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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Was technology for safe, cheap nuclear energy with no waste product quashed

I ran across this story and thought it interesting enough to share with you. Sadly, the company founded by Brown seems to have abandoned the nuclear energy technology mentioned in the article.

Was it because the technology was bogus or were they bought off or coerced? Here’s the latest press release on from the company:

Update from the C.E.O.

Dear Shareholders,

I wanted to highlight some notable events since my last letter to you. We are proud to announce that we have changed our name to U.S. Fuel Corporation. Additionally, we have continued development efforts on our first CTL fuel project in Muhlenberg Kentucky and improved our corporate governance structure to better support our efforts.

With our company’s singular business model being CTL plant development, we felt that is appropriate that our name reflect the singular focus of producing high-grade synthetic fuels from America's abundant coal supplies. Thus U.S. Fuel Corporation came into being.


The strange Legacy of Paul M. Brown Ph.D

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jan 18, 2002 at 23:35

Paul M. Brown of Boise, Idaho has been in the nuclear power business since 1978, when he was still a student.He has a Ph.D in nuclear physics, and became involved in new ways to generate useful electricity using genuinely safe nuclear processes.

Thru his own company he developed a range of small nuclear batteries which worked by using the energy given off by radio-active Strontium 90. In 1988 his first prototype was claimed to produce 100,000 times as much energy, per gram of Stron: 90 than the most powerful nuclear battery yet in existence.

More recently Brown developed a technology that offered the world, not just a new energy source, but a solution to the huge problem of nuclear waste. "Photodeactivation of Nuclear Waste" by Paul M.Brown

Brown built a small prototype plant, which bombarded radioactive elements with high energy photon radiation, in the form of X-rays produced by an accelerator. Many people thought he was spouting pseudo-science.

But the Russians became interested. He began to receive threats....we will kill your family....set fire to your house etc.

He was not spouting pseudo-science, his ideas were based upon sound nuclear textbook theory. "It is well known that X-ray or Gamma-ray bombardment of nuclei can induce nuclear decay"

Browns trick was to apply this to highly radio active elements, such as iodine-129 which has a half life of 1,700,000,000 years. He announced that he was able to transmute iodine-129, into iodine-130, ...which only has a half-life of 12.4 hours, and which will decay naturally to Xenon-130, a safe and stable gas, plus electrons.

After this announcement Paul M.Brown was subject to yet more threats. His home was robbed three times, and vandalised on four occasions. He became increasingly worried about threats to himself, after his Mothers car was pipe bombed.

Keeping a low profile he sold his "Nuclear Battery
Co" to Bell Labs/Lucient Technologies.

Later his wife was assaulted,...and while trying to sell his house and move, he was investigated by the tax man. {Then the Securities and Exchange Commission) In spite of his problems, Brown, formed the NASDAQ- quoted Company-'Nuclear Solutions'.

He stated later that he had found similar reactions to make the more dangerous radio-active isotopes found in radio-active waste, safe. He also said, that his process produced large amounts of heat energy, which can be captured and used. If true, Paul M.Brown will have made a major contribution to our planet's safety. A Russian 'portable' plant is expected to produce 10 megawatts, to power a thousand homes.

Unfortunately, on April 7th 2002, to the great shock of many in the energy research field, Paul M.Brown was killed in a car crash. There has been speculation re involvement of other agencies in this accident, but nothing proven.

The new directors of his company -Nuclear Solutions-
has promised to develop his technology through to commercial success.
WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 18, 2002--Today, Nuclear Solutions Inc. (OTCBB:NSOL - News) announced that on Monday, October 21, 2002, it is releasing the first disbursement of funds for the commercial development of GHR radioactive wastewater treatment technology. The funds are intended for the Institute for Industrial Mathematics, Inc (IIM), in Beer-Sheva, Israel, which is contracted with Nuclear Solutions, Inc. to develop the commercial-grade GHR wastewater treatment units.

1. Water contaminated with tritium is produced in significant quantities as a by-product of nuclear reactor operations and weapons complex activities. While Tritium has a half-life of only 12.5 years, it poses a significant heath risk since tritiated water is absorbed by plants, animals and humans like ordinary water. Tritium can also become transformed into other chemicals or proteins needed by the body, as well as integrating itself into DNA. Tritium is also known to affect developing fetuses. Regulations for restricting the concentrations of tritium in drinking water are based primarily on cancer risk to adults.

2. The GHR process, which is envisioned for rapid processing as well as low energy usage, has the potential to offer a cost-effective solution to industry as well as be profitable to operate.

3. NSOL plans to capitalize on GHR technology by forming strategic alliances and joint ventures with well-established leaders in the nuclear cleanup industry. Continued revenue streams are expected through operation and licensing of the technology.

for Nuclear Solutions, Inc.: END
My thoughts...I found the whole story rather unsettling, perhaps, because I have not heard about it before? Maybe more in this we are told, how much technical truth, how much share ramping hype?

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