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Friday, May 18, 2012

Faux conservatives applaud Romney for refusing to bring up Wright and Ayers

You may think it’s madness as the Republican party continues to shield Obama from legitimate scrutiny but it’s not. The talking heads and leaders are owned by the Luciferian bankster cartel and are just doing what they are told.

The two party system is a sham, the leaders of both parties are on the same side. That’s why the country continues at warp speed towards the communist plan, instigated by the Luciferian bankster cartel, to destroy America and bring about the new world order.

Krauthammer: Super PAC Ad Is Legitimate, Romney Wise Not To Run It

"I think it would be completely legitimate but I think Romney is wise not to do it," syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor Charles Krauthammer said tonight. "Look, I think there is an appalling double standard here. Its ok for The Washington Post to run a 5,000-word front page story on a prank that Romney, at the age of 15, committed. And yet it's somehow illegitimate, the low road or whatever for people to bring up the fact that the adult Obama had a 20-year relationship with a racist, anti-American preacher whom he considered, spoke about, wrote about as his mentor and spiritual advisor. That is a double standard unlike any I've ever seen. Now John McCain accepted it in his campaign."

"I think it's mistake and I think it's legitimate in a case of a man unknown as Obama to ask, where there was no history, there was no legislative achievements or signature, intellectual achievements. He wrote two books that were both about himself incidentally, which might have been a clue. But other than that, we didn't know him and [it is] illegitimate to ask about his associates? How else would you know him? Him and William Ayers. But McCain accepted it. I thought it was a tactical error and I understand the noble intent that was behind it," Krauthammer said on the "Special Report" panel segment tonight.
"But today, I would say tactically it's a mistake because we know who Obama is. He isn't the unknown of '08. He's got a record and you don't have to bring it up. But in principle, if you wanted to, it would be completely legitimate and I think the double standard ought to be denounced rather than accepted as everybody including Romney does," he said.

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