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Monday, February 20, 2012

The voice of one crying in the wilderness, "Wake up citizens, our Republic is in Grave danger!"

There is a man who is telling you the truth if you will hear. You have been fed lies by the media you despise, but they've told their lies so often you believe them. He has been fighting the banksters and their plan for global governance for 35 years, he hasn't changed. He is the only candidate I'm confident is not part of the them.

We face two immediate threats. The first is financial collapse , the second is Fascism where the government and big business comglomerates unite to rule the nation. The financial collapse could happen any moment, and Obama and the unions are joined at the hips. Companies like GE, and Chevy, and financial organizations are partially owned by the government...that's Fascism!

No Middle Eastern nation is an immediate threat, the big scare tactic today is that Iran will build a nuclear bomb. They are not going to fire that bomb at us and wrisk us firing thousands at them.

Why is Iran having a nuclear weapon any more threatening than North Korea having several? You say Iran has a lunatic in charge, well North Korea has had nuclear weapons for years with lunatics in charge. you say it is a Muslim nation, well, Muslim Pakistan has had nuclear weapons for years. Don't be fooled by the scare tactic!

I mentioned that because many say they like Ron Paul's economic ideas but not his foreign policy ones. Folks, the immediate threat is not foreign policy!
Listen to Ron Paul and take back our Republic.

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