the presidents have signed giving them dictatorial powers should they declare an emergency, or the reports of Russian troops on US soil, or Chines troops just across the border in Mexico.

Military & Police Call in About Gun Confiscation Orders

St Louis City residents have been warned to not be alarmed at the sight of U.S. Army tanks rolling down residential neighborhoods after sightings of the vehicles provoked fears of martial law.

The exercise is part of a U.S. Army program run by military police from Fort Meade, Maryland focused around training MPs from St. Louis how to drive heavily armored tanks "on highways and on city streets."

Sightings of the tanks prompted hundreds of residents to flood news channel KSDK's Facebook page, with some expressing fears that martial law had arrived with others promising to "stop and salute" the tanks as they rolled by.

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Reporting that he was told by the Army not to disclose the location of where the exercise was operating out of for "security reasons," KSDK reporter Casey Nolan downplayed the exercise as "not such a big deal."

T. Don Hutto Residential Center (FEMA Camp). The picture taken below was during a TruTV documentary on the facility, notice the razor wire. After the documentary was aired they took the razor wire down and added this to their website!


U.S. Army Sergeant Cornelius Ivory discouraged citizens from taking video and photographs of the tanks and urged them not to get too close.

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