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Monday, April 23, 2012

Website claims Congresswoman Giffords and Judge Roll targeted because of ‘Fast and Furious’ investigation

Fast & Furious tied to Congresswoman Giffords & Judge Roll assassination

By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter April 5, 2012 at 4:00 PDT
US District Judge John Roll, Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords and accused assassin Jared Lee Loughner

According to Washington intelligence sources who allegedly leaked to the Wayne Madsen report and reported by some other news outlets claim that they learned from his contacts within the Beltway intelligence community that Jared Lee Loughner is an “MK-ULTRA” programmed assassin and that US District Judge John Roll and Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords were targeted for assassination.

The reason for the decision to target Judge Roll and Congresswoman Giffords has to do with their knowledge of the malicious and purposeful arming of Mexican drug gangs along the US-Mexico border by US intelligence agency assets in an effort designed to destabilize the Mexican government.

This towards the end of making Mexico more dependent on US military aid and protection from its private security contractors. As you read this alarming report keep in mind that the drug business involves billions of dollars and that there is proven corruption of officials on both sides of the border.

A key quote from Wayne Madsen’s report follows:

“WMR has been told that in 2009, information about the CIA/Homeland Security/Napolitano smuggling operation came to the attention of three individuals, two members of Congress and a federal judge. The three were Arizona Democratic Representatives Giffords, Republican Representative Mike Conaway from west Texas, and Judge Roll. Giffords and Roll were working together on investigating the extent of the clandestine weapons and drugs smuggling operation and held some joint meetings with informants, one in north Phoenix, in 2009.

Information on the investigation and informants was strictly limited to only a few trusted staffers and clerks for Giffords and Roll. In addition, Conaway was also being briefed by informants on the smuggling operation but since the death of Roll and the severe mental and physical incapacitation of Giffords from the shooting carried out by Jared Lee Loughner, said to be an MK-ULTRA-like trained assassin, like Sirhan Sirhan he has gone silent in fear for his own safety.

Sirhan is a Jordanian citizen who was convicted for the assassination of United States Senator Bobby Kennedy ... On March 2, 2011, after 42 years in prison, Sirhan's 14th parole hearing was held, with Sirhan represented by his current attorney, William Francis Pepper. At his parole hearing, Sirhan testified that he continues to have no memory of the assassination nor of any details of his 1969 trial and confession. Pepper also repeated the claim, that Sirhan's lawyers previously stated in the past, that Sirhan's mind was "programmed" and then "wiped" by an unknown conspiracy behind the assassination which is why Sirhan has no memory of the murder or of the aftermath. His parole was denied on the grounds that Sirhan still does not understand the full ramifications of his crime.[

Loughner’s was declared mentally incompetent and there are reports, including one in Slate Magazine, that the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri, where Loughner is being held, pending a determination of his mental fitness to stand trial, is being administered psychotropic drugs.

In addition to receiving drugs to fund its off-the-books operations, the CIA weapons smuggling program is designed to arm the two main Mexican cartels — Sinaloa and Los Zetas — in order to destabilize Mexico.

The U.S. military PSYOPS programming that used psychological operations as a type of mental warfare on enemy combatants and civilian populations of enemy nations. Usually positive and negative reinforcement outcomes play a role in encouraging desired behavior of subjects being targeted by PSYOPS programming.

The U.S. military was not the only government entity to experiment on civilians with psychological warfare. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) released documents that showed the CIA was conducting psychological behavior modification experiments on prisoners and psychiatric patients domestically. The operation was named MK ULTRA and was conducted during the 1960s-70s and may be continuing to this day under a different program name as the original name was exposed by FOIA.

The stated goal of MK ULTRA was to create multiple personalities in specialized soldiers that would not be aware of one another and thus could not be tortured into revealing critical information during a military engagement. Critical information could be buried in one personality using hypnosis and only retrieved by their handlers using specific words or phrases.

Some MK ULTRA subjects could be unaware of a “cyanide self” personality that would emerge in military held hostage when either a certain level of duress was achieved under torture or a code phrase was heard. This multiple personality would emerge only in a crisis situation under duress of torture and commit suicide by clawing or biting at wrists or vital veins of the subject until death by blood loss was achieved, thus rendering them useless to their enemy captors and protecting any vital information that would be handed to the enemy if a normal person endured torture.

Other goals were to create specialized assassins with multiple personality traits that were normal people until a specific point in time when the CIA handlers uttered the trigger word or phrase and activated the assassin personality to emerge.

Following the assassination the normal personality will return and be unaware of their prior act of assassination, thus protecting the identity of their CIA handlers and appearing to the police as confused and mentally disturbed, the classic “lone nut” assassin.

The reason for the decision to target Judge Roll and Congresswoman Giffords has to do with their knowledge of the malicious and purposeful arming of Mexican drug gangs

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