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Monday, March 26, 2012

The angelic teen, Trayvon Martin, shown in the media (used five year old pic) has a tarnished halo

I don’t mean to demean a dead man but the candy toting kid image painted by the family (understandably) and by the media (not so much understandingly) is a little out of focus.

This misrepresented image is a danger to the neighborhood watch captain that unfortunately was on duty the night the troubled teen set out on a candy run.

It’s a shame that things like hoodies have been adopted by gangs as a sort of part of their BDU, to borrow something from the military, but such is the case, along with baggy pants.

The watch captain may not have even known Trayvon’s skin color when he first became suspicious of the hooded figure in the gated community. Was it raining, was it cold?

An eyewitness said he heard cries of help and when he looked Trayvon had the watch captain down beating him and then he heard the shot. The watch captain had a broken nose and an injury to the back of his head.

The media, the civil rights agitators, and even the president of the United States have publicly taken Trayvon’s side and put the watch captain in serious peril, the New Black Panther Party has even put out a $10,000 bounty on him.

Trayvon Martin's ten day suspension

Kyle Rogers

Charleston Conservative Examiner

A twitter message, allegedly sent by Trayvon's older brother, suggests Trayvon was suspended for assaulting a bus driver.

Trayvon Martin was on a suspension from school when he was tragically shot last February 26th. His school, Dr. Micheal M. Krop Senoir High School, has not given any details. His family has also evaded the issue. According to the Kansas City Star, the length of the suspension was ten days. This suggests a very serious offense.

If Trayvon Martin was suspended for a violent act, it would alter the public's perception of the events surrounding his death.

Trayvon's older brother, Stephen Martin, appears to have sent Trayvon a twitter message five days before the shooting that may explain the ten day suspension. The website has scrutinized the twitter messages sent by Trayvon's older brother and his friends.

Continue reading on Trayvon Martin's ten day suspension - Charleston Charleston Conservative |

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