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Friday, March 2, 2012

New World Order conspiracies no longer a THEORY, all the proof is online!

Its Time To Look Behind The Curtain America!

by Jeff Chiacchieri on Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 5:56am ·

Citizens are taking off their blinders to see government corruption has become more common place under Bush + Obama. But for real change America cannot wait any longer to look behind the curtain.

Our government has been very busy preparing for a World Government that few in society understand, many refuse to believe, and most are clueless about, keeping us DIVIDED preventing any real change, while the ruling class remains UNITED through their criminality!

While they manipulate religious sects, economies, & governments they feed their knowledge of choice to the sheeple. Look how far we have fallen, and how much they have gained, especially in the last 30 yrs.

It’s obvious this indoctrination to accept their social-disease has fed the ruling classes aggression to new historical accomplishments of amassing trillions for world domination, as we now have totalitarian socialism on our doorstep here in America.

As long as the majority chooses to be clueless, living the standard illusion given, the elite-cult will not be exposed or threatened. 90% + of this country is clueless to the actions of the owners of our puppet government.

This majority is responsible for financing not only everyone’s own enslavement, but our children’s children, while continuing to think their vote will make change, as they have been programmed to believe!

The globalists are now making much more obvious/rapid steps toward a one world government since Bush 2 was in Office, and upped it another few notches with Obama. There are never enough trillions for this group because the real currency/endgame is the power of world domination.

INCREASINGLY every day our federal government allows/is stealing the value of everything we own/work for to create a NWO. In the end, decade after decade, election after election, politicians just got something for themselves.

The only answer to help expose reality and fight the power players after 100 years of setting this up is to get DC off the back of every citizen & State to abolish 75% of the federal government & the traitors in it PERIOD. The sooner we confront this enemy the better chance we will have to recover!

All of the conspiracy theories you once heard on New World Order over the decades are no longer a THEORY because all of the proof is online! Here are the links I have compiled over the last 2 yrs., and there is much more out there!

NWOInevitable PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA because the fascists have indeed conspired to enslave the entirety of humanity.

Explained here is how the powerful few control the Republicans & Democrats who are actually one party presented with 2 faces:

This interview by Edward Griffin of Norman Dodd was in 1982. Norman Dodd was the staff director of a special congressional committee in the 1950s to investigate tax exempt organizations. In this interview he reveals the hidden globalists agenda for world government.

People need to understand what Dodd explains to be able to understand how this has been done to the people through tax exempt organizations like Guggenheim, Carnegie Endowment, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller etc.

ALL of the tax exempt organizations are about un-American activities that directly subvert education in America to serve the globalist agenda!!

George H.W. Bush NEW WORLD ORDER speech

Lord Monckton: The U.N. climate Treaty is a cover for A WORLD GOVERNMENT

Out of the crisis: a “real” economy and WORLD GOVERNANCE system

Ron Paul in the 1990s on United Nations plan to destroy US

U.N. Agenda 21 EXPOSED:

Police State The Rise of FEMA (Documentary)

The U.N. Deception (documentary)

Council on Foreign Relations and Media Control

Rockefeller Depopulation Plans EXPOSED

World Bank president & Bilderberg member admits GLOBAL GOVERNANCE agenda:,,contentMDK:22121492~pagePK:64257043~piPK:437376~theSitePK:4607,00.html

World Bank or World Government?,2933,50400,00.html

Roster of CFR/Trilateral Commission Members:

Eugenics: World Bank Population-Reduction Lending Schemes Already Underway

World Bank Calls On Ghana To Check Population Growth

Former black ops CIA discusses one world government

Proposals for a New World Governance

Thrive is a documentary exposing in a very easy to understand presentation the power players behind the structures of government & corporate corruption who keep the sheeple ignorant of reality.

When enough people understand that, it will lead to the actions that will replace treasonous, corrupt & dysfunctional government.

Complicity has reined for far too long and the useful idiots of the world allow history to repeat itself, not to mention their ignorance prevents the pursuit of victory for those of us awake!

The Capitalist Conspiracy (1969) by G. Edward Griffin (documentary) Explained is how the international banking families of the world put the current system in place to create the illusion of representative government. It’s simply just a better cloaked system to deal with the fact the people eventually won their freedom from Monarchies.

Explained is how the Federal Reserve is all based in fraud, back when the national debt was only 400 Billion. Showing the people why they were paying 20 billion a year in interest on money created out of nothing. How establishment politics has always been the rule as Party labels change but NEVER the policies, allowing us to reach 15+ trillion of debt today.

All controlled by the ruling class power players behind the Curtain, also explained is why they are leftists! He clearly explains the structure of organizational rings that create the establishment politics & press that only allows the illusion for anyone, group or agency to work for or by the people.

The same cartel that killed Kennedy have controlled every president since and now OWN Wall Street, the same ones that also backed Lenin, Stalin, Hitler & now today back Obama. Anyone that cannot connect the dots is because they don’t know the historical facts so I recommend they watch these documentaries:


Invisible Empire A New World Order:

The CIA, NAZI, Bush & Obama connections:,,2046054,00.html,2933,100474,00.html

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