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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mind Control: Is this guy seriously searching for a bomb? What is the purpose?

You don’t need half a brain to know that something is wrong with this picture. You know there is no danger from this crippled child so why is this being done?

We are being conditioned to accept being suspect and to suspect each other, to expect government officials to watch us and control our every movement.

When the purge begins we will think that the government is just doing it’s job, surely they have a reason for arresting and taking away our neighbor, our coworker, our relative.

After all, they are charged with keeping us safe from the terrorists and if they grope a little boy in a wheelchair, it’s ok, because they are keeping us safe. If they grope our daughter or wife, or if they gaze at them in the radiation naked box it’s ok, because they are keeping us safe…until they come for us.


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