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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Race, class, left/right: Government sponsored domestic terrorism is imminent courtesy of Barak Hussein Obama

Forget the November elections, Obama has shown his hand and it’s not pretty. I’ve been scared of this since before the 2008 elections; martial law to stay in office and finish off the hated, greedy, unjust, nation of America.

You can trace back to his berating the sitting Justices of the Supreme Court in the State of the Union address, a beer summit, amnesty for New Black Panther voter intimidation, granted by DOJ (Discriminator of Justice) Eric Holder, and Obama’s embracing the socialist occupy movement.

But the blatant act of Obama injecting himself in the Trayvon Martin (I hope that doesn’t violate the mother’s copyright) story in order to inflame passions and now his out right intimidation and vilification of the conservative Supreme Court Justices is glaringly obvious as to what he has in store for the nation.

This man is not like you and me. He is not an American with American values and ideals. His chose a vocation where he could use his skills in instigating and intimidating, that’s what community organizers do. Where he’s from, the people think nothing of hacking the inhabitants of whole villages into pieces with machetes.

Rush predicts Obama's response to Supremes

  • If health care gets tossed, Limbaugh doesn't expect pretty picture

by Joe Kovacs


If the U.S. Supreme Court tosses out Obamacare, radio giant Rush Limbaugh predicts President Obama will blame Republican justices, whose homes might become the target of political protest.

“Obama’s gonna make tracks for the first microphone and camera and he’s going to say something like this,” Limbaugh said this afternoon.

“‘For 60 to 75 years, we have been struggling to achieve fairness and justice for all people in this country, not just the privileged few. We’ve recognized that the way health care has existed in this country is emblematic of the injustice and the discrimination that has defined this country since its beginning. And look what happened. Republican judges just took away your health care. Republican judges just decided you were about to get too big a piece of the pie. Republican judges determined that you’re not important enough to have health care.’ And then he’ll throw in, ‘We’ve seen similar struggles since the days of Jim Crow’ or throw in some identifier, throw in some code word. And then he’ll relate the loss of health care to civil-rights battles that have occurred. And he’ll do this in his best professorial voice. And he in the process will be lighting another fuse.”

Once Obama finishes his assault on the GOP-appointed members of the bench, he says leftist “sycophants will hit the trail and we will hear slogans like ‘We shall overcome the court.’

“Then his buddies at the Daily Beast will start writing columns that the judges who voted to overturn it need to be impeached. Where they live will be discovered and publicized. And just as the Democrats sent Occupy people and union people up to the homes of the executives at AIG, so too might they do this to various judges, justices and so forth.

While Limbaugh said every event may not occur, he added. “I guarantee you there will be, with all the rest of this, a defiance [of] ‘Why do we have to listen to them anyway? … Why? They keep their health care. They didn’t get rid of their own, but they just got rid of yours,’ and it’s off to the races for the 2012 presidential election. That’s what’s going to happen.”

Yesterday, Limbaugh said President Obama was threatening Supreme Court justices with his comments about his signature health-care law.

Obama had said: “I think the American people understand and I think the justices should understand that, in the absence of an individual mandate, you cannot have a mechanism to ensure that people with pre-existing conditions can actually get health care.”

“Obama’s put a bounty out on the Supreme Court, figuratively speaking, since bounties are in the news lately. There’s no question,” said Limbaugh. “This is a message to the conservative justices: Anthony Kennedy, look what you will be taking away if you strike down my law. Look at the people you will be hurting if you strike down my law.”

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